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UNICEF supports mobile clinics to screen children and raise awareness
Description: For more information, please visit:
  13 Apr 2017   1m4s 10 109 0

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Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific
Description: This presentation featured a short video on the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP). The video and following presentation showcased the first regional strategy that integrates DRR and Climate Change, as well as how the Pacific region has come together to implement the Sendai Framework and Paris Agreements.
  27 May 2017   12m50s 0 13 0
UNICEF: Official statement at the Global platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017
Description: An Official Statement made by Mr Antony Spalton, Risk and Resilience Specialist, at the Global platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017
  27 May 2017   4m47s 0 6 0
Start Smart, End with Success
Description: Start Smart, End with Success animation developed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Thailand to increase awareness of safe migration among migrants in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. This animation is made possible with the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand under the project "Bay of Bengal: Regional Information Campaign to Tackle Irregular Migration and Promote Safe Migration Practices."
  29 May 2017   4m30s 1 7 0
Practical Risk Assessments for Disaster Risk Reduction
Description: This presentation covered the process of developing Hazard Risk and Vulnerability profiles, risk maps, NDVI maps for food security analysis, showing how the models are being used to reduce the impact of disasters on the affected communities.
  27 May 2017   6m15s 1 62 0
Open Earth observation data for DRR
Description: People come together during times of disaster. The same is also true for policy makers, technologists and civil protection agencies who are collaborating to plan and prepare for disasters, to ensure resilience. This talk aims to highlight the role of community expertise and the open Earth Observation data resources available for disaster risk reduction.
  26 May 2017   7m16s 2 17 0
Accelerating Efforts in Building Community Resilience to Disasters
Description: This working session identified key elements and devise a set of recommendations to build capacity in disaster risk reduction and strengthen resilience at the community level. The session will also share good practices and success stories of integration of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and sustainable development at the community level.
  26 May 2017   1h34m40s 1 19 0
Disaster and business in the Pacific
Description: How do businesses prepare for disaster and what tools do they need to ensure they are best prepared and able to recover? The Pacific region is highly vulnerable to these hazards so what is business doing to support disaster resilience across Pacific Island Countries and across the region. The private sector and the Pacific Community (SPC) in the region has been leading on a disaster resilience toolkit to support Business Continuity Planning and reduce the impact of hazards on the private sector. See how this could be used for your region and how the Pacific is leading in this space.
  26 May 2017   14m25s 1 20 0
National and Local Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies Pave the Way for Action by All
Description: Sendai Framework Target (e) calls for “substantially increase the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies by 2020”. This plenary session focused on how to achieve this ambitious target which requires the strong commitment and involvement of political leadership in every country and involvement of all stakeholders at all levels.
  26 May 2017   1h56m19s 2 45 0
Challenges for People-Centred Early Warning Systems-Bridging Culture, Education and Citizen Science
Description: This presentation, explored the barriers and bridges to promote people-centered early warning system in Brazil. It also shared experiences and lessons learned to promote a risk prevention network, involving diverse social actors through empowering principles, such as the ‘youth educates youth’ and ‘one generation learns from another’.
  26 May 2017   12m19s 1 21 0
Operation Resilience
Description: The presentation will introduce Operation Resilience, an innovative not-for-profit and award winning start up, in its ignition stage. The project seeks to match demand and supply of goods and services by cloud sourcing existing platforms during disaster response.
  26 May 2017   10m24s 1 16 0
HoloDisaster: Holographic disaster simulations
Description: Holodisaster is a research project that develops holographic disaster simulations mixed with reality, which can be viewed using the Microsoft HoloLens technology. Application areas include hologram modeling of various hazards, emergency response equipment to simulated disaster scenarios, education and training of emergency managers and personnel.
  26 May 2017   10m26s 2 16 0
New open data for monitoring the Sendai targets
Description: This presentation demonstrated how to use the new open and freely available global exposure data to support cross-comparison and standardization activities for data-rich countries, and gap filling and competence building activities in data-poor countries. The new data can be used to communicating to the wider scientific community and global, national and local risk practitioners.
  25 May 2017   11m10s 1 13 0