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Syrian American Medical Society- SAMS
Meet SAMS Medical Mission Volunteers to Jordan- April 2016
Description: Nurse Marta Cucchi, Dr. Sarah Shihadeh, and Dr. Summer Elshenawy reflect on their time providing medical services to some of the youngest Syrians displaced by conflict during SAMS medical mission to Jodan.
  14 Apr 2017   1m46s 3 191 0

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Responding to drought in Pakistan's Thar Desert
Description: Together with local and international partners, Concern is working with ECHO, the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department to help communities in the Thar Desert to cope with the debilitating effects of prolonged drought.
  22 Jun 2017   2m5s 0 19 0
Deteriorating Security in Afghanistan - Tadamichi Yamamoto (UNAMA)
Description: Briefing by Tadamichi Yamamoto, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), on the situation in Afghanistan. Security Council, 7980th meeting
  21 Jun 2017   15m56s 4 126 0
Improving Aid to Stabilize Conflicts: The Afghan Case
Description: In the past decade, the United States and its allies have invested billions of dollars on assistance in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflict zones. In Afghanistan, the U.S. Agency for International Development has implemented projects to help stabilize the country as part of a counterinsurgency strategy. Making sure that such efforts are effective is vital to national security and efficient spending. To evaluate such stabilization-related assistance, USAID commissioned a study by the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project at Princeton University. Join USIP on June 21 for a first look at the results, which can inform more effective stabilization work in future conflicts. For more information about this event, visit: Connect with us! Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Newsletters: The United States Institute of Peace works to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflict around the world. USIP does this by engaging directly in conflict zones and by providing analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace. Created by Congress in 1984 as an independent, nonpartisan, federally funded organization, USIP’s more than 300 staff work at the Institute’s D.C. headquarters, and on the ground in the world’s most dangerous regions.
  21 Jun 2017   1h45m52s 2 111 0
Ouganda - réfugiés de la famine
Description: Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur notre site : Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook : Suivez-nous sur Twitter :
  21 Jun 2017   4m35s 0 18 0
This is Palestine
Description: Riverdance founder John McColgan travelled to the West Bank and Gaza with Trócaire to report on the situation facing people in the region. This Is Palestine follows McColgan's journey through the region, featuring powerful interviews with people who have lost their home, their land and family members. Produced by Tyrone productions in association with Trócaire. 2017
  21 Jun 2017   49m42s 24 0
Clean water for Iraqis
Description: Hundreds of thousands of desperate people are fleeing ongoing clashes between Islamic State and the Iraqi army in West Mosul. To help the many displaced, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with support from EU Humanitarian Aid, is offering a host of services. In this video, the French Red Cross show how they are providing displaced civilians with clean drinking water and essential items such as jerry cans, plastic sheeting and hygiene kits. All told, an estimated 90 000 people have received humanitarian assistance. Video by Finnish Red Cross
  21 Jun 2017   1m45s 2 29 0
Helping Iraqi women and children to deal with trauma
Description: Hundreds of thousands of desperate people are fleeing ongoing clashes between Islamic State and the Iraqi army in West Mosul. To help the many displaced, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with support from EU Humanitarian Aid, is offering a host of services. In this video, the Danish Red Cross organises psychosocial support services for the many people who are traumatised by their experiences. All told, an estimated 90 000 people have received assistance. Video by Finnish Red Cross
  21 Jun 2017   2m21s 2 58 0
Helping drought affected communities in Sindh, Pakistan
Description: In Sindh, a province in southeast Pakistan, two towns - Umerkot and Tharparkar - have been affected by recurring droughts in recent years. With funding from EU Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), Concern in partnership with WHH, is implementing an integrated project on nutrition, food security and water & sanitation. Keeping in view the acute needs of drought affected communities, projects such as these help the nutritional status of the extremely poor and vulnerable. Video by Concern
  21 Jun 2017   2m5s 2 8 0
Improving the lives of western Colombia’s indigenous Emberra communities
Description: Colombia’s ongoing conflict and violence has caused 345 271 new forced displacements in the past 2 years alone. Indigenous communities are often the first victims. The EU and its humanitarian partner the Lutheran World Federation are providing assistance to the Emberra Dovida indigenous community – from western Colombia’s Chocó rainforest – which lives in remote villages that can only be reached by an 11-hour boat trip. Emberra communities live on the banks of the isolated Bebara river, and have suffered from both the armed conflict and from floods which recurrently destroy crops and settlements. The Lutheran World Federation is supporting the Emberra Dovida in designing new ways to prevent the damage of floods and the loss of crops, so as to improve food security. This Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) project ensures families have enough food to last the entire year, regardless of the region’s extreme weather patterns. The project contributes to the communities' resilience so that they remain in their ancestral territories despite the ongoing violence, and get better access to safe drinking water and improved food crops. Video by World Lutheran Federation
  21 Jun 2017   3m17s 4 55 0
Protecting and educating Honduras’s children
Description: Not including current warzones, Honduras is the country with the highest rate of homicides in the world. The Violence Observatory of Honduras's National Autonomous University (UNAH) put the figure at 14 homicides every single day of 2016: a rate of 60 murders per 100 000 inhabitants, in a country of less than 9 million. Children and women are particularly affected by the violence. They risk murder, sexual violence, forced displacement and severe restrictions on mobility in neighbourhoods controlled by armed groups. The humanitarian needs of these vulnerable groups are similar to those of a “conventional” armed conflict. In cooperation with its humanitarian partners, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children, the European Union runs Education in Emergencies projects to provide protection and education to children affected by urban violence in Honduras. Video by NRC
  21 Jun 2017   4m1s 1 12 0
Life-saving EU food aid in the isolated region of La Guajira, Colombia
Description: La Guajira, Colombia, is the remote desert region home to the indigenous Wayuu people. A humanitarian crisis has resulted from seven years of drought; in 2016, 86 children lost their lives to hunger and malnutrition. The Wayuu people are battling to survive: they face severe food and water shortages. The EU and its humanitarian partner Action Against Hunger are delivering life-saving food assistance, assessing the nutritional status of the most vulnerable, and providing health care for those at risk no matter how isolated they are. Video by EU/ECHO
  21 Jun 2017   3m56s 10 179 0