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Providing emergency assistance to refugees in Serbia
Description: With the closure of the Western Balkans migration route in early 2016, the number of refugees stranded in Serbia now stands at over 7 500. The EU has allocated humanitarian funding of €20.1 million to Serbia which contributes to the provision of emergency assistance at 16 government shelters. This comes on top of €24.5 million of EU pre-accession aid allocated to the refugee crisis in Serbia. UNHCR is a major partner in providing different services at the government shelters which include the provision of food and access to health services. Video by UNHCR Serbia
  16 Mar 2017   4m48s 2 73 0

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Refugee children in Lebanon bust a move!
Description: Syrian refugees and the host community in Lebanon come together in community centres around the country to participate in activities and access services. Mona and Ahmad are outreach volunteers with UNHCR, and support their Syrian refugee community by organising activities in the Mazbout community centre in Mount Lebanon. The centre caters to all age groups; Ahmad, Qusai and Mohammed are three kids who come together in the same centre to learn how to breakdance. With support from EU Humanitarian Aid and other donors, UNHCR has been able to supports 82 community and social development centres across Lebanon. These have benefitted over 65 000 refugees in 2016, and the Lebanese host community. Video by UNHCR
  22 May 2017   2m28s 3 15 0
Harvesting the Desert – Strengthening food security for Colombia’s indigenous people
Description: La Guajira is a desert stretching into the Caribbean Sea, covering north-eastern Colombia and north-western Venezuela, both countries with acute humanitarian needs. A remote, destitute region, La Guajira has suffered a seven-year drought worsened by El Niño’s disruption of usual rain patterns in recent years. Spread over 20 000 km² (about the size of Slovenia), this peninsula is home to Colombia’s largest indigenous population, the Wayuu, who number close to 300 000 people. The Wayuu have been battling drought and floods which devastate their crops, livestock and livelihoods. In 2016 alone, 86 children lost their lives to malnutrition. The EU and its humanitarian partners UNFAO and UNICEF are helping hundreds of Wayuu families improve their food security, through technical and material support for better, more sustainable farming. Recovering traditional ways of subsistence saves lives in the short term, but also builds up the resilience of the most vulnerable to future droughts and floods. Video by EU
  15 May 2017   3m20s 4 34 0
Crisis in Somaliland: drought and famine threaten millions
Description: Over 20 million people are threatened by drought in the Horn of Africa, Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan. In Somalia over six million need humanitarian assistance; since last November, around 680 000 people have fled the drought there and around 1.4 million children are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition this year. Somaliland was one of the first areas hit by drought three years ago, it is now experiencing its fourth rainy season when there has been little or no rain. The NGO Concern supports 92 000 families in Somalia providing water supplies, nutrition and health assistance. Nearly 23 000 people have received support in the form of cash and EU Humanitarian Aid has given money to help nearly 14 000 people. Video by Euronews
  12 May 2017   5m1s 4 34 0
Meet Khalil: a refugee baby born in Greece
Description: This is the story of baby Khalil*. He was born in Greece and has spent his first few months of life in a refugee camp. His family arrived in Greece last year after fleeing Afghanistan when heavy fighting broke out between extremist groups in their city. Throughout her pregnancy, Khalil’s mother, Lemar*, visited the 'Mother and Baby Area' of the camp, which is run by Save the Children with support from the European Commission. She now brings Khalil every day so she can breastfeed and receive support from health and nutrition experts. Video by Save the Children *Names have been changed to protect the identity.
  11 May 2017   1m23s 2 43 0
Cash card restores dignity for refugees in Greece
Description: With support from the European Commission, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is implementing a cash card assistance programme in Greece to help refugee and migrants cover their basic needs. The programme enables the beneficiaries the dignity of choice, restoring their confidence while supporting the local economy, increasing efficiency of aid delivery and reducing bureaucracy. UNHCR is carrying out this programme in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), Mercy Corps, Samaritan’s Purse, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Care. Video by UNHCR
  03 May 2017   1m49s 2 774 0
Let's celebrate what school means to us all
Description: School is as vital as food and medicine. In times of crisis, school provides support, friendship, stability and hope. In the #EmergencyLessons campaign, young people across the globe, politicians, and celebrities such as Tom Hiddleston, lent their voice to promote the importance of education. Video by Unicef
  02 May 2017   1m26s 4 47 0
EU Aid Volunteers – why organisations should get involved
Description: EU Aid Volunteers partner organisations gathered in Brussels to share their experiences, learn from one another and strengthen their partnerships. Here they explain why they got involved in EU Aid Volunteers and why it is worth joining the initiative. Video by EU
  20 Apr 2017   2m20s 4 590 0
Philippines: Learning to weather a storm
Description: It’s eight o’clock in the morning and in the district of Tagkip, Philippines it’s time to evacuate. A long warning siren means a cyclone is approaching and residents must leave. This time the emergency is not real, but such exercises are vital to help residents understand what they are exposed to and what they need to do in case of emergency.
  18 Apr 2017   5m19s 2 45 0
Nepal: A path to recovery
Description: In April 2015, central Nepal was struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake and several major aftershocks which killed more than 9 000 people. More than half a million homes were reduced to rubble, and countless roads, bridges and other infrastructure were left in ruins. Here in the remote village of Barpak, the epicentre of the earthquake, the powerful tremor damaged the walking trails that connected the village to the rest of the country. To restore access to services for the villagers, EU Humanitarian Aid has supported People in Need (PIN) in implementing a trail reconstruction programme in the area. Under the initiative, vulnerable groups, such as breast-feeding women and female-headed households, are encouraged to help repair damaged trails in exchange for cash. This has not only provided affected families with an opportunity to earn income and improved their livelihoods, but also contributed to rebuilding the communities. Video by People in Need
  12 Apr 2017   3m9s 3 92 0
Nepal: Stitch by stitch – Earthquake survivors take charge of their recovery
Description: A 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck central Nepal in April 2015 left more than 9 000 people killed and flattened more than half a million homes, taking away belongings and livelihoods. To help the most affected families to get back on their feet, the EU Humanitarian Aid and People in Need (PIN) has worked together to introduce a community-wide recovery programme in areas heavily impacted by the tremor. As part of the assistance, a cash-for-work initiative has been introduced in the remote village of Barpak, the epicentre of the earthquake. This has given the vulnerable women and girls an opportunity to earn extra income by knitting clothes for their families and other earthquake survivors. Thanks to the funding, not only have their livelihoods improved, but they are also now prepared for the next winter. Video by People in Need
  12 Apr 2017   2m58s 2 29 0
A library in Greece opens a new chapter in refugees’ lives
Description: With the support of EU Humanitarian Aid, UNHCR - the UN Refugee Agency - assisted the refugee community in Philippiada, western Greece, to create a library for children and adults alike. The library is stocked with a few hundred books, in German, English and Arabic, and covering a wide range of subjects. For refugees in Greece, whose lives are temporarily put on hold, reading provides recreation and education. One refugee said "This library has helped me feel human and has given me the spirit to carry on and change my life." The library helps the community to turn a page and restore hope for the future. Video by UNHCR
  10 Apr 2017   2m6s 2 52 0
Former les travailleurs de la santé pour combattre la dénutrition au Mali
Description: Comment combat-on une maladie si l’on ne dispose pas de personnel médical adéquatement formé à son traitement ? Dans de nombreux endroits de la vaste bande du Sahel, il s’agit là d’un problème quotidien. Dans cette région, la dénutrition est responsable de la mort d’un demi-million d’enfants de moins de cinq ans chaque année. Les centres de santé à distance ne disposent pas de personnel en suffisance pour savoir comment remédier à ce grave problème. À ce titre, l’aide humanitaire de l’UE privilégie la formation quand elle finance des projets comme celui-ci au Mali. En plus d’offrir un traitement médical aux enfants dénutris, ALIMA, partenaire de l’UE, a formé près de 200 médecins et infirmières dans tout le pays. Cette démarche implique une supervision commune des patients, une formation et un partage mutuel d’expériences de cas médicaux. À l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de la santé, cette vidéo montre combien il est crucial que chaque travailleur de la santé puisse accéder au savoir nécessaire, de sorte que davantage de vies puissent être sauvées. Vidéo d’ALIMA
  10 Apr 2017   3m14s 2 38 0