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Handicap International U.S.
Moheileh's story: "Family is all I have left"
Description: Moheileh, 60, had her leg amputated after her home was struck by a bomb in Syria. After coming to Zaatari camp four years ago, someone told Moheileh about Handicap International. After her first meeting with our team, they gave her a walking stick, then a walking frame, and soon after she was fit with an artificial leg. Moheileh's grandchildren attend her physical therapy sessions. Moheileh tells our team, "My family is all I have left. I hope that one day, we will all be together again."
  15 Mar 2017   2m22s 1 22 0

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Lessons on Climate Change: Malawi and Tanzania
Description: A participatory video evaluation (PVE) of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) project was carried out in the community of Ndaleta (Tanzania) and Bitilinyu (Malawi). It aimed at engaging and empowering the participating communities to identify, highlight and video document in their own way and perspective their own stories of change.
  24 Mar 2017   15m1s 3 46 0
Refugee Children: Education and Relocation
Description: In Greece, there are rumors spreading that once migrant families have enrolled in the education programme, they may no longer be eligible to relocate to other countries. In reality, many migrant parents have successfully enrolled their children without such complications.
  27 Mar 2017   3m13s 3 21 0
UN calls to stop using people as human shields in #Mosul & Other Topics (Daily Briefing 3/24/2017)
Description: Briefing by Farhan Haq, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General for 23 March 2017. Daily Press Briefing: World Heritage, South Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tuberculosis-AIDS, Polio, Slavery, Honour Roll
  24 Mar 2017   11m9s 9 242 0
Despite terrible drought in Somalia, there is a sense of optimism says UN envoy Michael Keating
Description: New leadership in Somalia provides hope despite great security and humanitarian challenges says Michael Keating, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, who spoke to UN News shortly after briefing the Security Council.
  23 Mar 2017   1m6s 9 435 0
How can education support peace in Lebanon?
Description: International Alert held a conference in Beirut to discuss the power of education to improve peaceful relations in Lebanon, which is facing growing pressures and tensions because of the Syrian refugee crisis. Watch panellists Rania Zakhia, Education Specialist at UNICEF Lebanon, and our lead Researcher Lana Khattab share some insights from our upcoming report on the links between education and social stability. We also hear from our Middle East and North Africa Programmes Manager Rebecca Crozier. One of the key findings is that non-formal education programmes, particularly community-based initiatives with longer-term funding, are vital to improving relations among and between children and their families.
  24 Mar 2017   1m14s 2 106 0
Lifesaving Foreign Assistance is #WorthThePenny
Description: The President has proposed a budget to slash lifesaving U.S. foreign assistance. This funding has long been a key pillar in our nation's leadership role in saving lives and bringing about a safer, more prosperous and more equitable world. Slashing these programs – which make up just one percent of the U.S. federal budget, or one penny on the dollar – wouldn’t balance the budget or pay for significant new domestic spending. But it would have a disastrous impact on the lives of millions of women, girls and families worldwide. It's not too late to reverse course. This proposal does not have to become law. Only Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs. But they won't act unless they hear from you. Tell Congress today: Foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny. Don't put this lifesaving aid on the chopping block. Go to to sign the petition.
  23 Mar 2017   1m1s 3 29 0
Displaced families flee West Mosul
Description: Desperate to flee fighting, thousands of displaced Iraqis from west Mosul are arriving in Hammam al-Alil camp, a few kilometres south of the city. Many spend their first night in a reception centre awaiting their tents. Others are transferred to nearby camps to reunite with other family members. UNHCR has 13 camps open or under construction with capacity to host up to 145,000 people. Hammam al-Alil currently comprises a screening and transit site and government-built camp. UNHCR has almost completed a second camp to house 30,000 people. The first section of the camp is due to open next week, with capacity for 10,000 people. The number of people moving through Hammam al-Alil has surged in recent days, with around 8,000–12,000 arrivals daily. Work will soon begin in another UNHCR camp, As Salamiyah 2, south-east of Mosul, with projected capacity for up to 60,000 people. Information for media: If you would like to use this video to communicate refugee stories or require B-Roll, transcripts, stills or much more information, please contact us at or --- Keep up to date with our latest videos: -- UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, works to protect and assist those fleeing war and persecution. Since 1950, we have helped tens of millions of people find safety and rebuild their lives. With your support, we can restore hope for many more. Read more at Support our work with refugees now by subscribing to this channel, liking this video and sharing it with your friends and contacts. Thanks so much for your help.
  23 Mar 2017   1m24s 11 320 0
Human Development for Everyone — Human Development Report 2016 (short)
Description: A quarter-century of impressive human development progress continues to leave many people behind, with systemic, often unmeasured, barriers to catching up. A stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers is urgently needed to ensure sustainable human development for all.
  23 Mar 2017   1m52s 7 65 0
The Syrian Refugee Crisis
Description: Sponsored by the Humanitarian Innovation Initiative (HI²) and Middle East Studies, this panel discussion will focus on the Syrian refugee experience drawing upon the panelists’ work with Syrian refugees in both Jordan and Turkey. Dr. Khaled Almilaji will be joining the conversation via video.
  23 Mar 2017   1h24m13s 11 645 0
Children’s aid 2.0: can digital technology save lives in Burkina Faso?
Description: IeDA supports health care workers in West Africa with digital tablets and mobile applications to improve children’s medical treatment.
  23 Mar 2017   6m38s 1 8 0
Two Years Without Rain
Description: East Africa is in the grip of a devastating food crisis. Millions of families are facing starvation because of droughts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Famine has been declared in parts of conflict-stricken South Sudan. Oxfam is there with life-saving support, but we urgently need your help to do more. You can help: Donate now
  23 Mar 2017   1m30s 8 82 0
There's a New Effective Vaccine to Combat Rotavirus
Description: Diarrhea is still one of the main killers in developing countries. Rotavirus is the main agent that causes severe gastroenteritis. It can very quickly lead to fatal dehydration, especially among very young children. Together with the Niger Ministry of Health, the Doctors Without Borders innovation unit and Epicentre, our epidemiological research center set up a clinical trial in order to test a new oral vaccine against rotavirus. The initial results of this clinical trial have proven that the vaccine is effective in Niger, drastically reducing cases of diarrhea and their severity among the children who have received the vaccine. It is essential to convince health ministries to include this new oral vaccine in their vaccination programs: Follow our tech and innovation twitter accounts! @MSF_innovation and @MSFSci
  23 Mar 2017   2m44s 6 98 0