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Global Youth Refugee Consultations 2015-2016
Description: UNHCR, the WRC, and partners undertook the first-ever Global Refugee Youth Consultations (GRYC) to amplify youth voices in decisions that affect them and their communities. The GRYC included 1,267 young people who participated in 56 national or sub-national consultations held in 22 countries between October 2015 and June 2016. The final report, We Believe in Youth, outlines 10 challenges identified by refugee youth, Seven Core Actions for Refugee Youth, and recommendations for the full range of actors engaged in humanitarian response. The full report is available for download here:
  23 Sep 2016   2m58s 4 517 0
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Webinar: Adolescent Girls and Safer Livelihoods
  30 Jun 2016   1h2m24s 2 143 0
Webinar | Safe Livelihoods CLARA Tools
Description: Learn to assess and avoid the risks, including gender-based violence, that refugees frequently face as a result of livelihoods programs. The CLARA tools help humanitarians to identify and mitigate these risks.
  22 Jun 2016   57m19s 1 103 0
Sarah Costa -  Voices of Courage Awards Speech 2016
  28 Apr 2016   5m27s 0 101 0
Cho Lay Mar, a Voice of Courage for the Displaced in Myanmar/Burma
  26 Apr 2016   7m16s 2 108 0
Mina Jaf, a Voice of Courage for Refugee Women in Europe
  26 Apr 2016   7m32s 13 724 0
No Safe Route for Refugee Women
Description: How much should a woman be forced to give up? Refugee women are fleeing violence, yet it can find them at every stage of their journey. With foresight and innovation, humanitarians can keep women safe and protect their ability to rebuild their lives. Produced for the Women's Refugee Commission by Field Studio (
  26 Apr 2016   1m16s 17 2205 0
Freedom from Violence for Refugee Women | Women's Refugee Commission
Description: Violence against women and girls doesn't end when they stop running. But refugee women have a right to live free from violence. For more than 25 years, we've listened. We've been their advocates. So their voices are heard. So they can rebuild their lives. Produced for the Women's Refugee Commission by Field Studio (
  01 May 2015   1m32s 25 3166 0
The Future Is in Their Hands: Fulfilling the Promise of Refugee Girls
Description: For several years the Women’s Refugee Commission has been finding the most effective ways to protect and empower displaced adolescent girls. Until now, most humanitarian agencies have included girls in initiatives for women or children. But refugee girls need programs and services designed specifically for them.
  26 Jan 2015   3m8s 1 236 0
Safe Access to Fuel and Energy: Cross-Sectoral Programming to Protect Women
Description: An introduction to SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel & Energy) for refugees. SAFE programs can advance protection for women and girls, promote livelihoods, improve health, preserve the natural environment, and more.
  31 Dec 2014   5m49s 4 547 0
Before the Crisis, a Plan to Protect: Disaster Risk Reduction
Description: Because natural disasters tend to recur in the same places, the humanitarian community has an opportunity to work with the community before crisis strikes--helping to create plans and share knowledge to keep women and girls safe. Since 2010, the Women's Refugee Commission has incorporated preparedness and planning for sexual and reproductive health needs in an emergency into our advocacy and in-country training activities. For women and girls who survive these natural disasters, the immediate consequences of a disaster—displacement, sexual violence and exploitation, disruptions in health services and the loss of financial security within a family unit—can lead to devastating, long-term effects and consequences. These include school drop-out, early and forced marriage, trauma, extra labor and work, increased rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV, unintended pregnancy and lack of skilled attendance at birth. Such experiences compromise a woman or young girl's ability to realize her own rights over the long term, and immediately place her at higher risk for reproductive health illnesses and related death.
  08 Dec 2014   3m13s 2 728 0