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Eating Tarantula: Clear Path International Southeast Asia Program Manager Samples local fare
Description: Jay Sklar is in Cambodia implementing and establishing new programming for Clear Path International's wor with landmine survivors. Here he stops to sample a local favorite, deep-fried tarantula.
  25 Nov 2013   1m 0 279 0
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John Perry Barlow Addresses Reddit
Description: Donate to our efforts at or John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, lyricist for the Grateful Dead and advisory board member of Clear Path International will be on on Thursday, August 15 at 7pm pacific time to answer questions and help raise the visibility of Clear Path Internation and Mines Advisory Group's work in Vietnam.
  15 Aug 2013   1m32s 17 1176 0
Rainy Season Five Years in Vietnam   trailer for film
Description: Joan Widdifield's award-winning film, Rainy Season features the work of Clear Path International and our country manager, Mr. Tran Hong Chi. An intimate story about a family's unexpected change of fate, set in the larger context of post-war Vietnam. A rubber tree-farming family in central Vietnam comes to grips with life after their youngest son finds a leftover American mortar while searching for grasshoppers. With unprecedented access and shot over five years, RAINY SEASON captures the land's sumptuous beauty and reveals the far-reaching sorrow that it harbors.
  11 Aug 2013   2m54s 1 179 0
Jonathan Goldsmith Program Update and Thank you!
Description: See Jonathan's orginal video and DONATE NOW at : We are almost halfway to our goal. Let's bump up those numbers!
  06 Aug 2013   57s 7 750 0
Jonathan Goldsmith, Man who Plays Most Interesting Man in the World, For Landmine and Bomb Victims
Description: Please go to to help out! Jonathan Goldsmith, the man who plays The Most Interesting Man in the World recently joined landmine and bomb accident survivor assistance program, Clear Path International. Join him in Vietnam with Clear Path's partner, Mines Advisory Group as he visits survivors of accidents involving unexploded ordnance and MAG clearance operations. Credit: Ryder Hathaway, Photography and Videography, 2013
  01 Aug 2013   3m50s 4365 997155 0
Jonathan Goldsmith Campaign to Assist Landmine and Bomb Survivors in Vietnam
Description: Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays "The Most Interesting Man in the World" invites you to support him in his efforts to remove bombs from Vietnamese soil and assist bomb accident survivors. learn more at
  18 Jul 2013   1m12s 17 7217 0
Landmines Vietnam Cambodia Burma Myanmar Thai-Burma Border
Description: Assisting Landmine survivors, their families and their communities
  04 Jul 2007   56s 9 5322 0
Man Who Lost Arms to Bomb Rides Bike
Description: Mr. Lang was working with his parents in the potatoes field in 1976 when he saw a bright yellow device (M79 grenade). He picked it up and the device detonated in his hand. He lost two arms just below elbow.
  15 Mar 2007   1m9s 9 6414 0
Thailand Mayanmar Border Mae Sot Refugee Landmine Survivors
Description: Clear Path international sponsors landmine survivors at the Mae Sot Refugee clinic on the border of Thailand and Myanmar
  03 Sep 2006   6m4s 4 9052 0
Song from Vietnam: A Present Day Video From Post War Vietnam
Description: A beautiful Vietnamese song with images from Clear Path International's work with present day victims of landmines and bombs leftover from the Vietnam War. Learn more at
  14 May 2006   2m6s 20 28792 0
Senator Patrick Leahy Endorses Clear Path
Description: Senator Patrick Leahy on the work of Clear Path International in working with landmine survivors.
  22 Apr 2006   1m20s 6 2947 0
Howto: Clearing Landmines in Vietnam
Description: This is a brief overview of how landmines and unexploded bombs are detected and removed... just one way... there are many. check out our website at
  22 Apr 2006   1m19s 29 26137 0