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Trade between developing countries and the UK
Description: Each year, £20 billion of goods are shipped to the UK from developing countries. This trade generates the wealth, prosperity and investment needed to create millions of jobs and help the world’s poorest people stand on their own two feet. Helping developing countries harness the power of trade means we are not only creating trading partners of the future for UK businesses, but supporting jobs at home too. Which is why the UK government has committed to keep duty-free access to UK markets for the world's poorest countries post-Brexit.
  25 Jun 2017   15s 0 55 0
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360° video: See how UK aid is helping support Syrian refugees in Jordan
Description: Step inside the Azraq camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan in this 360° video. Home to over 50,000 Syrian refugees, UK aid is helping in the camp by providing funding to agencies including UNHCR, UNICEF and Mercy Corps - helping deliver clean water, education, shelter and protection as well as safe spaces for children to play in.
  22 Jun 2017   2m31s 1 59 0
From refugee to MBE: How #UKaid is supporting education in South Sudan
Description: Akuja Mading de Garang has been honoured with an MBE for helping girls in South Sudan get an education.
  16 Jun 2017   46s 3 114 0
UK aid in Mosul - Providing medical care for civilians
Description: In Mosul #UKaid support for IOM is providing 42,000 people with primary healthcare through, mobile medical teams, emergency medical surgeries, equipment and medication supplies, ambulances and upgraded health facilities. The UK was one of the first donors to provide funding to the Mosul appeal and continues to provide support for civilians affected by Daesh. More info:
  21 Apr 2017   51s 0 304 0
Priti Patel meets refugees from the violent conflict in South Sudan
Description: This week UK Development Secretary Priti Patel visited Uganda, spending time with refugees from the violent conflict in South Sudan.
  13 Apr 2017   49s 0 372 0
UK aid triples support for action against landmines
Description: Landmines maim and kill innocent people every day. In 2015 alone over 6,000 people were injured and over 1,600 killed by landmines or other explosive devices left behind by conflict. Today International Development Secretary Priti Patel announced a tripling of UK aid to end the threat of landmines at an event with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace hosted by MAG (Mines Advisory Group) and The HALO Trust.
  04 Apr 2017   39s 0 99 0
UK aid is delivering water in drought-hit Somalia
Description: UK aid is supporting an NGO consortium including Save the Children to deliver water to those in need in drought-hit Somalia. visit for more info.
  28 Mar 2017   1m16s 3 254 0
Fighting Famine, UK aid in action in Somalia.
Description: In Somalia, recent UK aid funding will enable WFP to provide emergency assistance to drought affected families. 542,750 people will receive critical live-saving assistance thanks to UK aid support. Info source: WFP
  18 Mar 2017   53s 1 348 0
New UK aid support for the East Africa Crisis DEC Appeal
Description: The UK Government will match your donations, pound-for-pound, up to £5 million. This is in addition to the £5m match funding already donated by the UK Government. Don't delay, donate. Visit
  18 Mar 2017   21s 1 51 0
UK aid is supporting the East Africa Crisis DEC Appeal
Description: The UK Government will match your donations, pound-for-pound, up to £5 million. Don't delay, donate. Visit
  15 Mar 2017   21s 0 95 0
DFID - Four countries, four crises. UK aid to help millions of people at risk from famine.
Description: Four countries, four crises. #UKaid to help millions of people at risk from famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria:
  14 Mar 2017   56s 0 96 0
International Development Secretary Priti Patel marks International Women’s Day
Description: International Development Secretary Priti Patel: “I’m proud the UK is helping the poorest and most vulnerable girls & women to reach their potential” #GlobalBritain #IWD2017 #UKaid
  08 Mar 2017   1m11s 2 156 0