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Small loan helps Bezina become a successful businesswoman
Description: In Ethiopia, small loans are changing lives - including Bezina's. She has used her loan to create success, and now owns 3 stores and employs 6 people.
  17 May 2017   41s 0 18 0
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What Does Africa Mean to You?
Description: A video produced at Africa Day 2016, to explore what 'Africa' means to people attending, and what does Ireland mean to them.
  02 May 2017   1m17s 1 19 0
Savings and credits scheme helps families create new businesses
Description: In Ethiopia, village-based savings and credits cooperatives help poor families set up small businesses, improving incomes beyond expectations.
  31 Mar 2017   2m13s 1 31 0
How a small loan transformed Aster's life
Description: After mother-of-two Aster joined her local savings and credits cooperative in Southern Ethiopia, she started a new business that would transform her family's life.
  30 Mar 2017   2m9s 0 29 0
Flour Power @ Electric Picnic
Description: Self Help Africa went to Electric Picnic and brought flour power to the people! Here's a short video that we made that captures the event, as we used a traditional African pestle and mortar to get festival goers to grind their own grain into flour. The purpose was to use this single activity to demonstrate just one aspect of the hard work that is done by women in rural Africa, every day! Happy viewing. Peace & Love to all!!
  23 Mar 2017   1m18s 1 65 0
Devastating Invasion Threatens Malawi Harvest
Description: A devastating pest invasion sweeping across southern Africa is stripping fields of vital crops, and leaving millions of vulnerable households on the brink of famine.
  16 Mar 2017   1m52s 2 58 0
Jessy regrets that her children grew up in poverty
Description: Looking back, Jessy Sade is saddened that she couldn't provide for her children, and they were often hungry. Since then her circumstances have improved, and Jessy, who is working with Self Help Africa, is currently establishing her own fruit tree nursery.
  13 Mar 2017   1m55s 1 98 0
Sean O'Brien's Thumbs Up for African Agriculture
Description: Ireland and British Lions rugby star has given Self Help Africa a ringing endorsement in this eve of RBS Six Nations Championship video that was shot on his family's farm in Tullow, Co. Carlow, in Ireland, this week.
  03 Feb 2017   2m 2 241 0
Better storage boosts father's income
Description: Inoussa, father of five, is a small farmer in Burkina Faso. The building of a vegetable storage house in his community has meant a brighter future for himself and his children.
  01 Feb 2017   1m28s 3 58 0
Alan Kerins Premium Sports video
  26 Jan 2017   2m30s 4 178 0
A New Beginning
Description: Binta Kanazoe is a mother of 6 living in rural Burkina Faso. When her husband passed away she wondered how she would provide for her family. Four years later, thanks to training, seeds and access to a vegetable store house provide by Self Help Africa, she is doing better than ever before.
  13 Jan 2017   1m38s 1 117 0
My Big Idea
Description: Kilkenny student Tara McGrath was the winner of the Self Help Africa Science for Development Award at the annual BT Young Scientist Exhibition in 2008. Her subsequent trip to Ethiopia to 'field test' her invention, a fuel-efficient pressure cooker, was the subject of a television documentary that screened on Irish television.
  11 Jan 2017   26m6s 1 35 0