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Day to End Obstetric Fistula - WSSCC Leaves No One Behind
Description: In the quest for safe and appropriate sanitation and hygiene for all, WSSCC's Leave No One Behind initiative works with marginalized and vulnerable people to ensure that their voices are heard
  22 May 2017   55s 0 8 0
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  14 May 2017   32s 0 11 0
WSSCC's Elizabeth Wamera introducing - Connecting the Dots (2017)
Description: Our very own Elizabeth Wamera introduces the Connecting the Dots report that showcases the inspiring work of our national coordinators:
  18 May 2017   31s 0 55 0
UN Deputy Secretary Amina J. Mohammed on sanitation as a docking station
Description: WSSCC is all about SDG Target 6.2 , but sanitation and hygiene are also entry points to support other SDG targets. Former WSSCC Chair and UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J Mohammed explains this well
  11 May 2017   52s 0 12 0
Menstrual Hygiene Management in Bangladesh
Description: In Bangladesh, our partner UST hosting WSSCC's National Coordinator Anowar Kamal, has made this video to demonstrate the problems facing girls as a results of lack of MHM training and facilities.
  01 May 2017   9m2s 0 59 0
UN DSG and former WSSCC Chair Amina J. Mohammed at SWA High-level meetings 2017
Description: Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) held its High Level Meetings last week to urge Ministers to fund #WASH. United Nations Deputy Secretary General and former WSSCC Chair Amina J Mohammed led the discussion, underlining the importance of safe and equitable sanitation.
  26 Apr 2017   57s 0 30 0
"Je m'engage": campaign song for an open defecation free Togo
Description: WSSCC thanks its national coordinator for Togo, Achille Lokossou and his team for bringing together Togolese singers: Fan-Club Toto Patrick, Oli Big, Pondy Cyssé, Kaporal Wisdom Ekuevi, Mirlina, Wapondi, Synthèse and Folo to make this video as part of the successful Je m'engage campaign to end open defecation. Our new publication, Connecting the Dots, highlights the exceptional work of our national coordinators: #connectingthedots #opendefecationfreeworld
  13 Apr 2017   4m17s 0 21 0
WSSCC Webinar Series 2017 #1  Sanitation and Psychosocial stress for women
Description: On March 2nd, WSSCC kicked off its 2017 webinar series with an engaging discussion about the stressors that women experience related to inadequate sanitation facilities and knowledge.
  07 Apr 2017   52m26s 0 58 0
Radha Paudel, MHM Activist and Author, Nepal February 2017
  05 Apr 2017   10m14s 2 192 0
No Relief
Description: Women experience psycho social stress when they do not have access to adequate sanitation facilities. This excerpt from the 2014 video, No Relief features women from the Pune slums in India who share some of the situations that they have experienced. This video was made to complement the WSSCC and DFID-funded SHARE report, "Sanitation Vulnerability: Women's stress and struggles for violence free sanitation".
  28 Mar 2017   2m13s 0 32 0