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Launching of Government Vehicle Tracking System
Description: The Government of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of the Public Service has initiated a vehicle Asset Tracking Management System to better manage and account for the deployment and utilization of its fleet of vehicles.
  07 Jun 2014   21m30s 1 90 0
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Launch of National Digitisation Centre
Description: The government of Saint Lucia Digitization Centre is a facility aiming for paperless documentation, storage and retrieval. The centre facilitates the conversion of large volumes of hard copy that are official reports, documents and correspondence into digital format, for easier indexing and retrieval, by both the general public and Public Sector agencies. In addition to digitizing information, it will also contribute to the creation of an information industry, where the volumes of useful information contained in these reports and studies can have some value.
  29 May 2014   17m9s 0 48 0
Launch of Saint Lucia Internet Exchange Point
Description: The Saint Lucia Internet Exchange Point (SLiX) was commissioned in February 2014 as part of the connectivity component of the CARCIP Project. An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a location at which Internet Service Providers (ISPs), in country or locality, exchange domestic Internet traffic domestically between their customers on a cost-neutral basis. By so doing ISPs avoid having to send domestic-bound traffic across expensive international transit providers.
  29 May 2014   43m58s 0 50 0
Government of Saint Lucia Web Portal Launch
Description: The portal "Our Government" will allow users greater access to government information and its agencies. The new web portal is a necessary interactive platform gives users easy access to a multitude of government services under one umbrella; it is just one element of the Government of Saint Lucia's broad program of public sector modernisation. Several agencies are responsible for information on the web portal and for disseminating information to the public.
  29 May 2014   41m9s 0 83 0
  29 May 2012   47s 0 531 0
VAT Joan Main Creole NEW MPG.mpg
Description: Value added tax promo. Vat will be introduced to Saint Lucia September 1st 2012.
  29 May 2012   52s 0 344 0