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Earth Wind & Tyre
Description: 2 Days, 10 Wind Farms, 200 Miles Earth Wind & Tyre is a 200-mile wind-themed cycle challenge from Durham to Edinburgh. Now in its third year, this two-day event brings together teams and individuals from across the renewable energy industry and beyond to raise funds for our work. In celebration of clean energy, the route passes by 10 iconic wind farms as it winds its way up from Durham to Edinburgh. With leg-testing climbs and euphoric views, it’s a truly spectacular event for all involved. For more information and to sign up to our 2017 event, visit our website: With special thanks to Tom Francome for producing this video for us.
  25 Oct 2016   1m5s 1 115 0
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Charles Otieno - how access to solar power has changed his life
Description: Charles Otieno is from Ng'ore, a fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. In 2015 Renewable World installed a community owned and managed solar microgrid (Energy Hub) in his village, and Charles and his family had access to electricity for the first time. In this video Charles tells us how his life has been transformed through access to clean energy. Find out more about our Energy Hub programme and our work in and around Lake Victoria:
  07 Oct 2016   1m50s 1 45 0
Hydraulic Ram Pumps: Lifting Water to Improve Livelihoods in Nepal
Description: With support from Ncell Nepal, Renewable World installed three Hydraulic Ram Pumps in three communities in Syangja District in Nepal. With improved access to water 71 households now have the opportunity to improve their agricultural productivity and by using climate smart agriculture techniques to grow crops in the dry season. We are grateful for the support received form Ncell for this project.
  20 Sep 2016   3m30s 4 435 0
Earth Wind & Tyre 2016
Description: Earth Wind & Tyre is Renewable World's annual boutique cycle challenge, an event that celebrates renewable energy and the power it holds to transform our world. Taking place over two days, the ride starts in Durham and ends in Edinburgh, passing ten onshore wind farms en route. With leg-testing climbs and euphoric views, it’s a truly spectacular event for all involved. Earth Wind & Tyre is also a crucial fundraising event for Renewable World, with each participant aiming to raise at least £500 for our work. This year, thanks to the tireless fundraising efforts of the participants and the generous support from our sponsors, the event has raised an incredible £60,000! These funds will help us continue our life-changing work, using renewable energy to power people out of poverty. For more information about the event, visit our website: With special thanks to Tom Francome for producing this video for us.
  19 Aug 2016   1m35s 1 323 0
Renewable World - Solar-powered Water Pumping in Nepal
Description: Renewable World uses high lift solar-powered water pumps to bring water to hill communities in Nepal living high above the water source. Water is piped to tap stands within walking distance of households. This project uses clean energy, harnessing the power of the sun, to improve access to water. With improved access to water: * Women and girls spend less time collecting water, carrying it up the steep hills, often causing injury and physical harm. * Families can ensure a higher level of hygiene, reducing illness. * Households can grow crops in the dry season, increasing their productivity and improving their income. Using climate smart agriculture techniques, such as drip irrigation, water can be used in moderation while still growing high value crops such as vegetables, which help improve the livelihood of households. Renewable world, powering people out of poverty!
  22 Mar 2016   59s 4 382 0
Salsaing for Solar Power
Description: A big thank you to Patricia and all the dancers who came along and supported Renewable World at Brighton Bandstand on Wednesday 9th October. Thanks to the generosity of all those attending we raised £260 towards our work to provide sustainable clean energy services to those living in energy-poverty. Here's a short video from the night.
  11 Sep 2015   1m47s 0 116 0
Earth, Wind & Tyre 2015
Description: Renewable World's inaugural cycling event from Durham to Edinburgh took place on the 13th and 14th of June. 47 cyclists rode the 200 mile route over two days raising funds for Renewable World. A fantastic, challenging event through some magnificent British countryside and past a dozen wind farms; the ride celebrated the power of clean energy. To find out more go to Keep and eye out for the 2016 challenge which will be announced soon.
  21 Jul 2015   7m49s 0 47 0
Paul Hutchings reaching the finish line
Description: Renewable World champion Paul Hutchings heads towards the finish line after a grueling 26.2 miles. Paul raised a brilliant £1,089 for Renewable World and our work to power people out of poverty.
  13 Apr 2015   10s 0 15 0
Celebrating World Water Day 2015
Description: Renewable World uses clean, affordable technology to pump water water to remote communities in Nepal. Improving access to water allows women to use time more productively, ensures children stay in school longer, improves the health and sanitation of families and increases production of high value crops. We are proud to celebrate World Water Day 2015. Support Renewable World and our work by donating now:
  21 Mar 2015   1m 0 109 0
Water Users Committee Dipka
Description: The Hydram water users committee in Dipka, Syangja.
  20 Mar 2015   1m18s 0 41 0
Renewable World - powering people out of poverty
Description: Renewable World is a UK based charity working to relieve energy related poverty in Central America, South Asia and East Africa. We work to bring a sustainable source of clean energy to communities that exist without reliable access to power. Our projects have life changing impacts, helping agricultural communities improve their incomes; empowering girls to go to school and reducing deadly smoke pollution in the home. To find out more visit:
  18 Mar 2015   2m4s 13 2051 0
Renewable World Hydralic Ramp Pump in Action - Kusundi, Sanaula Bazzar, Nepal
Description: A Hydralic Ramp Pump (Hydram) installed by Renewable World in the community of Kusundi, Sanuala Bazzar, Nepal. This pump has the capacity to pump the water over 150 meters up hill and will be used by the community for irrigation of high value crops.
  09 Feb 2015   1m22s 1 494 0