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Découvrez la reconstruction d'un quartier de Bangui détruit en 2013
Description: Roulez au coeur du quartier de Cité Boeing à Bangui avec @OCHA_CAR. 700 familles retournent enfin dans ce quartier qui avait été au coeur des tensions intercommunautaires en République Centrafricaine en 2013 et où toutes les maisons y avaient été incendiées et totalement détruites. Des milliers de personnes ont passé plus de 3 ans dans les camps de réfugiés. Les Nations Unies et autres partenaires humanitaires ont permis de reconstruire 700 maisons et les familles ont reçu une modeste aide financière pour recommencer leur vie.
  12 May 2017   45s 1 32 0
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The 2017 famine crisis: How has the United Nations responded?
Description: More than 20 million people in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen are at a risk of famine over the coming six months. UN agencies and their humanitarian partners are scaling up the response to avert a catastrophe, but the necessary funds and access to do so are required immediately. For more info, go to
  10 May 2017   1m14s 3 88 0
Learning to Hope - virtual reality film in Myanmar
Description: Spend a day in the life of a teacher and student in our virtual reality film, "Learning to Hope," set in a camp in Sittwe, Myanmar. Education cannot wait for any child, any where. For more about the humanitarian situation in Myanmar:
  26 Apr 2017   5m36s 6 506 0
The importance of community engagement during a crisis
Description: When responding to a crisis, why should we care about listening to people who are affected? Community engagement shouldn't be optional. Watch this video to learn more.
  26 Apr 2017   1m55s 19 1244 0
Peru's appeal for international humanitarian assistance
  20 Apr 2017   1m44s 3 48 0
Madagascar - A humanitarian snapshot
Description: More than 400,000 people have been affected by Cyclone Enawo who hit Madagascar early March 2017. Watch a snapshot of the humanitarian situation. Footage: courtesy of UNICEF & Johnnah Raniriniaina
  28 Mar 2017   1m57s 5 293 0
Lorsque j'étais petit, je voulais devenir...
Description: Orlando Bloom évoque les rêves d'enfance avec des jeunes de la région du Lac Tchad.
  27 Feb 2017   2m37s 1 177 0
Dreams of My Children
Description: Hala and her family are from Aleppo. In 2012, her husband was kidnapped and a year later she and her four children fled to Germany. As the family tries to rebuild their life in a new land, nightmares of the past still haunt them. Hala was invited to speak at the United Nations General Assembly for World Humanitarian Day on 19 August 2016. She and her family are the main characters of Marcel Mettelsiefen's feature documentary film Watani, My Homeland, nominated for an Oscar.
  27 Feb 2017   5m9s 6 222 0
When I was a child, I dreamed that one day...
Description: Orlando Bloom talks about dreams and hopes with children in the Lake Chad region.
  24 Feb 2017   2m32s 47 2129 0
South Sudan: $1.6 billion needed to provide life-saving assistance
Description: A day after famine was declared in parts of South Sudan, humanitarian organizations gathered today to launch the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan, which appeals for US$1.6 billion to provide life-saving assistance and protection to 5.8 million people across the country in 2017. Humanitarian organizations estimate that some 7.5 million people in South Sudan now need humanitarian assistance and protection. Since the conflict began in December 2013, about 3.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes, including nearly 1.9 million people who have been internally displaced and about 1.5 million who fled as refugees to neighboring countries. Food security and livelihoods have been decimated, with 100,000 people facing starvation and a further 1 million on the brink of famine. One million children are estimated to be acutely malnourished. It is estimated that more than 5.5 million people will face severe food insecurity at the height of the lean season in July. - At the launch of the appeal, the Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, Mr. Eugene Owusu, called for immediate action to enable free, safe and unhindered humanitarian access; safety and security of aid workers; and funding to rapidly scale-up the humanitarian operation, while the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Mr. Hussein Mar, reiterated the commitment of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan to remove obstacles encountered by aid workers striving to deliver urgently needed humanitarian assistance and protection.
  21 Feb 2017   2m3s 5 457 0
The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen- 2 years in 2 minutes
Description: The humanitarian situation in Yemen is catastrophic and continues to deteriorate. We are calling for $2.1 billion to assist 12 million people in 2017.
  10 Feb 2017   2m1s 6 1218 0
The Centre for Humanitarian Data
Description: OCHA is establishing a Centre for Humanitarian Data in the Netherlands for an initial three year period, from 2017-2019. The vision is to create a future where all people involved in a humanitarian situation have access to the data they need, when and how they need it, to make responsible and informed decisions.
  03 Feb 2017   53s 4 121 0