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Sekou Diarra: myAgro Vendor and Farmer
Description: Sekou Diarra is the official myAgro vendor in his town. Here's his story.
  20 Sep 2016   1m2s 0 71 0
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myAgro Farmers and the Impact of a Good Harvest
Description: myAgro farmers, field agents and vendors share what it means to have a good harvest.
  22 Aug 2016   1m31s 0 59 0
Joining myAgro: Investing in the Future
Description: Meet myAgro farmers Mariam Samake and Ami Samake and hear why they joined myAgro.
  24 Feb 2016   1m18s 0 117 0
myAgro Farmers Share their Story
Description: myAgro Farmers share their take on why the myAgro model works for them.
  27 Apr 2013   3m 4 585 0
Happy Planting
Description: Sanambele farmers singing in appreciation of Alima Coulibaly, a myAgro team member. Alima provides in-field follow up during specific times of year, like planting and harvesting to support farmer trainings, answer questions and guidance. The farmers obviously enjoy working with her!
  22 Jul 2012   22s 0 529 0
myAgro SMS Demo
Description: See how farmers can buy a savings card, send an SMS and update their "savings account" with myAgro for this year's fertilizer and seed. After farmers reach their savings goal, we deliver fertilizer and seed to the village before planting time and follow up with training to increase harvests. Learn more at
  11 Apr 2012   3m16s 5 3216 0