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Children are the Future: Strengthening Schools
Description: In 2015, Nepal was struck by a devastating M-7.8 earthquake, causing the collapse of more than 30,000 classrooms. Luckily, the earthquake struck on a day when schools were closed. Miyamoto earthquake structural engineers landed within three days to assist with the crisis. In the immediate aftermath, Miyamoto provided expert advice and quickly assessed whether buildings and homes were safe to re-enter. Two years later, we continue providing support to local entities. Find out how local communities and Miyamoto are assisting schools in this video. Then visit us at
  24 Apr 2017   1m21s 1 48 0
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Miyamoto International Holiday Video 2016
Description: Miyamoto International earthquake structural engineers celebrate the holidays around the world.
  21 Dec 2016   1m14s 9 460 0
A Personal Journey: Nepal One Year Later
Description: Nepal – Following the M-7.8 earthquake here in April 2015, Dr. Kit Miyamoto and an assessment team traversed the Himalayas, analyzing post-earthquake conditions on popular trekking trails. Follow him in this video one year later on the Everest route as he returns to Nepal on a personal journey with his teenage daughter to see what progress has been made. Filmed by Mimi Miyamoto Additional footage by Brian Sokol Music: Lights & Motion “The Spectacular Quiet” By Arrangement with Deep Elm Records Logistics: Yeti Group Guide: Anthrin Sherpa
  20 Sep 2016   2m19s 2 603 0
Great Minds Series Speaker: Matthew Porreca
Description: Each month, some of the greatest minds of our time in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction are invited to speak and share their knowledge with others in the field. Matthew Porreca spoke this month and we look forward to the next "Great Mind" event. If you would like to attend, watch our facebook page for the next announcement.
  15 Aug 2016   33s 159 1325 0
"Great Minds" Series Speaker: Craig Hodgetts
Description: Craig Hodgetts, FAIA speaks at the "Great Minds" Series. This event is designed to bring architects, engineers, construction management and other industry professionals together to discuss current trends in architecture and construction. Join us each month as Miyamoto International invites new speakers and discusses new topics that bring the "Great Minds" of the built environment together.
  10 Jun 2016   42s 0 142 0
Portoviejo Building Assessment
Description: Structural Engineer Deepansh Kathuria explains the importance of quick building assessment and how damaged buildings can impact other structures.
  23 May 2016   31s 0 75 0
Assisting Ecuador - Miyamoto Earthquake Damage Assessments
Description: Miyamoto International teamed with engineers from Colombia and Ecuador to provide initial damage assessments and share knowledge gained from post-earthquake assessments in other countries. The team visited Portoviejo, Bahia de Caraquez, Pedernales and Chamanga.
  04 May 2016   1m5s 3 1644 0
Universal Pedestrian Bridge Timelapse Video
Description: Watch as one of the main structures of the pedestrian bridge is hoisted in place.
  17 Feb 2016   27s 1 88 0
Mongolia Faces Earthquake Disaster
Description: A team of Miyamoto engineers, led by Kit, himself, helped the Government of Mongolia begin to assess the seismic safety of schools in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia knew its aging schools are not likely designed to withstand catastrophic earthquakes, and large faults in the region are increasingly active. Join Kit on a video tour of this fascinating project and learn why we’re applauding Mongolia for doing the right thing. Is there hope for Mongolia and other countries around the world where seismic risk is high? Watch the video and find out, then visit for more information.
  07 Mar 2016   1m47s 2 582 0
Another deadly earthquake shakes Nepal
Description: Structural engineer Kit Miyamoto explains the many challenges ahead in rebuilding Nepal after two deadly earthquakes.
  11 Dec 2015   2m19s 1 60 0
Samaya Sandharva with Dr H Kit Miyamoto 25 May 2015
Description: Dr. Miyamoto discusses the specifics and the plans moving forward for Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.
  21 Oct 2015   33m1s 1 202 0
Good Day Sacramento - Returning to Nepal
  28 May 2015   3m56s 0 70 0