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Mercado Global presents: SS15 On Location
Description: Journey with us to the romantic streets of Antigua, Guatemala. Your exclusive first look at our SS15 photoshoot
  02 Mar 2015   52s 0 300 0
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Mercado Global presents: A Day in the Life of a Mercado Global Artisan
Description: Our life-changing work is only possible with your support. Find our how to get involved:
  08 Dec 2014   2m10s 1 1037 0
Mercado Global presents: Timeless Traditions
Description: Meet the makers. Shot on location in Comalapa, Guatemala. Shop the collection:
  27 Nov 2014   1m57s 3 1193 0
Mercado Global: Designed to Build a Better World
Description: Our Design a Difference Program showcases the potential for global partnership between women designers, rural artisans, and consumers to "build a better world" through design and sales collaboration. Your support helps us equip 380 women in rural Guatemala with the skills they need to build their community businesses, sell to the U.S. market, and break the cycle of local poverty. At the same time, your support will help us recruit more U.S. designers and retailers to source socially-responsible products, magnifying this program's impact to an increasing number of women and families across the globe. Learn more at
  27 Dec 2011   2m5s 3 468 0
Without Mercado Global
Description: Mercado Global provides over 380 women with a sustainable source of income to feed their families and provide for their children.
  24 Dec 2011   1m51s 1 222 0
Erika Marisol on Mercado Global's impact
Description: Erika Marisol Lejá Juracán, a member of the cooperative Artiseanas Mayas de San Andres, speaks about why working with Mercado Global has had an impact on her family. To support women like Erika and provide a better future for their families, visit
  12 Dec 2011   57s 1 135 0
Mercado Global: Be a Part of the Solution
Description: Mercado Global is a non-profit organization that empowers female artisans in Latin America to become agents of change in their own communities. Mercado Global helps rural women successfully connect to sales opportunities in the U.S., lifting their families out of poverty and gaining the skills and support they need to address other local challenges. Our distinctive Fair Trade collections start with designers partnering with indigenous women artisans to develop unique creations that fuse exceptional Mayan craftsmanship with modern design.
  19 Sep 2011   4m51s 6 1236 0
Mercado Global: HIV Training in Chuacruz
Description: Mercado Global staff and volunteers conduct HIV/AIDs training in Chuacruz, Guatemala. As many of our partner artisans cannot read or write, trainers often use games to help communicate an idea visually. The game also serves as an icebreaker when dealing with difficult topics such as HIV/AIDS. In this game, the cat (center) must be prevented from catching the mouse. The group holds hands to keep the cat outside (or inside) of the circle. The game was used to illustrate how HIV can infect the body. The training was conducted in the local language of Kakchiquel and translated into Spanish for visitors.
  22 Aug 2011   38s 0 268 0
Mercado Global Video
Description: A description of Mercado Global's work
  16 Mar 2011   3m27s 0 106 0
MG fnl 121310
  10 Feb 2011   4m25s 0 63 0