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What is LIFT
Description: In 2009, the multi-donor Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) was launched to tackle the issue of poverty and hunger directly in Myanmar's rural communities. In line with Millennium Development Goal 1 -- to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger -- LIFT's work focuses on improving food and livelihood security in six areas around the country where poverty is of particular concern. Learn more about LIFT's work in Myanmar at #Myanmar #PovertyReduction #RuralDevelopment #Liftfund #UNOPSMyanmar This video, which was filmed in the Delta and produced by Bridge features beneficiaries of financial inclusion and nutrition, and shows LIFT's strategy in action with poverty reduction in Myanmar.
  22 Nov 2016   4m56s 0 241 0
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Nutrition in the Delta - Maternal and child cash transfer launch in Labutta
Description: LIFT has designed programmes to reduce stunting through multiple approaches. A significant intervention is the introduction of maternal and child transfers (MCCTs) in Rakhine, the Delta and the Dry Zone. Mothers are given a monthly stipend to buy nutritious food and access health services over the course of the first #1000 days of a child's life. In addition to cash, pregnant mothers learned about the importance of a varied and nutritious diet. The pilot in Rakhine was very successful, where stunting rates decreased by 5% in villages where LIFT is active. 54,000 mothers and children are now enrolled in MCCT projects. See this clip by Myanmar International TV from the launch of the MCCT project in Labutta. Save the Children Myanmar
  05 Aug 2016   3m27s 0 47 0
The SUSTAIN Programme
Description: Partners of LIFT, Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and GRET as well as Action Against Hunger (AFC) present their programme introducing three nutrition-sensitive interventions to combat food insecurity in Bogale Township in Ayeyarwaddy, Monywa Township in Sagaing and Shwe Pyi Thar Township in Yangon. This programme was funded by the European Union.
  25 May 2016   24m4s 0 32 0
MRTV coverage of QSEM 5 report launch along with QSEM thematic study
Description: ‪#‎LIFT‬ and the World Bank Myanmar launched the QSEM 5 report along with QSEM thematic study, A Country on the Move, investigating domestic migration on 25th January 2015. Find the reports at the website :
  26 Jan 2016   1m39s 0 24 0
Socio Economic Development Network (SEDN)
Description: With support from LIFT ActionAid initiated the Socio Economic Development Network (SEDN) in 2013 to provide market opportunities for women producers and make their Livelihood more sustainable. As a social enterprise SEDN also provides vocational training in weaving and sewing, and informal education in literacy, numeracy and HIV prevention.
  15 Jan 2016   3m9s 0 33 0
A Gateway to Development: The Business of Dehydrated Onions
Description: EcoDev successfully initiated women into income generating activities in Mahway Township through household production of dehydrated products. These products create an off farm income to make households more resilient.
  15 Jan 2016   14m51s 0 53 0
VDC and Village Revolving Fund
Description: WHH and Gret present VDC and Village Revolving Fund a short video exploring the role of Village Development Committees and Village Revolving Funds.
  14 Jan 2016   7m6s 1 72 0
Nutri Myanmar
Description: Gret presents NutriMyanmar, an innovative approach to sustainably prevent malnutrition by improving feeding and care practices of vulnerable groups.
  14 Jan 2016   13m2s 0 51 0
Rakhine Fisheries Partnership
Description: Tat Lan fisheries advisory team including partners from Oxfam and the Network Advisory Group (NAG) helped Rakhine Fisheries Partnership (RFP) promote community fisheries and community consultation during the drafting of the 2014 Rakhine State Freshwater Fisheries Law
  14 Jan 2016   16m8s 1 164 0
Food Security in Hopong, southern Shan
Description: #LIFTPeople Against a backdrop of bags of stored rice, in this short video widow Mo En explains how she no longer has to worry about feeding her family.
  08 Dec 2015   56s 0 120 0