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Honoring The Ladies in White: Berta Soler's Freedom Award Acceptance Speech
Description: At our 2017 Freedom Dinner, we honored Cuba’s Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), the peaceful civic movement that fights for Cuba’s political prisoners. In another show of the Castro regime’s fear of democracy, the Cuban government wouldn’t allow Ladies in White leader Berta Soler to attend the event to accept the award. But Berta refuses to be silenced. Watch Berta's video acceptance speech for the Freedom Award.
  17 May 2017   3m22s 0 29 0
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A Global Tribute to Senator John McCain
Description: Since 1995, IRI has presented the Freedom Award to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of democracy and human freedom. This year, we honored IRI Chairman Senator John McCain. People from around the world took time to thank Senator McCain for the work he has done to promote freedom worldwide.
  17 May 2017   2m 0 19 0
The Ladies in White Story: How Marching in Silence Became the Loudest Voice in Cuba
Description: In 2003, 75 members of the opposition were arrested and condemned in Cuba; a time now called the Black Spring. The Cuban government believed that the wives, mothers and daughters of the political prisoners would remain silent, as they wouldn’t want to cause more problems for their imprisoned loved ones. The regime could not have been more wrong. From this crackdown, the Ladies in White were born. This is their story.
  17 May 2017   1m30s 0 3 0
Who is Generation Democracy?
Description: In April, IRI launched its flagship youth program, Generation Democracy, in Asia. Recognizing youth as the future of their countries, Generation Democracy brings reform-minded youth into the “decision making tent.” Linking youth across borders to share ideas and best practices for increasing political and civic participation, we support youth to have a stronger voice in the decision making processes in their communities and countries. In a world plagued by unrest and disillusionment, we see Generation Democracy as the positive solution for our present and future. We believe that together, we can make real change.
  11 May 2017   1m35s 7 154 0
Our Voices: Mongolia
Description: Watch this story about four Mongolians each looking to make a difference in their community and their country. We follow Amarbayasgalan, a herder, Shagdarsuren, a massage therapist who lost his sight at age 5, Ariunbayar, a college student of the National University of Mongolia and Buyanjargal, a journalist, as they use their time and their voices to make Mongolia more inclusive and participatory.
  02 May 2017   22m50s 2 263 0
I am IRI: Meet Sentell Barnes
Description: Sentell tells the story of his personal connection with IRI's mission and how his prior work overseas brought him to work with IRI. "I am IRI" highlights the members of our team who aid in achieving our vision of a world where all people are free to determine their own destiny.
  17 Apr 2017   47s 2 96 0
Syrian and Jordanian Women Advocating for Change
Description: Jordan is host to nearly 1.2 million Syrian refugees- many are in Mafraq. The influx of refugees has strained Mafraq’s already limited resources. Watch how Jordanian and Syrian women are working together to find creative and sustainable solutions to the real problems of Mafraq.
  12 Apr 2017   2m43s 0 40 0
The Power of Jordanian Women
Description: Jordan is struggling with stagnant economic growth, high unemployment, and pressures from absorbing hundreds of thousands of refugees. Women are an untapped resource in Jordan; when women participate as decision makers, the economic and social well-being of their country grows. In Jordan, involvement and participation among women has been very low. Watch how IRI is working to change that.
  06 Apr 2017   2m33s 1 59 0
I am IRI: Meet Robina Namusisi
Description: Robina tells the story of her personal connection with IRI’s work empowering women in Africa. She has worked with IRI in Uganda, South Sudan, Nigeria and Tanzania. "I am IRI" highlights the members of of our team who aid in achieving our vision of a world where all people are free to determine their own destiny.
  24 Mar 2017   1m49s 2 104 0
The Story of the Women’s Democracy Network
Description: Since 2006, IRI's Women's Democracy Network has expanded to 61 countries and has 16 country chapters. WDN believes that a full and robust democracy depends on the equal participation of women. When women participate as decision makers, the economic and social well-being of their country grows, and more inclusive governing and peace building processes take root. Yet, millions of women continue to struggle for the rights to vote, run for office or serve as leaders in public life. Watch how WDN is helping women lead.
  08 Mar 2017   2m7s 3 502 0
I am IRI: Meet Lisa Cresce
Description: Through her role as Deputy Director of IRI's Women's Democracy Network, Lisa has helped Syrian women find their voice and bring their priorities to the negotiation table. Hear her story.
  03 Mar 2017   1m31s 3 144 0
I am IRI: Meet Stacie Brown
Description: You have heard her voice on our podcast "Global," now see what she is like in-person. Meet Stacie Brown! Lover of food, fitness & everything Latin America. Listen to our podcast "Global" on iTunes or at
  08 Feb 2017   47s 0 48 0