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Menstrual hygiene management in schools: the practice in South Ari woreda
Description: Creating a favorable school environment for girls fosters their education. Raising awareness around the importance of menstrual hygiene management is important to break the taboos around menstruation and to take actions in order for girls to stay in schools. For this years Menstrual Hygiene Management Day on 28 May - we interviewed pupils, girls club members and teachers about the challenges with menstrual hygiene management in Mytol primary school and Getamer Primary school in South Omo Zone, South Ari woreda, Ethiopia and the actions they were taking to fight the challenges.
  19 Jun 2017   8m4s 0 27 0
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Max Foundation roadmap to sustainability
Description: An interview with Bangladesh director Riad Imam Mahmud by Femke Markus
  07 Jun 2017   2m4s 0 67 0
Max Foundation-IRC Event: Phase out strategies in the WASH sector
Description: On 31 May 2017, the Max Foundation and IRC Event co-organised an event on “Phase out strategies in the WASH sector” in The Hague, The Netherlands. The video includes short interviews with the three speakers: Pim van der Male, Senior Policy Officer Water Management at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Dr Patrick Moriarty, Chief Executive Officer of IRC and Kate Pearson, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at the Max Foundation; panellist Saskia Reus, Founder and CEO of Africa Funded; and participants Teun Bastemeijer, Chief Advisor Strategy and Programmes for the Water Integrity Network (WIN) and Antoinette Kome, Global Sector Coordinator WASH at SNV. For more information see:
  07 Jun 2017   5m13s 2 114 0
#ircwashrunning for water in Monrovia
  12 Mar 2017   7s 0 32 0
Cookie baking marathon for water
Description: These two boys did decided to contribute to #ircwashrunningforwater not by running but with a cookie baking marathon. You can still support #ircwashrunningforwater and the girls in Kabarole district in Uganda, donate now through:
  07 Mar 2017   29s 2 69 0
The power of working together: Kabarole district
Description: In the Ugandan district of Kabarole, IRC is working to support local government create sustainable water and sanitation services and assisting to sustain them. We are addressing key issues that include scaling up services and financing. Across Uganda, IRC is working in an alliance called WASH Agenda for Change with WaterAid and Water For People to create improvements in services in three districts and know how and expertise that can be used across the whole country. IRC, 2016.
  20 Dec 2016   4m35s 2 122 0
Working for change in Uganda
Description: In Uganda, IRC is supporting local and national government to ensure that people get better water, sanitation and hygiene services. We believe that government needs to be empowered to create systems that make these services sustainable. We are working with WaterAid and Water For People in an alliance called WASH Agenda for Change to make this happen. IRC, 2016.
  20 Dec 2016   2m52s 2 78 0
Water Financing Facilities
Description: The standard approach of financing is not sufficient and not appropriate for long term financing needs of water companies. What if...there were a Water Financing Facility? Production: Petra Brussee Graphic design and animation: Studio Galama Leenders Voice: Vera van der Grift Script: Jean-Pierre Sweerts We would like to thank the inputs from: Dick van Ginhoven, Martin Baker, Maarten Blokland, Catarina Fonseca, Joris van Oppenraaij and Stef Smits. Read the blog 'Financing universal access: the role of Water Financing Facilities' by Catarina Fonseca on and find out how this idea can work under certain conditions.
  05 Dec 2016   3m28s 0 214 0
Making monitoring count
Description: There is a lot to know. Everyone wants to know. New technology helps us to know a lot. But is the way monitoring is done effective? Government does need to know. And since the responsibility for water and sanitation in most countries lies with local government, it is local government who needs to know. But you do not need to know everything. Knowing is not necessarily the same as using. Start with what you need to know. Consider the full cycle of data management. Budget for the monitoring. Assess your partners and collaborate. Monitoring works. Data helps to write proposals for funding. Data enables local government and NGOs to coordinate planning. Data results in timely replacement. Data results in re-training water committees. Data helps politicians to make evidence based decisions. Data results in repairs. Data increases government leadership. Data empowers communities. And ultimately data makes sure that safe water and sanitation services get to you… and stay with you!!! ------ The video Making monitoring count' was developed as part of the UNICEF-IRC partnership 'Knowledge Management and Sector Learning in West and Central African Countries'. It is based on a script by Ton Schouten. ------ Photos: Lars Heemskerk (Akvo), Anne Mimault, Lokaal Mondiaal, Peter McIntyre and IRC staff Camera & interviews: Nicolas Dickinson (IRC) and Lars Heemskerk (Akvo) Voice: Vera van der Grift (IRC) Special thanks to: Jeremiah Atengdem (SMARTerWASH), Kitch Bawa (AMCOW), Cor Dietvorst (IRC), Jana Gombitova (Akvo), Vera van der Grift (IRC), Benedict Kubabbom (CWSA), Nelson Gomonda (AMCOW), Nokhor Ndour (Ministere de l'Hydraulique et de l'Assainissement), Kelly Ann Nyor (UNICEF), Joseph Pearce (IRC), Frank Tisdzi (CWSA), Dagmar Verbeek (Akvo). Production: Petra Brussee, Rene van Lieshout and Ton Schouten (IRC)
  01 Dec 2016   6m59s 0 180 0
Checking and monitoring sustainability of WASH services: IRC Event, 16 Nov 2016, The Hague
Description: Video impression of the IRC Event "Checking and monitoring sustainability of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services", held in The Hague, The Netherlands on 16 November 2016. Includes short statements from the speakers: Dick van Ginhoven (DGIS), Jan Paul van Aken (RVO), Julia Boulenouar (Aguaconsult) and Angela van den Broek (WASH Alliance International) and from two participants: IRC Supervisory Board member Emiel Wegelin (UrbAct) and Fred de Bruin (Wiiteveen+Bos).
  24 Nov 2016   5m11s 1 133 0
Jane and Vida: talking Ton
Description: A story about Jane Nabunnya and Vida Duti. A story about colleagues, but most of all about a friendship with a special man: Ton Schouten. On 22 May 2016 – IRC’s Ton Schouten passed away. Ton had worked with IRC for more than 17 years. Ton played an important role in coaching and mentoring Jane and Vida. He did so in his own fashion. By taking the back seat. In this video Jane and Vida share their memories on Ton, about his respect for the role of government. His love for documenting. Evidence. Good monitoring and good indicators. They also share their vision and commitment of taking his legacy forward. This video was made for an event that took place on Wednesday 23 November 2016. An intimate event with Ton's family, friends, sector friends, former colleagues and colleagues - to mark the six months of his passing and to look back at his professional life, and the things he passionately built and cared about. A tree was planted next to the The Hague IRC office in his memory.
  22 May 2017   26m6s 1 112 0