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Migrants in Countries in Crisis
Description: In today’s world, over 250 million people live abroad -- for work, education, or family reasons. Others move across borders to find refuge from conflicts or disasters, and many more for tourism, business or to visit friends and relatives. All over the world, when crises hit, large numbers of international migrants are affected alongside local populations. This video describes the importance of addressing migrants’ vulnerabilities when crisis hits in the countries they reside. Video resume Design & animation: Claire Bonnet Naïma Pollet Music: Dominique Fabre
  27 Jun 2017   1m56s 4 49 0
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Counter-trafficking in Madagascar - IOM Development fund
Description: Madagascar is a source country for trafficking in persons to other countries, primarily for labour exploitation of domestic or textile factory workers. It is also home to high levels of internal trafficking. Most of the causes of trafficking and exploitation are related to the poor socio-economic situation of the country and to a lack of information about the risks of being trafficked. Between 2015 and 2016 the IOM Development Fund financed a counter trafficking project to raise awareness amongst Malagasy people about the risks of being trafficked in Madagascar, Lebanon, and Kuwait Thanks to the awareness campaign, many victims of trafficking contacted IOM to receive help and to denounce other cases of trafficking. Their biggest achievement was to regain their confidence and trust.
  27 Jun 2017   2m59s 0 10 0
IOM Development Fund – Madagascar
Description: Madagascar, situated off the southeastern coast of Africa, is the fourth largest island in the world and boasts one of the most unique environments. But despite a wealth of natural resources, the country remains one of the world's poorest and heavily dependent on foreign aid. In the last decade, social and environmental changes have driven many people in Madagascar to increasingly migrate within the country and abroad, in search of opportunities. In response to this situation the IOM Development Fund has been providing support to the government of Madagascar to address particular areas of migration management.
  23 Jun 2017   7m32s 1 28 0
Climate Change in Madagascar - IOM Development Fund
Description: Madagascar is one of the countries most affected by climate change, cyclically ridden by droughts and floods, and battered by cyclones of increased intensity. The district of Ambovombe in the Androy region is chronically affected by drought and famine resulting in a daily fight to find food and water. Many people have had to sell their livestock and land, and migrate to other regions to find employment. Those who no longer have the means to leave, and fallback to activities such as charcoal production, resulting in deforestation, while limited access to water obliges many to walk for kilometers to access a clean source. In September 2016, the IOM development Fund, in coordination with the Malagasy Ministry of Environment, financed the project “Migration Environment and Climate Change”, to raise awareness on the interdependence of migration and environmental changes, leading to the development of informed and effective public policy at a national and regional scale.
  23 Jun 2017   3m15s 0 16 0
Labour in Madagascar - IOM Development Fund
Description: Labour migration has always been a reality in Madagascar but the number of departures increased significantly with the effects of the political crisis of 2009, when hundreds of thousands of jobs in the formal sector were lost. Neighbouring countries such as Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Gulf Countries, became the main destinations for Malagasy workers employed in the domestic, textile, fishing, and construction sectors. But the lack of a well-articulated pre-departure on site, paired with return policies for labour migration has led to many of these workers to be exploited, due to irregular and uninformed migration. In 2015, IOM Madagascar, with the financial support of the IOM Development Fund, launched a project to strengthen labour migration management in Madagascar, to ensure the protection of migrant workers and their families in national policies. To reach this goal IOM and the Malagasy Ministry of Employment worked hand in hand to bring all the governmental and non-governmental actors to produce the first analysis on labour migration in Madagascar, including recommendations to enhance benefits and reduce risks for migrant workers. In February 2017, the project concluded with the development of a roadmap to plan actions and priorities to ensure that, by 2020, migration for the purpose of labour can be leveraged to benefit the country’s development.
  23 Jun 2017   3m32s 0 10 0
6 Degrees
Description: The UN Migration Agency (IOM) works to help survivors of human trafficking around the world. Since 1997, IOM has provided approximately 70,000 people with humanitarian, medical, legal, and migration support. 6 Degrees is IOM's latest campaign to help victims of human trafficking.
  23 Jun 2017   51m23s 0 20 0
Conflict Management: Conflict in the workplace
Description: To find out more, please visit the interactive platform on conflict management:
  22 Jun 2017   4m24s 1 26 0
Conflict Management: Addressing resistance to change
Description: To find out more, please visit the interactive platform on conflct manangement:
  22 Jun 2017   3m34s 1 7 0
Conflict Management: Identifying Active listening
Description: To find out more, please visit the interactive platform on conflict management:
  22 Jun 2017   4m41s 1 21 0
What is Medium
Description: In this latest workshop, MCD & OCU introduce Medium, a blogging platform.
  21 Jun 2017   1h9m20s 1 73 0
161 Guinean migrants arrive from Libya in Conakry
Description: On June 13, a UN Migration Agency (IOM) flight from Libya landed in Conakry. 161 stranded migrants from Guinea received return assistance who were living in very difficult conditions in Libya.
  20 Jun 2017   45s 1 103 0
Activists for Children on the Move
Description: Description: The UN Migration Agency joins with Save the Children and other Civil Society and UN partners to calling for the Global Compacts to protect migrant children. Video: Save the Children 2017
  12 Jun 2017   1m11s 1 59 0