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Humanitaire et Paix
  20 Jun 2017   40m8s 4 64 0
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Indonesia: Saving lives through first aid
Description: During an incident, police and military officers are often the first to arrive at the scene. In 2017, for the first time, the ICRC regional delegation in Indonesia and Timor Leste, together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and Indonesian police, organised a first aid training for police and military officers.
  19 Jun 2017   1m54s 5 65 0
Why are we trapping tsetse fly in Somalia?
Description: The ICRC installed 2,000 tsetse fly traps in Somalia to protect cattle from the trypanosomiasis disease. The traps are a long-term sustainable solution for the community in the riverine areas. The control of the flies has benefited the community through increasing livestock production and improving animal health. This, in turn, has secured the economics of pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods in the area.
  19 Jun 2017   57s 5 68 0
Sexual violence: The hidden legacy of war
Description: Sexual violence continues to be widespread armed conflict and other situations of violence. As a response, the ICRC remains committed to strengthening its efforts to prevent sexual violence and respond to the needs of its victims.
  19 Jun 2017   10m16s 5 175 0
Colombia, somos #MásFuertesJuntos contra la violencia sexual
Description: Únete a esta campaña para apoyar a las sobrevivientes. Conoce más en
  19 Jun 2017   1m22s 5 235 0
¿Qué le dirías a una víctima de violencia sexual? Sobrevivientes en Colombia responden
Description: "Nosotros valemos mucho", dice una de las víctimas de violencia sexual en Colombia.
  16 Jun 2017   1m4s 3 64 0
Восточная Украина: каждую ночь Зайцево превращается в село-призрак
Description: Почти кажду ночь жители села Зайцево бегут из него. Они боятся спать под обстрелами. О жизни этих людей - в видео Лаяль Дорры, делегата МККК в Донецке, которая работает сейчас на востоке Украины.
  16 Jun 2017   1m12s 4 101 0
Please spare a few minutes take our survey on ICRC careers!
Description: We want to hear from you on whether we are giving you the right information on careers at the ICRC! Spare a few minutes to take our survey. Share this video and keep udpated by following our hashtag #ICRCcareers
  15 Jun 2017   23s 6 263 0
En Colombia, víctimas de violencia sexual usan la música para sanar
Description: Las mujeres de Afromupaz, una organización de víctimas, cantan música ancestral para dejar atrás el trauma producido por la violencia sexual en el marco del conflicto armado en Colombia. #MásFuertesJuntos
  14 Jun 2017   1m49s 5 74 0
Gaza: facts and figures 2016
Description: 2016 was a fruitful year fpr ICRC in Gaza for what was achieved with the families, farmers, players, detainees, youth, journalists, academics, children, and partners in humanitarian action. We continue with you this year, take a moment to recognize some of the people who participated in our activities last year.
  14 Jun 2017   2m28s 3 45 0
غزة: حقائق وأرقام 2016
Description: كان عام 2016 عاماً مثمراً بالنسبة لنا في #اللجنة_الدولية في #غزة لما أنجزناه معكم من عائلات ومزارعين ولاعبين ومعتقلين وشباب وصحفيين وأكاديميين وأطفال وشركاء في العمل الإنساني. ولأننا مستمرون معكم هذا العام أيضاً، تعرفوا على بعض الوجوه التي شاركت معنا في أنشطتنا خلال العام الفائت.
  14 Jun 2017   2m28s 4 43 0
Our work with you: 50 years of Humanitarian Work
Description: Jamal Qawariq, 49 years old, a Palestinian farmer from Awarta village, near Nablus. Qawariq worked with the ICRC between 2007 and 2010, when the organization set up a project to help farmers’ livelihoods rehabilitating agricultural land in the eastern valley of Awarta.
  14 Jun 2017   1m13s 4 42 0