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"Ecogal", Galapagos Ecological Airport
Description: Did you know that Ecuador is setting a global example in terms of its green aviation? For example, its Galapagos Ecological Airport, “Ecogal”, is unique in the world for the measures it has implemented to preserve the islands’ precious and fragile ecosystems and biodiversity. Drawing on the country’s strong legal and political commitment to environmental protection, the Government of Ecuador recently showcased its global leadership in these areas, on the occasion of the ICAO Council’s 2017 Visit. Watch this video, graciously provided by Ecuador's Delegation to ICAO, to learn more about Ecogal, then find out more about the visit on our website:
  20 Apr 2017   1m58s 5 120 0
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Women and Aviation
Description: For International Women’s Day 2017, ICAO is highlighting the historic role and future potential of women in global air transport. Video by Margarita Luna; Creative content by Annie Hui Wen, Jimena Blumenkron and Sara Maria Moubarak. #BeBoldForChange #IWD2017
  07 Mar 2017   2m4s 13 845 0
Aviation unites the world
Description: Watch this video and find out how aviation is supporting sustainable socio-economic development around the world, and how ICAO is supporting the sustainable development of aviation.
  05 Jan 2017   1m45s 679 0
Keep Santa safe this Christmas!
Description: Visit ICAO's UAS Toolkit at and learn about the responsibilities and requirements of becoming a drone pilot!
  12 Dec 2016   21s 492 0
Flying a "drone"? Watch this first
Description: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), informally referred to as drones, represent one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Their operations are challenging States in terms of the safe and efficient integration into airspace shared with a highly regulated and well-established manned aircraft industry. This video offers a guidelines for the safe operation of UAS and should be watched by anyone considering piloting one. It is highly recommended that operators seek further guidance through ICAO's UAS Toolkit, available online here:
  06 Dec 2016   1m22s 2565 0
#FlyDay: International Civil Aviation Day 2016
Description: The theme for International Civil Aviation Day 2016 is "Working together to ensure No Country is Left Behind." Watch this video to find out how ICAO is working towards this goal. You may also consult our website for more information: Follow the International Civil Aviation Day discussions on Twitter at #FlyDay.
  06 Dec 2016   2m1s 993 0
Mitigación de las emisiones de CO2 de la aviación internacional
Description: En este video les contamos qué están haciendo la Organización de Aviación Civil Internacional (OACI) y la Unión Europea para dotar a los Estados de medios para mitigar las emisiones de dióxido de carbono provenientes de la aviación internacional.
  29 Nov 2016   7m31s 2 137 0
Réduire les émissions de CO2 de l’aviation internationale
Description: Visionnez cette vidéo et découvrez comment l’Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale (OACI) et l’Union européenne collaborent pour renforcer la capacité des États à réduire les émissions de dioxyde de carbone de l’aviation internationale.
  29 Nov 2016   7m31s 2 59 0
Mitigating CO2 emissions from international aviation
Description: Watch this video and discover how the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union are working together to build State’s capacities to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions from international aviation.
  25 Nov 2016   7m31s 6 927 0
ICAO iMPLEMENT initiative
Description: A summary of the purpose and capabilities of ICAO's unique iMPLEMENT tool for States
  24 Nov 2016   47s 2 191 0
The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)
Description: The international community recently adopted ICAO's transformational Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), a major plank in the UN agency's environmental protection strategy. Watch this video to understand what it is and how it works.
  24 Nov 2016   5m27s 3669 0
Enabling the Global Aviation System of the Future
Description: This video highlights the need for safety management at the State and service provider levels and the benefits of a data-driven approach to manage aviation safety.
  27 Oct 2016   2m15s 19 1399 0