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Football for Hope
Description: Colin Nell recently went to Turkey for our Football for Hope project. The project will combine our love for humanity with our love for football to make a difference to the vulnerable children affected by the violent Syrian conflict, by providing them with life-long skills to create a brighter future for themselves.
  27 Apr 2017   8m31s 0 14 0
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Skydive with AliOfficial this July!
Description: Calling all thrill seekers: challenge yourself this July and skydive with AliOfficial! Tick something off your bucket list and register your place now! Trust us you won't want to miss out on this:
  19 Apr 2017   1m1s 3 49 0
The world is in crisis
Description: The world is in severe crisis. Over 2 billion people are living in countries that have been destroyed by conflict. They live in fear of unimaginable violence. Could you live like this?
  12 Apr 2017   1m1s 5 27754 0
Sky Dive with Ali Official!
Description: Ali Official is jumping out of a plane and wants you to join him! This July, raise money for our World in Crisis Appeal and have an exhilarating experience at the same time. In Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine, conflict has devastated the lives of millions of people. Register now and bring along your family and friends to watch you tick something amazing off your bucket list:
  10 Apr 2017   1m1s 6 83 0
Iraq is in crisis
Description: The situation in Iraq is critical and its people are struggling. 8.3 million people don’t have access to clean water or sanitation facilities, and another 2.9 million don’t know where their next meal will come from. Together we can provide essential aid and support to transform the lives of the Iraqi people. Please donate today:
  24 Mar 2017   2m49s 5 139 0
At least crying helps
Description: Life is unbearable for Susan Ahmed and her family in Gaza. In the harsh winter temperatures, she can’t even keep her six small children warm. This family, and so many others, desperately need your help to survive the bitter cold weather. Donate now to help Susan, or call Human Appeal on 0161 225 0225.
  10 Feb 2017   2m27s 7 157 0
Live from Lebanon refugee camps
Description: We recently met Abu Hassan's family of 10, who are living in a cramped 12ft tin room in the refugee camps of Lebanon. Abu Hassan has recently had a heart attack and the right side of his body no longer works properly. This means has 12-year-old son Hassan has had to become the sole breadwinner for his family. Or call 0161 225 0225
  23 Jan 2017   30m44s 5 111 0
Caught in winter's deadly grasp
Description: At Human Appeal, we believe that no one should be left behind. The chilling reality of what winter means for refugees and displaced families is truly heartbreaking. Your donation can help someone. Save a life this winter.
  03 Jan 2017   2m29s 6 228 0
The Hassan family
Description: This is the Hassan family. They have been living with the consequences of the war in Syria for nearly 6 years.The youngest children have only know the life of a refugee, while the oldest have seen things no child should be subjected to. What happens next is up to you. Save a life this winter.
  27 Dec 2016   2m41s 10 354 0
Winter is no Wonderland
Description: Winter is certainly no wonderland for the world’s most vulnerable people. The chilling reality of what winter means for refugees and displaced families is truly heartbreaking. Donate now to give aid: #nowinterwonderland
  25 Dec 2016   1m1s 1 52528 0
Andy Burnham's #WrapUpMCR message
Description: We recently ended our very successful #WrapUpMCR campaign. Wrap Up Manchester was a winter campaign that collected old and unwanted coats and gave them directly to those in need during the winter months. MP Andy Burnham helped us distribute some of the coats you donated & had this message for you.
  05 Dec 2016   1m16s 1 66 0
The Comedy Show 2016
Description: When it comes to comedy line ups, it doesn’t get better than this. Aamer Rahman, Imran Yusuf, Mo Amer, Guz Khan, Aatif Nawaz, Nabil Abdulrashid and Tez Ilyas will be joining forces for the first time ever on this exclusive UK tour. Buy your £5 early bird discounted tickets NOW:
  01 Nov 2016   32s 4 6514 0