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Ramadan countdown - 2 days to go!
Description: In these final few days, follow Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Sunnah and give both charity and your Zakat while there’s still time to benefit from multiple rewards:
  24 Jun 2017   31s 0 15 0
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Is tonight Laylatul Qadr?
Description: We’re delighted that some of the most popular Muslim influencers from across the world - America, Denmark, Germany, UK - have come together to share the blessings of Laylatul Qadr. Tonight is special. Not only could it be The Night of Power, a night greater than 83 years of worship, but it could also be the final night of Ramadan. Take full advantage of the blessings of these final hours in Ramadan and help us make a difference. Millions of people across the world are counting on us to help them right now. Don’t miss out on the rewards of this great time:
  23 Jun 2017   1m1s 4 52 0
Ramadan countdown - 3 days to go!
Description: There are only 3 days of Ramadan left to go! In these final few days, maximise you spiritual rewards and blessings. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa now and save lives all around the world:
  22 Jun 2017   24s 2 37 0
Light up Al Aqsa this Ramadan
Description: This Ramadan help us light up Masjid Al Aqsa and allow Palestinians to pray and read the Qu’ran, even after the sun has gone down. Continue the legacy of the companions and donate just £1000 to let 50 people pray in the light. Give hundreds of people at our Human Appeal Iftar hot and nutritious meals to break their fast by the light of amazing floodlights rather than in darkness. Now is the time to give:
  22 Jun 2017   2m16s 5 60 0
Ramadan countdown - 4 days to go!
Description: On the 27th night of Ramadan, and what could be Laylatul Qadr, maximise your spiritual blessings and rewards by giving generously to charity. Our appeals all around the globe are saving and transforming the lives of millions by providing urgent humanitarian aid, and sustainable livelihoods. Now is the time to give:
  21 Jun 2017   38s 0 23 0
Ramadan countdown - 5 days to go!
Description: There are only 5 days left of Ramadan! Are you using this time to expand your knowledge and maximise your rewards? There's only a few days left to do so, so ensure you're using your time wisely. Donate your Zakat now and transform the lives of millions around the world:
  21 Jun 2017   27s 1 21 0
The Night of Power - Laylatal Qadr
Description: A night that's worth a thousand months. A night that the first verses of the holy Qur'an were given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Night of Power - Laylatal Qadr. On this special night, Allah’s Mercy will descend on those who maximise their ibadah, and as we all know, charity is one of the greatest forms of worship. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to reap the forgiveness and pleasure of Allah!
  21 Jun 2017   1m1s 3 53 0
Ramadan countdown - 6 days to go!
  19 Jun 2017   32s 1 20 0
Legacy of the companions
Description: Jerusalem is a sacred city at the heart of Islamic history. It's home to Masjid Al Aqsa, the third holiest place for Muslims. You can help hundreds of people at our Human Appeal Iftar meals to break their fast by the light of amazing floodlights rather than in darkness. Now is the time to give:
  19 Jun 2017   6m40s 5 61 0
Hep vulnerable children around the world
Description: Now in Pakistan thousands of child labourers like Rizwan are plunging their tiny hands into burning hot furnaces to bake bricks. The more bricks they bake they more food they can buy for their families. Now is the time to say this can't go on. Now is the time to give to vulnerable children like Rizwan the chance for a brighter future:
  22 Jun 2017   31s 1 29 0
The children of Syria have no hope for tomorrow
Description: Heavy violence continues to have a devastating impact on their innocent lives. 8.4 million people have fled their homes, and for their lives. Thousands more are unable to flee. In partnership with WFP, we're on the ground in Syria delivering 2,000 tonnes of flour daily to make bread for 7,000 people. For too many Syrians time is running out. The time to support vulnerable Syrians like Aisha is now. Tomorrow will be too late
  22 Jun 2017   3m19s 2 30 0
Why is now so important for Bangladesh?
Description: Right now as you watch this video, thousands of families like Mina's have no choice but to drink dirty, contaminated water. A shocking 26 million children in Bangladesh live below the national poverty line, deprived of food, water, sanitation and healthcare. They live with the constant threat and danger of disease that they shouldn't have too. For just £50, you can provide a family like Mina's with safe water and hygiene facilities
  21 Jun 2017   31s 0 26 0