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Weekly Iron and Folic Acid for Reducing Adolescent Anemia in Indonesia
Description: After infancy, adolescence is the next most rapid period of growth with high nutritional needs, providing a second window of opportunity to catch up in the race for a healthier future. The opportunity to reduce anaemia amongst adolescent girls with Weekly Iron and Folic Acid (WIFA) supplements and a good diet, is the key to improving their health and stopping the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition. Music: Royalty free music from Bensound
  22 Jun 2017   7m40s 0 16 0
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1 billion candles: Igniting the potential of 1 billion women & girls through better nutrition
Description: Imagine a lit candle shining brightly within each of us, representing what we have to offer the world & what we can accomplish. Watch our story of igniting the potential of the one billion malnourished women & girls through better nutrition, to create a better future for them and all of us. #1billioncandles
  10 Apr 2017   1m39s 0 23 0
Priorisons la nutrition des femmes et des filles
Description: Le président et directeur général de Nutrition International, Joel Spicer, nous demande d’imaginer l’impact qu’un milliard de femmes et de filles fortes et en santé pourrait avoir dans le monde. INFORMEZ-VOUS : Lisez notre blogue sur la nutrition des femmes et des filles :
  10 Apr 2017   1m26s 0 9 0
Putting women and girls' nutrition first
Description: Nutrition International President and CEO Joel Spicer asks us to imagine the impact that one billion healthy and strong women could have in this world. FIND OUT MORE: Read our blog on women and girls’ nutrition:
  10 Apr 2017   1m26s 0 51 0
L’Initiative pour les micronutriments est maintenant Nutrition International
Description: Le 4 avril 2017, l’Initiative pour les micronutriments en devenue Nutrition International afin de mieux refléter son champ d’action et son rôle en tant que partenaire de développement mondial et promoteur de la nutrition. Apprenez-en plus à
  04 Apr 2017   36s 0 45 0
MI is now Nutrition International
Description: On April 4th, 2017, the Micronutrient Initiative changed its name to Nutrition International to more accurately reflect its expanded scope and role as global development partner and advocate for nutrition. Learn more at
  04 Apr 2017   36s 6 551 0
Message de fin d’année 2016
Description: Merci pour votre soutien!l Que la nouvelle année vous apporte la paix et aussi la santé par une bonne nutrition!
  22 Dec 2016   55s 0 29 0
2016 Year End Greeting
Description: Thank you for your support. Peace & good nutrition in 2017!
  22 Dec 2016   55s 4 252 0
Report on the launch of the Right Start program in Senegal, August 2016
Description: Reportage sur le lancement du programme Bon Départ au Sénégal, Aout 2016
  15 Sep 2016   4m46s 0 47 0
MI Talks Women and Girls’ Nutrition at Women Deliver
Description: On May 18, 2016 the Micronutrient Initiative (MI) hosted Women’s Nutrition Now: Unlock the power of one billion women and girls, a high-level panel on women and girls’ nutrition as part of the Women Deliver Global Conference in Copengahen, Denmark.
  18 Jun 2016   53m25s 0 93 0
#WomensNutritionNow at the Women Deliver Conference 2016
Description: The Micronutrient Initiative (MI) at the 4th Annual Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. #WomensNutritionNow
  20 May 2016   1m15s 1 64 0
#WomensNutritionNow call to action in Canada's Senate Chamber
Description: In the Red Room, Canadian parliamentarians, along with other nutrition champions, raise their voice for #WomensNutritionNow during International Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week evening event, hosted by Senator Asha Seth and Senator Norman Doyle. Learn more about MI's campaign to raise awareness about the one billion women & girls suffering from malnutrition and our call to action:
  19 May 2016   4s 1 131 0