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Green buses leaving Aleppo - drone footage by AMC
  16 Dec 2016   2m1s 117 0
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Testimony شهادة
  16 Dec 2016   2m52s 20 0
Lina shamy @Linashamy   تويتر1
Description: Вы видете мирных граждан Алеппо, которые возвращаются из пункта контроля, после того как стало известно, что иранские вооруженные формирования и силы режима нарушили условия договора. В деиствительности только небольшая часть населения смогла покинуть город, тысячи все еще находятся в городе.
  16 Dec 2016   44s 25 0
Good journalism is now more important than ever
  14 Dec 2016   2m7s 1 221 0
ARIJ ten years on
  14 Dec 2016   2m14s 0 8 0
Interview with Communication Corner, Nepal
Description: Beskrivelse
  22 Nov 2016   1m11s 0 39 0
Myanmar's Interim Press Council makes a difference
Description: Myanmar's first Press Council established in 2012 was one of the first significant steps to reform the country's media sector after 50 years of strict state control. Myint Kyaw, member of the Press Council (interim), talks about the changes that the Council has brought about for a new and free media environment.
  14 Jan 2016   2m2s 0 43 0
#MyFreeExpression Toby Mendel
Description: "Freedom of expression is the ability to express your beliefs without fear." Centre for Law and Democracy​'s Toby Mendel, one of the leading freedom of expression experts in the world, shares what freedom of expression means to him personally. What does it mean to you? #MyFreeExpression
  02 May 2015   31s 0 31 0
#MyFreeExpression Torben Brandt
Description: For World Press Freedom Day 2015, Torben Brandt, one of Denmark's most seasoned radio producers and journalists lets us know what's what #MyFreeExpression
  01 May 2015   12s 1 39 0
#MyFreeExpression Johan Romare
Description: "It's part of being human," says Johan Romare from UNESCO in Jordan. What does freedom of expression mean to you? ‪#‎MyFreeExpression‬
  30 Apr 2015   29s 0 33 0
#MyFreeExpression Dunja Mijatovic
Description: #MyFreeExpression is akin to oxygen. We need it to survive, says OSCE​'s Dunja Mijatović. What does #FreedomOfExpression mean to you?
  28 Apr 2015   34s 0 88 0
#MyFreeExpression Nagieb Khaja
Description: "Freedom of expression means being able to say what you truly believe without fearing any reprisals." Nagieb Khaja, one of Denmark's finest journalists and documentarists shares what freedom of expression means to him. What does it mean to you? ‪#‎MyFreeExpression‬
  26 Apr 2015   16s 1 146 0