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Home of Love
Description: Child’s i Foundation and her partners under the DOVCU (De-institutionalization of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda) Project have continued to influence and empower Child Care Institutions to adopt family-based child-care models, so as to minimise the negative effects of prolonged institutional care for vulnerable children. This is the story of Home of Love in Gulu, Northern Uganda.
  09 Aug 2016   2m56s 0 98 0
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Children belong in Families-The story of Anitah
  23 Jun 2016   2m45s 0 202 0
Malaika Family Centre: Redefining Care
  17 Jun 2016   3m44s 7 1031 0
A Day at Malaika Family Centre
Description: In February 2016, we closed Malaika Babies' Home and opened an 8-bed emergency reception centre for abandoned children. While here, they receive emergency care in a homely setting for a few weeks as arrangements are made for their foster placements, in order not to expose them to the dangers of prolonged institutional care. Welcome to Malaika Family Centre.
  17 Jun 2016   3m47s 1 366 0
My Father's House - A story of transformation
Description: My Father’s House is one of the Child-Care institutions in Uganda that has transformed its operations from an institutional approach to a family-based model after benefitting from training and capacity building by Child’s I Foundation and other partner organisations under the DOVCU (Deinstitutionalisation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda) Project. This means that more Ugandan children are growing up in families.
  24 May 2016   2m57s 2 210 0
Richard Osman's World Cup of Crisps
Description: As a way of saying a big thank you to everybody who took part in Richard Osman's #WCOC2016 we asked our Uganda team to try the winning crisps. You can still donate via this link One more big thank you from everyone at Child's i Foundation.
  11 Apr 2016   51s 3 243 0
Reuniting families with Care 4 Kids
Description: Care 4 Kids has been providing basic care for 53 vulnerable children in Jinja District, Eastern Uganda. At Child's i Foundation we have been working with them to organise a series of trainings and community sensitisation meetings on the importance of families in the development of children. As a result, Care 4 Kids is now reuniting all 53 children with their families. The organisation will continue support them within their families, as they get the family love and care that every child deserves!
  04 Feb 2016   3m44s 1 447 0
Praise's Story
Description: Praise was abandoned when she was only a month old. At first she was cared for by her foster mother Ruth but now she has been adopted into her forever family. The bond of love she had with Ruth has been carefully passed to her adoptive mother Gladys.
  31 Jan 2016   3m16s 5 1683 0
5 years later and we don't need an orphanage
Description: Five years ago, Child's i Foundation set up a 25-bed unit to provide care for abandoned babies. Last year we piloted a emergency foster care pilot to place children into foster care instead of residential care. The pilot was so successful we are reducing our unit to 8 beds. Child's i Foundation organised an open day to explain the pilot and encourage other organisations to do foster care instead of running institutions.
  29 Jan 2016   3m16s 5 839 0
Home for Christmas
Description: We believe children deserve to be in a loving family, especially at Christmas. To help us make this happen, please visit
  30 Nov 2015   1m16s 2 1177 0
Mercy's journey - Transforming an orphanage to family care
Description: Mercy shares her experience of becoming an orphan and how growing up in a loving foster family gave her the chance of a better life. After attending a training about the importance of family care, Mercy was reminded of how beneficial it is for children in an orphanage to instead grow up in a loving family. She now starts the journey to transform her orphanage to do the same.
  16 Nov 2015   2m19s 4 505 0
Child's i Foundation
  17 Sep 2015   2m43s 3 974 0