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BRACathon 2017
Description: BRACathon is a platform for young coders to put their code into action. BRACathon brings opportunity for the young coders to code for the development of our country by creating mobile application for real problems. Visit: for details.
  16 Jan 2017   1m24s 4 381 0
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Livelihood Enhancement through Agricultural Development (Investment Fund Component) in Tanzania
Description: Livelihood Enhancement through Agricultural Development (LEAD) project is BRAC's one of a kind project in Tanzania following a Market for Poor (M4P) approach. Launched in April 2013 with an overall goal of improving the household incomes of rural poor, small farmers and livestock keepers (where more than 65% are women) in the poultry and maize sub sectors spreading over 40 branches under 15 regions by March 2017. The project is providing an integrated package support to more than 105,000 small holder farmers for raising their income and productivity by improving farmer skills and access to inputs and markets and promoting private sectors investment in the market systems. The investment fund component is one of the four key components of the LEAD project where Tanzanian agripreneurs contributing to the maize and poultry sub sectors are given a package of grant + loan, giving them the much needed leverage that is required for the growth of their businesses.
  12 Jan 2017   2m54s 6 300 0
Hena - an agent of change
Description: This is the story of Hena, a barefoot lawyer from BRAC Human Rights and Legal Aid Services (HRLS) programme. Hena plays a versatile role as a human rights worker. She imparts knowledge on legal and fundamental rights, the legal system, and rights abuses within her community. She also connects individuals seeking assistance with HRLS legal aid services to ensure equal access to justice for all.
  15 Nov 2016   20m9s 3 286 0
Smart microfinance
Description: Our clients have always come first. We knew digitalising our services would help us reach our clients in a way that is responsible, and responsive to their needs. We first ventured into digitalisation in 1999. We continue to look for new ways to put our clients first.
  18 Oct 2016   2m25s 6 617 0
Aarong: The story behind the label
Description: Nakshi katha sarees begin on quiet afternoons, when golden honey light is filtering through the trees, children are rolling old bicycle tyres in and out of the long shadows along leafy roads with sticks and birds are calling. What began as an activity to fill spare time evolved over generations into the poet Jasim Uddin’s field of fabric, on which women embroidered the symbols of their lives. The motifs of the nakshi kantha are so detailed that they are often referred to as a ‘folk alphabet’. This clip explores the story of a nakshi katha from this year’s Eid collection, told through that alphabet.
  18 Oct 2016   2m21s 54 6314 0
Humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh: Flood worsens in central districts
Description: 685,000 families across 16 districts in Bangladesh do not have access to clean water, adequate food supplies or necessary medicine. Extensive flooding has destroyed over 53km of embankments, allowing floodwaters to inundate thousands of homes and cause significant damage to infrastructure and agricultural lands. Almost 1000 schools have already shut, with many needing major repairs. Meteorological forecasts predict that flooding will intensify again later in August.
  04 Aug 2016   1m49s 1 221 0
Sir Fazle Hasan Abed: Up close and personal
Description: Sir Fazle was born in 1936 in Bangladesh. He was educated at both Dhaka and Glasgow Universities. He was a professional accountant in his thirties, working as a senior corporate executive at Shell Oil when the 1971 Liberation War had a profound effect on him, dramatically changing the direction of his life. He left his job, moved to London and devoted himself to Bangladesh’s war of independence. There, he helped initiate a fundraising and awareness campaign called Help Bangladesh. When the war was over, he returned to the newly independent Bangladesh, finding the economy in ruins. Millions of refugees, who had sought shelter in India during the war, started returning to the country and their relief and rehabilitation called for urgent efforts. It was then that he established BRAC to rehabilitate the returning refugees in a remote area in north-eastern Bangladesh. He directed his policy towards helping the poor develop their capacity to better manage their lives. Thus, BRAC’s primary objectives emerged as alleviation of poverty and empowerment of the poor. Under his leadership, in the span of only four decades, BRAC grew to become the largest development organisation in the world in terms of the scale and diversity of its interventions.
  21 Jul 2016   8m41s 18 1201 0
She's Saving Lives
Description: BRAC's community health promoter program is one of the largest in the world. Volunteers from the community are trained to provide pre- and post-natal care to pregnant mothers and refer them to nearby clinics if they have complications. Community health promoters also treat children for malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition.
  01 Aug 2016   2m40s 4 711 0
Noeline's Journey
Description: Worldwide, adolescent girls are one of the most vulnerable populations. Uganda has an especially high teenage pregnancy rate and few employment opportunities for young people who can't afford to finish school. BRAC's Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescents program is improving those options by empowering girls with life skills and financial literacy training.
  14 Jul 2016   3m6s 4 818 0
BRAC's integrated development programme
Description: BRAC launched the Integrated Development Programme (IDP) to tackle the various dimensions of poverty in haors (shallow land depressions in north-eastern Bangladesh subject to yearly flooding) and chars (riverine islands and areas). A single programme intervention often falls short of liberating these marginalised people from the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and diseases. Recognising these issues, BRAC takes an integrated approach to bring positive change, and alleviate the multidimensional conditions inherited by the poor. Thus, IDP embodies BRAC’s values of innovation, integrity, inclusiveness and effectiveness, and is dedicated to targeting those who remain excluded from social and economic progress in char and haor areas. Each IDP area office ensures that all the necessary services are timely and efficiently delivered.
  22 Jun 2016   5m50s 8 786 0
Breaking the barriers: How a rural woman from Bangladesh uses mobile money?
Description: Nurbanu, a BRAC microfinance client living in Hatiya, (which is one of the most remote areas of Bangladesh) shares her transforming experience of being nearly cashless.
  02 Jun 2016   2m54s 8 1555 0
Role of technology in building resilient communities
Description: BRAC hosted Frugal Innovation Forum 2016 on the theme of "Scaling Resilience" on 22-24 March 2016 in Savar, Bangladesh. In the forum, over 150 leading development practitioners, climate scientists, activists, academics, policymakers and social innovators shared their views on innovations in climate change, disaster management and adaptive livelihood, contributing to the global discussion on how to build a resilient future for all.
  22 May 2016   30m 0 34 0