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GODAN Highlights
Description: The high-level meeting underlined the need to make agricultural and nutritional data available, accessible, usable and unrestricted in order to facilitate planning in agriculture. Governments present resolved to take urgent actions to achieve sustainable agriculture, reduce food insecurity and nutritional challenges by constituting an African Intergovernmental Network on Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition, under the auspices of GODAN.
  21 Jun 2017   5m16s 1 38 0
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AGRA's integrated approach
Description: For nearly 10 years, AGRA’s work across 18 countries was focused on distinct problems related to seed production, soil health, and agriculture markets that were so profound and had been neglected for so long that they required a concentrated effort to resolve. Our results have been impressive. Now, we’re embarking on an ambitious and more integrated approach in select countries.
  21 Jun 2017   5m8s 3 29 0
Seize The Moment - The Movement
  14 Jun 2017   1m43s 1 24 0
GODAN Conference 2017 - Nairobi, Kenya
Description: The GODAN conference happening in Nairobi, Kenya - June 14th-16th 2017, will be held under the theme; “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in food and nutrition data.”
  09 Jun 2017   49s 2 187 0
Fall army worms invasion - media visit to Trans Nzoia
Description: Farmers across Kenya’s grain-growing belt are desperate for a way to rescue their remaining crops from the infestation of fall armyworms that has now destroyed much of the country’s maize yields, across 12 of its 47 counties. When the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) visited Endebess in Trans Nzoia county this month, the destruction on farms was shocking. Maize is the predominant crop in Kenya, accounting for 80 per cent of cropped land, and Trans Nzoia County is considered the country’s food basket. Yet 103,876 hectares of maize have so far been destroyed by the worms in the county. This destruction in Trans Nzoia is set to have a significant impact on the availability of maize countrywide, with farmers now anticipating a more than 70 per cent reduction in maize production this year, if the situation is not contained.
  06 Jun 2017   3m19s 3 51 0
Summary of the CAADP TN Policy Learning Event 2017
Description: AGRA participated in the CAADP TN Policy Learning Event which happened on the margins of the 13th CAADP Partnership Platform held in Kampala, Uganda on 29th & 30th May 2017.
  31 May 2017   2m4s 1 55 0
Dr. Agnes Kailbata's remarks at closing of the CAADP Technical Networks Policy Learning event
Description: The CAADP Technical Networks Policy Learning Event happened in the margins of the CAADP Partnership Platform held in Kampala, Uganda on 29th & 30th May 2017.
  31 May 2017   12m23s 1 52 0
Dr. Rajiv Shah visit to AGRA
Description: AGRA was happy to welcome Dr. Rajiv Shah to it's Nairobi Office. We are proud to be associated with him and congratulate him on his new role as President of the Rockefeller Foundation.
  23 May 2017   5m50s 2 142 0
AGRA's tribute to Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of Rockefeller Foundation
Description: AGRA Tribute to Dr. Rajiv Shah
  22 May 2017   5m30s 3 116 0
Fall Armyworm Impact
Description: The impact of the Fall armyworm infestation first witnessed in southern Africa in 2016 is fast being felt in other maize growing areas in sub-Saharan Africa, risking food security of over 200 million people who depend on maize for food and livelihood. With over 300,000 hectares of maize damaged across Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, urgent solutions are needed to tackle this invasive pest. Key stakeholders in the research and development sector in Africa and beyond have prioritized seeking urgent but sustainable solutions to help farmers manage and control the Fall Armyworm. An integrated pest management approach has been floated as the best bet to tackle this menace. This approach that will involve several institutions is hoped to provide safe and cost-effective solution to millions of smallholders across the region.
  17 May 2017   5m53s 2 44 0
Rising food prices in Africa - BBC interview
Description: Hunger on a massive scale is looming across East Africa, and people are already dying in South Sudan and Somalia. 16 million people are on the brink of starvation and in urgent need of food, water, and medical treatment. Women and children are suffering most – more than 800,000 children under five are severely malnourished.
  16 May 2017   3m23s 1 76 0
Dr. Joe De Vries on the effects of the highly damaging invasive Fall Armyworm
Description: AGRA together with CIMMYT and FAO will jointly hold a two-day Stakeholders Consultation Meeting on “Fall Armyworm in Africa: Status and Strategy for Effective Management” from April 27 -28, 2017 at the Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi- Kenya. We hope to have the participation of a diverse array of stakeholders in this meeting, including from the Ministries of Agriculture/National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs)
  25 Apr 2017   3m2s 0 78 0