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Description: In anticipation of Passover, we invited our friends and supporters to share a social justice twist on one of the Seder’s greatest hits. Here is what they said and sang!
  30 Mar 2017   1m23s 134 14365 0
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Behind the Lens Event with Jonathan Torgovnik and Meenu Vadera
Description: On March 23, 2017, AJWS hosted a multi-media exhibit and discussion with award-winning photographer Jonathan Torgovnik and Meenu Vadera, an Indian women’s activist and founder of AJWS grantee Azad Foundation.
  24 Mar 2017   56m44s 0 21 0
Facebook Live Advocacy Conversation
Description: We're here with AJWS Advocacy experts, talking about how the new administration has been impacting human rights worldwide. We've been getting a lot of questions about this, and we're here to answer them! Make your voice heard & get involved today:
  02 Feb 2017   20m29s 0 24 0
Messinger of Hope Gala Program
Description: On November 15, 2016, AJWS supporters gathered to celebrate Ruth Messinger, the trailblazing leader of AJWS for 18 years.
  03 Jan 2017   1h43m39s 0 33 0
Supporting Women Garment Workers in Cambodia
Description: Channsitha “Sitha” Mark is the coordinator of the Workers’ Information Center, a Cambodian organization supported by AJWS that helps garment workers fight for higher wages and better working conditions.
  09 Dec 2016   1m48s 0 45 0
Get to Know AJWS
Description: American Jewish World Service is the first and only Jewish organization dedicated solely to ending poverty and promoting human rights in the developing world. Through philanthropy and advocacy, we've addressed some of the gravest global problems of our time—genocide, AIDS, violence against women and girls, hatred of LGBT people, and the horrific consequences of natural and human-made disasters. Learn how AJWS is supporting people around the world who are fighting to improve the lives of millions.
  01 Dec 2016   3m34s 1 214 0
Just Thought - New Jewish Ideas on Global Justice
Description: Just Thought is a series of essays from AJWS applying Jewish wisdom to the pursuit of tikkun olam today. Drawing upon Jewish history, Torah sources and the latest headlines, we plumb pressing questions about human rights and global justice from a Jewish perspective through monthly essays by noted scholars, activists and AJWS staff.
  28 Oct 2016   1m1s 0 74 0
Joe Gindi's #18Words
Description: The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection, renewal and re-igniting our commitment to justice. Joe Gindi of AJWS shares his #18Word wish.
  13 Sep 2016   29s 1 83 0
Mayim Bialik's #18Words
Description: The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection, renewal and re-igniting our commitment to justice. Mayim Bialik shares her #18Word wish.
  13 Sep 2016   29s 5 2525 0
Mazel Tov to AJWS's new President and CEO, Robert Bank!
Description: Mazel Tov to Robert Bank, who officially assumed the role of AJWS President and CEO on July 1, 2016! Robert, who was AJWS’s Executive Vice President for seven-and-a-half years, is a skilled leader with a proven record of managing successful local, national and international organizations, bringing passion and dedication to public service and the pursuit of justice. For more than 25 years, Robert has advocated for human rights for people and communities in the United States and around the world. Robert succeeded Ruth Messinger; after a remarkable 18-year presidency, Ruth has taken on new role for AJWS as our first-ever Global Ambassador, continuing her crucial work of engaging rabbis and interfaith leaders in efforts to end poverty and promote human rights in the developing world.
  01 Jul 2016   2m42s 0 154 0
Robert Bank, AJWS incoming President, discusses his upbringing
Description: Robert Bank, who will assume the role of AJWS President on July 1, 2016, shares a quick video about how his upbringing as a Jew in apartheid South Africa has shaped his commitment to global justice.
  22 Jun 2016   56s 0 61 0
A special message from AJWS's incoming President Robert Bank
  09 Jun 2016   52s 0 92 0