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Empowering farmers - Reducing Post-Harvest Loss
Description: Post-harvest food loss is a major contributor to hunger and undernutrition affecting farming families across Africa. Aflatoxin moulds, spread by insects inside of traditional storage units,are one of the leading causes of cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa In Uganda, during the first three months after harvest farmers loose up to 40% of their harvest to insects, pests, mould, and moisture. Now, smallholder farmers across Africa have a choice for a better future. In WFP's Zero Food Loss Initiative, hermetic (airtight) storage is paired with effective training to drastically reduce losses, increase incomes, bring farmers closer to markets.
  28 Mar 2017   3m41s 1 35 0
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Focus On Zero Hunger: Syria airdrop (Episode 20)
  20 Mar 2017   30s 1 23 0
#FacingFamine - Yemen
Description: As the poorest country in the region, Yemen has suffered from decades of chronic food insecurity, and the situation has deteriorated rapidly in the last two years due to the ongoing conflict.
  21 Mar 2017   1m16s 7 154 0
WFP Fighting Famine with Finance in Drought Stricken Somalia
Description: In February 2017, WFP reached almost a million people in Somalia using a combination of food distributions and digital cash cards that allow people to buy food in local markets-that’s more than twice the number of people reached in January. Close to 3 million people cannot meet their daily food requirements and require urgent humanitarian assistance, while another 3.3 million Somalis need livelihood support to keep from sliding into crisis. WFP is mobilizing air and other logistics assets to ensure a rapid and comprehensive response.
  21 Mar 2017   1m48s 4 157 0
Six Years On: WFP Assisting Syrians in the Face of Crisis
Description: Six years have passed. Six summers with the length of six long winters since the start of the Syrian Crisis. Across Syria, millions have lost everything in the surge of violence. Cities were destroyed, livelihoods lost and many lives taken. Yet, the resilience and perseverance of the Syrian people persists. WFP assists four million Syrians on a monthly period, providing them with life-saving food and opportunities to rebuild their lives.
  15 Mar 2017   2m7s 9 423 0
WFP's Swift Response to Famine in South Sudan
Description: WFP continues to scale up its support in South Sudan as humanitarian needs increase, and plans to provide food and nutrition assistance to 4.1 million people through the hunger season in South Sudan this year.
  21 Mar 2017   2m 5 228 0
#FacingFamine - Famine Explained
Description: Chief Economist of the World Food Programme, Arif Husain, explains Famine: What it is, what the causes are and how WFP responds in order to stop it. #FacingFamine
  09 Mar 2017   2m24s 4 413 0
#FacingFamine - How do we stop a Famine?
Description: Famine has been declared in South Sudan & is looming in Nigeria, Yemen & Somalia. What can be done to stop it? #FacingFamine Watch the full video here -
  09 Mar 2017   56s 2 151 0
#FacingFamine - What causes a Famine?
Description: Famine has been declared in #SouthSudan & is looming in #Nigeria, #Yemen & #Somalia. Do you know the cause? #FacingFamine Watch the full video here -
  09 Mar 2017   51s 1 137 0
#FacingFamine - What is Famine?
Description: What is a famine? WFP’s Chief Economist explains. #FacingFamine Watch the full video here -
  09 Mar 2017   43s 2 311 0
Facing Famine in South Sudan
Description: War and a collapsing economy have left some 100,000 people facing starvation in parts of South Sudan where famine was declared today, three UN agencies warned. A further 1 million people are classified as being on the brink of famine. The total number of food insecure people is expected to rise to 5.5 million at the height of the lean season in July if nothing is done to curb the severity and spread of the food crisis.
  21 Mar 2017   54s 13 469 0
Rice fortification and hidden hunger
Description: Adding micronutrients to rice can play an important part in fighting micronutrient deficiencies, also known as ‘hidden hunger’. Watch this video to see how adding vitamins and minerals to rice is helping fast-track progress toward ending malnutrition.
  28 Feb 2017   5m52s 11 249 0