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Leave No Woman Behind | Juddy's story
Description: Juddy was injured in an accident 15 years ago. She fought to find a way to earn a living. She is now a leader in her community, teaching other women how they can empower themselves and overcome poverty
  24 May 2017   3m1s 3 13 0
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Leave No Woman Behind | Josephine & Cecilia
Description: Josephine and Cecilia left home to escape early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. Through education they are working to change their lives and those of others
  24 May 2017   3m30s 3 15 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Eunice & Josephine
Description: Eunice and Josephine had to leave their jobs working on flower farms in Kenya. They struggle to find work and they and their families often go to bed hungry
  24 May 2017   3m26s 1 9 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Tracy's Story
Description: Tracy lives in one of the poorest areas of Nairobi. She joined an orchestra which helped support her education. She is now a vocal advocate for girl’s education
  24 May 2017   3m 2 17 0
Delhi metro gets UN Women makeover
Description: UN Women launches a to campaign branding the Delhi Metro with messaging on women’s economic empowerment.
  08 May 2017   2m25s 29 1115 0
Feminism in times of war and peace
Description: This short documentary captures the stories of the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group members in Colombia, offering through a personal lens, a look at their lives as women and as gender equality advocates. The most eminent Colombian advocates for gender equality and women's rights are part of the group. The film documents their personal stories and present them as illustrations of the idea that for women, the personal is indeed the political. This short documentary has been produced by the UN Women Civil Society Section in collaboration with the UN Women office in Colombia.
  23 Mar 2017   14m45s 26 648 0
Feminismo en tiempos de guerra y paz
Description: Este corto documental captura las historias de las integrantes del Grupo Asesor de la Sociedad Civil en Colombia, ofreciendo una mirada a sus vidas como mujeres y feministas. Este Grupo lo conforman las más eminentes activistas por los derechos de las mujeres, feministas, líderes indígenas y de organizaciones de base de todas las edades. La película documenta sus historias personales y las presenta como una ilustración de la idea de que para las mujeres, lo personal es lo político. Producción realizada por la sección de Sociedad Civil de ONU Mujeres en colaboración con la oficina de ONU Mujeres en Colombia.
  23 Mar 2017   14m45s 36 1252 0
Rabat, A safe city free of violence for women and girls
Description: In March 2015, Rabat became the 20th city to join UN Women’s global initiative « Safe cities free of violence for women and girls », stating its political will to end sexual violence in its urban public spaces, includiong sexual harrassment. The City, with support from UN Women, developed pilot interventions, including the establishment of an Equity, Equal opportunities and gender approach Entity, a local mechanism to ensure gender mainstreaming in local decision-making processes. Parallely, 4 local NGOs -association Fraternité, Fondation Ababou, Centre Culturel Africain du Maroc and association Jossour Forum des Femmes Marocaines- developed transformative initiatives towards empowering women for the defense of their rights and changing attitudes and behaviors to promote women’s and girls’ rights to enjoy public spaces free from violence. This video showcasing interventions in Rabat, has been produced by UN Women with support from the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID). UN Women’s Global Flagship Programme Initiative “Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces” builds on its “Safe Cities Free of Violence against Women and Girls” Global Programme launched in November 2010, to prevent and respond to SVAWG in public spaces.
  17 Apr 2017   5m48s 20 945 0
Patricia Arquette calls for equal pay at UN
Description: Academy Award-winning American actress Patricia Arquette joins forces with UN Women and the Internal Labour Organization (ILO) to launch the Equal Pay Platform of Champions. Patricia was joined by leaders and activists including two-time Olympic gold medalist and soccer superstar Abby Wambach. Learn more:
  17 Mar 2017   1m42s 25 580 0
Raise your voice for equal pay
Description: Worldwide, women earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Learn more at:
  17 Mar 2017   1m56s 22 548 0
#Stoptherobbery - Equal Pay campaign
Description: Globally, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, effectively being “robbed”. Join UN Women's #stoptherobbery campaign to help stop the biggest robbery in history and raise awareness of the global gender pay gap:
  13 Mar 2017   2m36s 50 4347 0
Día Internacional de la Mujer
Description: Créditos Agencia: Amén Sonido: Mostacho Music & Sound Voz: Lucía Pintos Gracias especiales a todas las mujeres que participaron en este mensaje. Credits: Advertising Agency: Amén Sound by: Mostacho Music & Sound Voice over: Lucia Pintos Special Thanks to all women participating in this message
  08 Mar 2017   57s 25 1690 0