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Life in Exile | Rebuilding Lives in Iraq
Description: There are 3.3 million refugees and internally displaced persons in Iraq. Many been brutalized by violence and denied access to safety and basic services. Newly displaced women and girls are often marginalized and stigmatized in camps. UN Women - with generous support from the Government of Japan - is working with partners to empower refugee and displaced women and girls through education, counseling and work opportunities.
  19 Jun 2017   4m21s 9 136 0
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65 Million people currently displaced by violence | Half of them are women and girls
Description: 65 million people are currently displaced by conflict or persecution - half of them are women and girls. Humanitarian crises have a disproportionate impact on women and girls, increasing their risk of poverty, sexual violence and child marriage. UN Women provides “Safe Spaces” in refugee camps to provide vital support for women and girls. These spaces offer skills training and psycho-social support, and help women regain their dignity and confidence. Learn more:
  19 Jun 2017   1m33s 11 178 0
Empowering women in Za'atari refugee camp
Description: UN Women's cash-for-work programme for Syrian women refugees produces 1,000 baby kits per year which are distributed to newborns and their mothers in the Za’atari refugee camp. This initiative is generously funded by the Government of Japan.
  15 Jun 2017   3m31s 10 145 0
ქართულ ენას სქესს არ ასხვავებს. რატომ ასხვავებ შენ?
Description: ქართული ენა სქესს არ ასხვავებს, რატომ ასხვავებ შენ? – ეს არის გაეროს ქალთა ორგანიზაციის ახალი ვიდეორგოლის მთავარი გზავნილი, რომელიც გენდერული თანასწორობის ხელშეწყობასა და სპორტის დახმარებით ქალთა გაძლიერებას ეხმაურება.
  14 Jun 2017   29s 4 275 0
Vote for equal representation in Albania
Description: Ten years ago, Albania had only nine women MPs. Gender quota were applied for the first time in the parliamentary elections of 2009 and the number of women MPs increased to 23. However, their representation was only 16%. Four years later, only two more women became part of the Parliament and 46.6% of voters were women and girls. Albania is still far from the European average of 29% women in parliament. Globally, it is ranked at 78th place. A woman in Parliament is one voice more for half of the population. This year, free vote, as a fundamental right, can bring bolder representation. On 25 June vote for equal representation!
  05 Jun 2017   1m46s 7 88 0
Women, oceans and conservation
Description: The world’s oceans are in crisis. Climate change has thrown marine ecosystems out of balance, as have pollution and ocean acidification. The ensuing droughts, floods, and extreme weather events hit women and girls harder than men and boys, and threaten the livelihoods of the millions of women employed in fisheries. UN Women works to address women’s and girl’s vulnerability to climate change and make them leaders in sustainable development.
  05 Jun 2017   1m45s 13 647 0
La garra charrúa no tiene género
Description: “Por el juego y por tus derechos: una transformación cultural a través del futbol”, un proyecto de ONU Mujeres, CAF, Inmujeres/MIDES, OFI y ONFI. Realización: Agencia AMEN para ONU Mujeres
  25 May 2017   42s 30 1115 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Juddy's story
Description: Juddy was injured in an accident 15 years ago. She fought to find a way to earn a living. She is now a leader in her community, teaching other women how they can empower themselves and overcome poverty
  24 May 2017   3m1s 8 206 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Josephine & Cecilia
Description: Josephine and Cecilia left home to escape early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. Through education they are working to change their lives and those of others
  24 May 2017   3m30s 9 168 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Eunice & Josephine
Description: Eunice and Josephine had to leave their jobs working on flower farms in Kenya. They struggle to find work and they and their families often go to bed hungry
  24 May 2017   3m26s 7 153 0
Leave No Woman Behind | Tracy's Story
Description: Tracy lives in one of the poorest areas of Nairobi. She joined an orchestra which helped support her education. She is now a vocal advocate for girl’s education
  24 May 2017   3m 18 294 0
Delhi metro gets UN Women makeover
Description: UN Women launches a to campaign branding the Delhi Metro with messaging on women’s economic empowerment.
  08 May 2017   2m25s 33 1429 0