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States: need laws that deal with trafficking of body parts
Description: In a report to the Human Rights Council, the UN independent expert on the rights of people with albinism Ikponwosa Ero said the states need to institute laws that deal with trafficking of body parts of people with albinism.
  30 Mar 2017   53s 10 165 0
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Kehkashan Basu - climate change champion
  29 Mar 2017   1m44s 5 99 0
Racial profiling is a human rights violation
Description: A UN Human Rights panel discussing racism and racial profiling in Geneva on Friday said profiling based on race, ethnicity, nationality, migration status or religion in law enforcement constitutes a violation of human rights, because of its fundamentally discriminatory nature.
  21 Mar 2017   2m14s 5 100 0
Facing up to the Global Avalanche of Hate
Description: The Impact of Fundamentalism And Extremism on Cultural Rights: A timely discussion with the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights of her latest report, held in Geneva on 3 March 2017. With contributions and concrete examples from Muslims for Progressive Values, the Center for the Study of Human rights of the London School of Economics, the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), the Fonds pour les femmes en Méditerranée and Freemuse.
  30 Mar 2017   54m26s 9 228 0
Rokhaya Diallo - Anti-racism activist
Description: Rokhaya Diallo, a French-Senegalese journalist, writer, award-winning filmmaker and activist, for racial, gender and religious equality. Join us and "Stand up for someone's rights today."
  21 Mar 2017   2m51s 7 296 0
UN Human Rights - Fellowship Programme for People of African descent
Description: The Annual Fellowship Program for People of African Descent offers an intensive learning opportunity to people of African descent on human rights issues of particular importance to Afro-descendants globally. This video outlines the experiences of some of the Fellows from the batch of 2016.
  17 Mar 2017   1m49s 15 1791 0
Stand up and protect each other
Description: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein's remarks for the "Festival du Film et Forum International des Droits de l'Homme. 10 March 2017
  13 Mar 2017   3m9s 16 192 0
OHCHR International Women's day Video
Description: Happy 2017 Women’s Day to all On this occasion two UN experts on women’s rights, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Dubravka Šimonovic, and the Chairperson of the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice, Ms. Alda Facio, would like to invite you to view this video: This video pays tribute to the women of the world who have fought hard to advance women’s rights.
  08 Mar 2017   7m7s 12 313 0
Climate change and children's rights
Description: A United Nations Human Rights Council held discussions on climate change and the rights of the child. 2 March 2017
  07 Mar 2017   2m43s 11 276 0
Libya Gaddafi regime trial fell short of international standards
Description: A joint UN report on the trial of 37 former members of the Gaddafi regime says was unfair and fell short of international standards. The report cites flaws in the judicial process of the 37 suspects accused of committing crimes during the 2011 uprising and armed conflict.
  21 Feb 2017   2m50s 5 281 0
The Impossible Diplomacy of Human Rights
Description: Lecture by Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. on the occasion of the presentation of Georgetown University's Trainor Award for Excellence in the Conduct of Diplomacy 16 February 2017 Footage courtesy of the United States Institute of Peace
  17 Feb 2017   19m49s 29 830 0
UN Human Rights Appeal 2017
Description: The UN Human Rights Office launches it's 2017 appeal. Defending our common dignity and improving people's lives needs strong partnership. Together, let's stand up for someone's rights today.
  15 Feb 2017   2m8s 18 499 0