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The Land at the End of the Earth
  02 Jun 2017   3m33s 0 17 0
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Archbishop Justin Welby at the Baptism Site
  10 May 2017   1m52s 1 67 0
HALO's CEO on clearing mines at the Baptism Site
  21 Apr 2017   3m36s 0 20 0
Baptism Drone Footage
  21 Apr 2017   2m22s 3 34 0
DFID-funded mine clearance in Chivere Village, Zimbabwe
Description: Sango and his family live in a house right next to a minefield. This is a snap shot of what life is like for them currently, and how, thanks to funding from the UK Department of International Development, mine clearance will positively impact their future.
  13 Apr 2017   1m13s 1 158 0
LandmineFree 2025 Speeches
Description: James Cowan, CEO, The HALO Trust Jane Cocking, CEO, MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Priti Patel, The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, UK DFID
  05 Apr 2017   13m47s 1 170 0
Every Little Penny Counts
  31 Mar 2017   1m 4 227 0
Cleared Landmines Helps Zimbabwe Farmers
Description: How mine clearance has made a huge difference for one family farm in Zimbabwe.
  21 Mar 2017   2m9s 2 81 0
Safe Steps for the People of Karabakh
  10 Feb 2017   31s 2 131 0
James Cowan on BBC News
  15 Jan 2017   3m12s 2 285 0
HALO's work in Afghanistan
  09 Nov 2016   4m2s 5 422 0
Safe steps for the people of Karabakh
Description: Nagorno Karabakh is a remote and beautiful place, with a unique identity, but its people have been haunted by landmines for more than two decades. In fact, Karabakh has the highest per capita incidence of landmine accidents in the world -- a third of the victims are children. The HALO Trust, together with its donors, has been clearing landmines and cluster munitions in Karabakh since 2000. We've cleared 88% of the territory's minefields so the end is in sight. Now, thanks to an incredibly generous donor, all donations will be matched so that we can finish the job. Donate today to create Safe Steps for the people of Karabakh.
  19 Oct 2016   4m4s 9 778 0