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Devastating Beauty - An Easter Poem by Gideon Heugh
Description: On Friday my hope died. The sky wept itself dark the ground broke apart and all creation cried for the bloodied innocence hammered into a tree. There were whispers of a torn curtain but they didn’t reach my ears or mend my mangled heart or stem the bitter tears as we took the body down. On Saturday we grieved, hiding from the troops whom we’d once believed would be overthrown by the carpenter’s boy, who had preached and fed and healed, and was now dead. But then on Sunday – The devastating beauty of that Sunday – when time and space were blown out of shape and angels wrapped in electric grace rolled the impossible away 'He is not here' they proclaimed for glory had risen our failings were forgiven and the rules of life and death were rewritten as an empty tomb declared, ‘Love is alive.’
  13 Apr 2017   1m36s 24 3150 0
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HOW TO MAKE: NSIMA (A traditional Malawi food)
  07 Apr 2017   1m3s 1 51 0
Description: A few years ago, if you had a mango tree in Chagunda village, Malawi, you would guard it carefully. Mangoes weren’t for sharing! The climate had changed and people’s crops were failing. Everyone held onto the little food they could grow. But then the village was thrown a lifeline. Tearfund’s partners in the region trained them in some amazing farming techniques. It showed them how to grow nearly 10 times as much food from their land. Now the people of Chagunda have got more than enough food. They can sell their spare food and pay for precious things like education. As for the mangoes… now the local children are free to climb the trees and help themselves whenever they want. == All over the world, there are villages just like Chagunda – struggling to survive and closely guarding the little food they do have. You could free them up to live lives of security and plenty. #letsbeathunger
  04 Apr 2017   1m58s 2 217 0
Description: Talia and her husband used to argue and bicker all the time. Their life was hard and they felt like they had no control over it. Their land only produced a tiny amount of food. To make ends meet they had to take casual labour. It left them exhausted and frustrated. Then Talia heard about the Foundations for Farming course run in her local church. It showed her how to get nearly 10 times as much food from their plot of land. They had surplus food to sell. And they started planning for the future. Talia and her husband learned how to start their own business. They decided that what their village needed... was tea and scones. Now Talia’s tearoom is doing a roaring trade. Her scones are the talk of the village. Talia and her husband don’t bicker so much anymore; they’ve taken back control of their lives.
  04 Apr 2017   1m24s 4 202 0
Description: Horace loves to sing while he works as a carpenter – hymns and spiritual songs. He’s inspired by the idea the fact that Jesus used to work as a carpenter too and he says that this thought keeps him on the straight and narrow. The road to Heaven is a narrow path and at the end of it he imagines there’s a door, a bit like the ones he carves and saws into shape. He’s got plans for a bigger business and a bright future thanks to the encouragement of Tearfund’s partners in Malawi. So all in all he’s got plenty of reasons to sing. See (and hear him) at work!
  04 Apr 2017   1m9s 2 127 0
Description: Natasha thinks she may be over 100 years old – she’s lost count. But does she remember seeing her first motor car and first film show. And she remembers a time when the climate was reliable, harvests were plentiful and wildlife was abundant. And amazingly, she’s still working on the land after all these years. She shares her memories and passes on some wisdom to us all.
  04 Apr 2017   55s 1 95 0
Description: Hunger is a thief. It robs people of their freedom, ruins their self-esteem and wrecks their dreams. But there’s one thing that hunger didn’t count on: the church. Together, we can push back against poverty and hunger. All around the world, local churches are leading their communities out of lives devastated by hunger and into lives filled with dignity, opportunity and strength. We want you to join us as together we empower local churches to release more people from hunger. You can help us provide training in innovative, sustainable farming techniques that could enable families to secure a hunger-free future – even in a challenging climate. Whatever hunger has taken, the church can restore. Because however strong hunger is, the church is stronger. And when people are freed from hunger, they can step into a life in which they don’t just survive but thrive. We are one body; one church. Together, we can share the gift of life and help people take back what hunger has stolen. == 795 million people around the world have had their hope stolen by hunger. You could free them up to live lives of security and plenty. #letsbeathunger
  04 Apr 2017   1m36s 7 905 0
My Mean Bean Way
Description: 'My Mean Bean Way' written by Mean Bean Challenger, Ian Turnbull whilst taking on the Mean Bean Challenge, a challenge to only eat plain rice and beans for five days. The song was performed by Tearfund staff, in memory of long-standing supporter, Jean Simmons.
  31 Mar 2017   1m20s 0 49 0
How waste can save lives and create jobs - the virtuous circle
Description: In the developing world there is a huge and growing waste problem. At the moment 9 million people die every year due to the mismanagement of waste and pollutants. That's 20 times more than die of malaria. If we ignore this waste problem, we will miss a key opportunity to save lives and create jobs for people living in poverty. The circular economy is a new way of thinking about the world. Our current way of doing things is linear: we take natural resources, make items, use them then throw them away. At this point all the energy, water and materials used in making them are thrown away too. The circular economy, however, keeps resources in use for as long as possible. Items, like cars, are shared rather than sitting idle. They can also be repaired or rebuilt rather than being thrown away when they break. This creates new job opportunities and reduces health-damaging waste. We are working to help communities around the world to embrace the circular economy, creating jobs and saving lives. By reducing waste, you can be part of this new way of working too.
  21 Mar 2017   4m11s 6 431 0
Al Jazeera interviews Tearfund's Oenone Chadburn on the East Africa Crisis
Description: Tearfund's Oenone Chadburn, Head of Humanitarian Support was interviewed on Al Jazeera UK on 15/03/17 giving an update on the East Africa Crisis. Tearfund does not own any rights to this clip. All rights belong to Al Jazeera English:
  16 Mar 2017   5m27s 6 297 0
Renew Our World with Tearfund
Description: We have a vision for a world where all people not only have their basic needs met; but can live life in all its fullness - where relationships are restored with God, with each other and with creation itself. We believe this is possible if we respond to God's call, live differently, courageously, justly, and with immense hope. == Renew our world is a global movement of Christians who long to see God’s world renewed. We believe that God’s intention for this world is that no one would hunger, thirst, or live in oppression. That the world God created is more than enough to sustain all creation. We believe God’s creation is a gift to us, that we ought to steward and protect. And we know that health of creation and of our global family are inextricably linked–that as our environment is degraded so are the opportunities for people to flourish. We have immense hope that God will indeed restore all creation! We believe we need to shift our thinking, our behavior and our policies to build a restorative economy–an economy based on biblical principles that is just and sustainable. In our prayers, and through our actions, together we are shaping a world that reflects God’s love for all creation so that all people in every nation can enjoy fullness of life. Right now, we are tackling the critical issue of climate change as it not only harms the environment, but our poorest brothers and sisters.
  01 Mar 2017   2m31s 8 1007 0
Renew our World: a light bulb moment
Description: The Climate is changing fast, there are more droughts, floods and less reliable rain and for many people around the world that means less food to eat. If we want to beat poverty, we need to tackle climate change. Put your faith into action today at --- Hunger and climate change steal security, but thankfully, the church gives hope. That is why we are joining with churches around the world in the Renew Our World campaign. One in six people around the world have no access to electricity which means, no light for children to study in the evenings or women to go the toilet safely at night and, no power for fridges to store medicine. But, we have an opportunity to put that right and do it sustainably. Now solar panels and large-scale batteries are cheap enough to bring affordable electricity even in remote places, a huge transformation is possible. There’s no need for a community to wait to be linked up to an expensive electricity grid powered by polluting fossil fuels. Children can do homework in the evenings, women can walk safely at night and farmers can irrigate fields with electric pumps. This could be the first generation where everybody has electricity. Our UK government puts funds into energy for poorer countries, but so far only a little of it goes to decentralised, clean power like this. We’re asking the UK government to rebalance their funding away from wasteful, polluting fossil fuels so that people in poverty get clean, efficient and affordable energy.
  22 Feb 2017   2m45s 21 903 0