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Starting Over After Hurricane Matthew
Description: Devastating floodwaters in the wake of Hurricane Matthew destroyed many houses in eastern North Carolina. Samaritan’s Purse is rebuilding homes and bringing hope to hurting families. Learn more:
  28 Jun 2017   2m9s 3 37 0
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A Family Flees ISIS Terror
Description: Hazim's family lived on the streets for two years after ISIS forced them from their home in Northern Iraq. Samaritan's Purse is bringing physical relief and hope to families like Hazim's that have suffered tremendous loss in the battle for Mosul. Learn more:
  19 Jun 2017   3m9s 9 271 0
New Start for Military Marriages
Description: Veterans and their spouses are experiencing God's healing love through our Operation Heal Our Patriots project in Alaska. During Week Two, Samaritan's Purse President Franklin Graham saw 10 participants baptized beneath the cold waters of Lake Clark. Learn more:
  14 Jun 2017   1m3s 9 77 0
Paola Shares Jesus
Description: After receiving an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift in Peru, Paola attended The Greatest Journey discipleship course where she learned more about Jesus and sharing Him with others. God used her to lead several of her cousins to faith in Jesus Christ. Learn more:
  07 Jun 2017   1m36s 17 191 0
Healing Begins for Three Tanzanian Children
Description: Three Tanzanian children who survived a horrific bus crash begin the road to recovery and experience compassionate care in Jesus’ Name. Learn more:
  02 Jun 2017   4m16s 14 405 0
The Weight of War in Iraq
Description: Samaritan's Purse is demonstrating God's love to families fleeing ISIS terror in the battle for Mosul. Learn more:
  13 Jun 2017   7m19s 12 442 0
My Name Is Sampson
Description: Sampson, a 16-year-old boy from Liberia, returned home recently after receiving life-changing facial surgery in the United States thanks to the efforts of Mayo Clinic and Greta Van Susteren. He was flown back to his village in two stages, via Samaritan's Purse DC-8 and then helicopter. Learn more:
  24 May 2017   6m51s 46 622 0
Volunteers Tackle Missouri Mud-out
Description: A couple in Doniphan, Missouri, look on in awe as a team of volunteers from Samaritan's Purse go to work on their flood-ravaged home-cleaning up and sharing with them God's goodness in a fresh and unexpected way. Learn more:
  23 May 2017   2m35s 9 129 0
2017 High Country Warrior Ride
Description: More than 100 motorcyclists took to the scenic roads of western North Carolina on May 20 to support Operation Heal Our Patriots. Learn more:
  22 May 2017   59s 10 216 0
Faithful Volunteers Serve Flooded Missouri
Description: Daryl Hay lived above the flood plain in Doniphan, Missouri, yet he lost most everything in his home. Then Samaritan’s Purse volunteers arrived and helped put Daryl and many others back on their feet. Learn more:
  19 May 2017   3m58s 7 159 0
Triumph After Trauma - Operation Heal Our Patriots
Description: For Army Sergeant Tad Sullenger and his wife Felicia, divorce was on the horizon. But God had different plans, and their lives began to change in Alaska through our Operation Heal Our Patriots project. Learn more:
  16 May 2017   4m47s 4 118 0
Relief Arrives for Missouri
Description: Samaritan's Purse volunteers are busy working to help homeowners affected by unprecedented flooding in Doniphan, Missouri. Learn more:
  12 May 2017   1m48s 11 143 0