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Drop to Zero
Description: Over 30 years ago, Rotary made a promise to the world to eradicate polio. When we get there, it will be only the second time that a disease affecting humans has been eradicated. Now we're on the brink of history, thanks to the support of partners like the Gates Foundation. Let's drop to zero. Learn more at
  26 Jun 2017   2m42s 23 610 0
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Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center, keynote remarks
  19 Jun 2017   47m6s 1 146 0
John F. Germ, 2016-17 RI President, opening remarks
  19 Jun 2017   12m30s 5 279 0
Ian H.S. Riseley, 2017-18 RI President, closing remarks
  19 Jun 2017   13m51s 6 409 0
$1.2 billion closer to ending polio
Description: With polio on the brink of eradication, nations from around the world and key donors pledged more than $1 billion on Monday to energize the global fight to end the paralyzing disease. The historic pledges of new funds at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, will go toward drastically shrinking the $1.5 billion gap in the funding that the partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative say is needed to reduce polio cases to zero worldwide.
  16 Jun 2017   1m3s 13 302 0
June 14th - Convention Minute
Description: Highlights from the final day of the 2017 Rotary Convention in Atlanta, including the Centennial birthday party celebrating 100 years of The Rotary Foundation doing good in the world.
  14 Jun 2017   1m26s 5 508 0
One Small Act: A VR Experience
Description: More than 3,000 people watched the debut of Rotary International’s new virtual reality film, “One Small Act,” at the largest simultaneous viewing of a VR film. The film follows the journey of a child whose world has been torn apart by conflict and supports the causes Rotary champions — including polio eradication and peacebuilding. The story evoked strong emotions and sensations from the crowd.
  14 Jun 2017   1m16s 29 32877 0
June 13th - Convention Minute
Description: Highlights from Day 4 of the 2017 Rotary Convention in Atlanta.
  13 Jun 2017   1m30s 10 379 0
June 12th - Convention Minute
  13 Jun 2017   1m32s 23 1417 0
Convention Minute - One Small Act Tutorial
  12 Jun 2017   1m12s 9 718 0
June 11th - Convention Minute - Opening
Description: The fun continues at Rotary's biggest event of the year. The Convention Minute recaps today's biggest highlights celebrating our membership from all over the world in the House of Friendship and the Opening Plenary.
  11 Jun 2017   51s 17 579 0