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How Rotary is Funding Polio Immunizations in 2017
Description: Only 3 countries are still reporting polio cases. But large-scale immunization campaigns must continue to keep the rest of the world polio-free. This is a snapshot of how Rotary's funds were used toward polio eradication efforts in early 2017. Learn more and donate at #VaccinesWork
  28 Apr 2017   38s 9 32755 0
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8,000 Kilometers to Peace
Description: Civil war in Syria forced the Alchehade family from their home. With the help of Rotary members, they found a new home in Canada. Read the full feature:
  18 Apr 2017   7m54s 10 724 0
Traditional Healer Condemns Violence Against Albinos
Description: Ally Hassani Pyupi explains the difference between practicing herbal medicine and witch craft whose devotees claim body parts of albinos will bring wealth. Read the full story at
  06 Mar 2017   1m40s 4 258 0
Martha Mganga on Albino Myths
Description: "Sister" Martha Mganga travels across Tanzania educating communities and people with Albinism, disolving myths by explaining genetics and referring families to medical resources.
  13 Mar 2017   2m 6 497 0
'I Dream of an Empty Ward' - 360 VR video
Description: Archie Panjabi tells the story of Alokita, a young girl living in India and one of the last generation of children to be affected by polio. To learn more about Rotary's End Polio Now campaign, visit Producer/Director: Vincent Vernet
  02 Mar 2017   6m6s 10 12632 0
Do Good with Us: The Rotary Foundation
Description: Since 1917, Rotary’s foundation has spent more than $3.7 billion helping people and communities.
  30 Jan 2017   41s 44 5533 0
Lauren Coffaro: A Peace Fellow’s Journey (Part 1)
Description: What it took to win a Rotary Peace Fellowship for graduate study at the University of Bradford, England.
  19 Jan 2017   3m5s 5 308 0
2017-18 Theme Announcement, Ian H.S. Riseley, Rotary President-elect
Description: The 2017-2018 theme, Rotary: Making a Difference, was announced at Rotary's International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on January 16, 2017. Learn more at
  17 Jan 2017   2m53s 40 4654 0
Lauren Coffaro: A Peace Fellow’s Journey (Part 3)
Description: For her Applied Field Experience, a Rotary peace fellow travels to Guatemala and works with a Nobel laureate.
  05 Jan 2017   2m48s 8 807 0
Lauren Coffaro: A Peace Fellow’s Journey (Part 2)
Description: A Rotary peace fellow moves to England to study for her master's degree at the University of Bradford.
  05 Jan 2017   2m5s 7 715 0
Migrant Population Movement
Description: Animated map showing Pakistan's pattern of economic migrants, families traveling to religious festivals and populations displaced by conflict.
  07 Jan 2017   16s 4 920 0
Why Zero Matters
Description: Polio cases have been reduced by 99.9% worldwide since 1988. But continuing efforts to end the disease are critical to eradicating polio for good. We've immunized over 2.5 billion children in the world's most sophisticated global health initiative. Help us make history by getting to zero. Learn more at
  22 Dec 2016   2m22s 18 60169 0