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Presentation of the 2017 McCall-Pierpaoli Award
Description: RI Board Member Queen Noor Al-Hussein presents Refugees International's highest humanitarian award to the White Helmets (Syria Civil Defense) at RI's Anniversary Dinner in Washington, DC on April 25, 2017.
  16 May 2017   18m19s 0 31 0
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Update from the Mediterranean
Description: Izza Leghtas, RI Senior Advocate for Europe, is currently on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where more than 500 asylum-seekers and migrants have arrived in recent days from Libya. Learn more in our latest video dispatch and stay tuned for more updates from the Mediterranean!
  22 Mar 2017   52s 0 100 0
Refugees International Response to Executive Order on Refugees
  01 Feb 2017   1m8s 1 67 0
A Look Back at 2016 with Refugees International President Michel Gabaudan
Description: As 2016 drew to a close, the number of refugees and displaced people in the world reached historic levels. The year ahead seems to promise more of the same with conflicts and crises continuing in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, and beyond. In this year-end webinar, Refugees International President Michel Gabaudan offers his insights into the year that was and a preview of the challenges facing refugees and displaced persons in the year ahead, especially with changing political realities unfolding around the world.
  17 Jan 2017   36m30s 2 95 0
Refugees International and the 2016 Global Refugee Crisis
  21 Dec 2016   2m21s 0 274 0
Refugee Returns from Kenya to Somalia and the Threatened Closure of the Dadaab Camp
Description: Dec 1, 2016: Kenya is host to more than 334,000 refugees from Somalia who have fled the violence of the al-Shabaab terrorist group. More than 260,000 of those refugees live in the Dadaab refugee camp, making it the largest refugee camp in the world. In March of this year, the Kenyan government announced its intention to close Dadaab, as well as other camps housing Somali refugees in Kenya, citing the “economic, security, and environmental burden". With no alternative options, some refugees have been coerced into repatriating to Somalia, where insecurity and an ongoing humanitarian crisis continue. Yarnell and RI President Michel Gabaudan travelled to both Kenya and Somalia to meet with Somalis still in Kenya and those who had returned home to better understand the dangers Somalis will face when Dadaab is closed.
  16 Dec 2016   27m25s 1 66 0
We will not be silent on Aleppo
Description: A message from Refugees International President Michel Gabaudan on the events in Aleppo, Syria.
  13 Dec 2016   1m33s 2 163 0
Communities voice their concerns about demobilization of FARC soldiers in Colombia
Description: The United Nations is monitoring the demobilization process of thousands of former FARC soldiers in Colombia. But consultation with affected communities regarding the fighters’ arrival has been minimal. RI found that the new UN Mission in Colombia is woefully unprepared to ensure that women and girls are protected in zones where FARC fighters will be housed and disarmed. For more, read our new report:
  13 Dec 2016   1m14s 0 49 0
A Battle Not Yet Over: Displacement and Women's Needs in Post-Peace Agreement Colombia
Description: After 50 years of brutal war, the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People’s Army is cause to celebrate. Over the last five decades of the conflict, at least 218,094 Colombians have died, 25,007 individuals have disappeared, and millions have been displaced. Women and girls have long been on the frontlines of this war – as combatant, victim, and peacemaker. What they and all conflict victims stand to gain from peace is monumental, given that entire generations have known nothing but war. For more, see Refugees International's latest report:
  12 Dec 2016   5m11s 1 143 0
A Victim of Colombia's Conflict Shares her Story
Description: This victim of Colombia's conflict shared her story with a Refugees International team during a recent mission to Colombia. For more on the women victims of Colombia's conflict, see the new RI report, “A Battle Not Yet Over: Displacement and Women's Needs in Post-Peace Agreement Colombia"
  12 Dec 2016   2m42s 0 35 0
Michel Gabaudan discusses humanitarian crisis in Aleppo on BBC World News America
Description: RI President Michel Gabaudan discussed the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Syria.
  12 Aug 2016   3m19s 1 188 0