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President Obama Tours Food Security Projects in Senegal Highlighting NCBA CLUSA's Work
Description: President Obama toured a food security expo in Senegal, talking with people who have developed or benefited from agricultural innovations and thanking them for "helping us to meet an urgent challenge" by alleviating chronic hunger and ensuring food security.
  19 Jul 2013   3m16s 1 490 0
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NCBA CLUSA and Partners Implement USAID 'Pass on the Gift' Project to Provide Livestock Grants
Description: Passing on the Gift of Prosperity: Animal Grants for Vulnerable People USAID|Yaajeende provides animal grants to vulnerable families as part of USAID's Feed the Future program to improve food security, nutrition and incomes in the regions of Matam and Kedougou and in the department of Bakel. Participants in the remote villages of Sinthiou Fissa and Bonjisinthiang gathered to celebrate community unity and to celebrate Yaajeende or abundance as they receive their sheep during an animal placement ceremony in Bakel, Senegal. One participant said, "The sheep will help us improve our lives. They will help improve our nutrition, our education and our health." By the end of the 5-year project more than 5,500 families will receive animals and training from USAID|Yaajeende staff. And as the animals multiply thousands of new families will benefit from grants. This project is being implemented in Sengal by NCBA CLUSA International in partnership with Heifer International, Counterpart International, and Sheladia Associates, Inc.
  18 Jul 2013   2m58s 0 376 0
Go Co-op! Cooperatives are a Better Way to Do Business
Description: Cooperatives are a better way to do business. There are Many Ways to Cooperate. Where People are Worth More Than Money. Own Your Job and Your Future. We Know Good Food. The Electric Cooperative Difference. A Healthy Focus on Patients not Paperwork. The Value of Ownership and Community. Businesses Cooperate for Savings. Go Co-op!
  18 Jul 2013   17m43s 40 6461 0
The Spirit of Cooperation
Description: The Spirit of Cooperation: The Story of Cooperatives and How Americans Use Them to Improve Their Lives and Their Communities Americans have always believed in working together to solve their problems. That's the whole idea behind cooperatives. Cooperatives have helped Americans meet their needs for such things as credit, housing, child care, food, consumer goods and services, utilities, and health care. And that's the story of the "The Spirit of Cooperation". From America's first successful cooperative--a mutual insurance company formed by Benjamin Franklin, to an international communications cooperative--Intelsat, the documentary demonstrates how cooperatives work works, describes what they've done, and helps people understand how they can benefit from belonging to one. The show blends history, economics, and interviews with members of cooperatives to explain the cooperative concept. Narrated by James Earl Jones Produced by National Productions; Washington, DC Copyright 1994 National Tele-Productions, Inc.
  18 Jul 2013   56m59s 17 2292 0
NCBA CLUSA Building A Better World Cooperative By Cooperative
Description: Poverty. Illness. Illiteracy. We live in a world where more than a billion people -- 1 in 5 -- live on less than a dollar a day. 42 million live with HIV/AIDS; 9 out of 10 of them in developing countries.Hundreds of millions in these countries lack access to clean water. Only 1 in 3 children in Africa completes primary education. NCBA CLUSA is on the front line tackling these problems and more. With more than 60 years of experience in international development, NCBA CLUSA has demonstrated that cooperatives are a key tool in lifting people out of poverty. Why? Because cooperatives help people help themselves giving them greater influence over their economic future.
  17 Jul 2013   5m7s 0 122 0
CNN Talks with NCBA CLUSA About Consumer Food Cooperatives
Description: CNN's "Issue #1" featuring NCBA CLUSA spokesperson talking the ability of food cooperatives in providing an economical food distribution alternative.
  17 Jul 2013   4m1s 1 161 0
NCBA CLUSA Zambia: From Subsistence to Business
Description: A USAID Profit Documentary. This media product is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of NCBA CLUSA International and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government. This video/documentary was produced and funded under USAID/Zambia's Production Finances, and Technology (PROFIT) Project under Cooperative Agreement Number 690-A-00-05-00077-00 with additional substantial funding from USAID's Cooperative Development Program under Cooperative Development Program under Cooperative Agreement Number AFP-A-00-04-00032-00 or the United States Government.
  16 Jul 2013   24m54s 1 127 0
NCBA CLUSA Improving Health Access in Rural Kenya
Description: In the remote parts of Kenya, NCBA CLUSA is helping rural villages obtain access to heath services improving the overall health and well-being of their community. Through the use of cooperative principles, village members are forming their own health committees and reaching out to other villages in surrounding areas to gain access to additional services not readily available in their own community. Visit for more information.
  15 Jul 2013   9m27s 0 176 0