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A Mother's Hands Make Miracles
Description: In celebration of Mother's Day 2017 and women around the world, Landesa's West Bengal program created this video that shows the transformational power of women's secure rights to land.
  10 May 2017   3m45s 0 15 0
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Anju's Dream
Description: In Uttar Pradesh, India, single women are learning about their rights to own and inherit land through legal literacy trainings provided by Landesa, in partnership with local government authorities. The program has reached more than 50,000 women.
  17 Mar 2017   3m10s 1 165 0
50 Years of Land Rights
Description: For 50 years, in more than 50 countries, Landesa has helped the world's poorest people access a simple but powerful tool to improve their lives: Secure rights to land. Learn more at
  17 Mar 2017   2m38s 3 311 0
A New Dawn for Women's Land Rights in West Bengal
Description: In India, just 12.8% of women own agricultural land. But efforts are being made to issue land titles to single women, and jointly to married women and men.
  07 Mar 2017   2m19s 0 42 0
What is Anju's Dream?
Description: Anju, like millions of women around the world, has a dream. To learn more, visit
  06 Mar 2017   24s 2 81 0
Piari's Legacy: A Land Title
Description: For Piari, a 65-year-old widow in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a land title not only provides a sense of stability -- it is an asset that she can pass on to her daughters.
  13 Oct 2016   51s 2 185 0
Rose of Rwanda - Promoting Peace Project
Description: Follow Rose, and see her impact, as she travels the Rwandan countryside educating communities about women’s rights to land.
  18 Mar 2016   4m33s 6 493 0
Why Land Rights Matter - Kofi Annan
Description: In 15 seconds, Kofi Annan captures the importance of land rights in lifting the world's poor out of poverty.
  17 Dec 2015   16s 1 330 0
Land Rights and Poverty Alleviation - French Subtitles
  12 Jun 2015   3m11s 1 169 0
Land Rights and Poverty Alleviation
  12 Mar 2015   3m11s 3 754 0
Land: At the Roots of Sustainable Development (UPDATED VERSION)
  21 Jan 2015   2m25s 4 1106 0
Land: At the Roots of Sustainable Development
Description: This video makes the case for why it is vital to retain secure land rights for women and men under three key of the Sustainable Development Goals: poverty, nutrition, and gender equality.
  16 Jan 2015   2m31s 11 1306 0