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Love Can Save A Life (Acapella Version) - Rashid Bhikha ft Work of Islamic Relief
Description: Nasheed artist and Islamic Relief ambassador, Rashid Bhikha, released a brand new song entitled: 'Love can Save a Life.’ This hard-hitting, emotionally-driven song features the amazing work of humanitarian organization, Islamic Relief Worldwide. “This new song and video aims to inspire people. By using actual footage from the field, I wanted to soften hearts to encourage people to make a positive difference in their communities. These last few days of Ramadan represent a unique opportunity for us to use the gift of our love and save a life!” – Rashid Bhikha
  21 Jun 2017   5m6s 33 643 0
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Malawi Ramadan Food Distribution
Description: Islamic Relief has been able to distribute 7,700 Ramadan food packs reaching over 38,000 people in five districts of Malawi, Alhamdulillah! Visit our website to find out more about our distributions in Malawi this Ramadan
  21 Jun 2017   1m18s 18 206 0
Saving Lives Since 1984 | Islamic Relief
Description: Alhamdulillah, we have changed and saved over 110 million lives since 1984. By responding to disasters, rebuilding lives and preparing people in case disaster strikes – we save lives before they are lost. Our global reach enables us to distribute lifesaving aid in some of the most hard to reach areas such as remote villages and in active conflict zones.
  31 May 2017   31s 31 616717 0
Ramadan Packaging - Syria Food Packs
  30 May 2017   2m5s 22 310 0
Ramadan Greetings from Naser Haghamed, Islamic Relief Worldwide CEO
  26 May 2017   1m15s 4 551 0
Ramadan with Islamic Relief
Description: This Ramadan, our teams around the world will be aiming to feed more than 1 million people from the most disadvantaged communities in more than 30 countries
  25 May 2017   1m57s 54 1704 0
Syria Ramadan Programme 2016
Description: Last Ramadan our food packs reached 30,000 families in Idlib and Aleppo, Syria. Visit our website for information about our Ramadan projects this year.
  22 May 2017   2m29s 38 40570 0
"Farming has stopped for over a year because of the drought" - Hussein, Somalia
Description: Hussein is deputy elder of Qoyta village where there is around 2,500 households and many of them are farmers and pastoralists. Having lost all their livestock, they have been unable to do any farming activities for more than a year because of the drought.
  27 Mar 2017   1m3s 2 642 0
"We are pastoralists & we have lost all our livestock" - Efrah, Somalia
Description: Efrah is a pastoralist who has lost all her livestock. She fled to the camp with nothing, in need of support. Visit our website to find out how you can help pastoralists like Efrah who have not received any support so far.
  27 Mar 2017   31s 0 287 0
"I have lost all of my livestock because of the drought" - Zainab, Somalia
Description: Zainab Mohammad Warsame has been living in a Camp in Hargeisa for a month. She was forced to flee her home after she lost all of her livestock because of the drought. With 10 children including a daughter who is epileptic, Zainab is finding it difficult to provide food, shelter and medicine for her family.
  27 Mar 2017   1m34s 1 310 0
"Despite the conditions we still remain hopeful" - Abdulrashid Ismail Jama, Somalia
Description: Ismail Jama who is confined to a wheelchair shares his story. As he is too weak to speak, his son Abdulrashid Ismail Jama speaks on his behalf. Visit our website to find out how you can help.
  27 Mar 2017   1m28s 1 159 0
Islamic Relief Borehole in Somalia
Description: 30,000 people are befitting from IR borehole that was built in 2015 in Hargeisa, Somalia. Some pastoralists have been travelling 30-40km to access this. The community in which it is serving is growing as the number of displaced people settling in the area is increasing due to the fact it is the most reliable water supply for 70km #EastAfricaCrisis #Famine
  27 Mar 2017   1m45s 1 241 0