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AgTalks (promo): Rahul Antao
Description: By including youth in discussion and transforming foods such as millets into millet banana pancakes drizzled with honey, IFAD Consultant and Food Enthusiast, Rahul Antao, aims to get children more engaged in agriculture. He argues that there is no point in using the words “sustainable” or “future” if young people are not involved. See his complete AgTalk episode here:
  24 Apr 2017   38s 1 43 0
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Indonesia: Fish Patrol
Description: Demand for fish in Asia has been rising steadily. To tap into this lucrative market, fish poachers in Indonesia have been using more destructive methods, including coral-destroying poisons and explosives. Now the local fishermen are patrolling their own waters, protecting this important fish habitat while ensuring they have sustainable future livelihoods.
  24 May 2017   4m8s 4 198 0
AgTalks (promo): Josine Macaspac
Description: Each year, millions of tons of crops are destroyed due to poor pest management. With her passion for agriculture, Josine Macaspac, a young innovator from the Philippines, is changing the way farmers protect their crops. See her complete AgTalk here:
  05 Apr 2017   26s 2 25 0
AgTalks (promo): Alpha Sennon
Description: Alpha Sennon, Founder of WHYFARM in Trinidad and Tobago, describes how he created food and nutrition superheroes AGRIman and PhotosyntheSISTA to teach young people that farming can be cool. See his complete talk at
  23 Mar 2017   34s 1 116 0
Gilbert Foussoun Houngbo appointed IFAD President
Description: On 14 February, 2017, Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, the former Prime Minister of Togo, was appointed as the sixth President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In this video, he addresses IFAD member states at the 40th session of the Governing Council shortly after his appointment is announced.
  06 Mar 2017   19m22s 2 703 0
Representatives of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum at IFAD meeting Pope Francis
Description: Indigenous peoples’ representative from around the world met with Pope Francis in Rome, Italy. The representatives were in Rome for the third global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum at IFAD, which focuses on economic empowerment of indigenous peoples, particularly women and youth.
  01 Mar 2017   4m58s 1 228 0
A World Without Poverty or Hunger
Description: The Sustainable Development Goals hold up the promise of a radically different and better future that leaves no one behind. How can that promise be realized by 2030?
  08 Mar 2017   3m51s 2 182 0
Keynote: Montek Singh Ahluwalia, former Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, India
Description: Keynote: Montek Singh Ahluwalia, former Deputy Chairman (Cabinet Minister) of the Planning Commission, India
  30 Jan 2017   1h4m28s 0 95 0
PLENARY SESSION IV: Preliminary conclusions
  27 Jan 2017   34m32s 0 47 0