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Higher Education & Social Mobility
Description: Town hall with John Friedman regarding higher education and what institutions are improving students’ social mobility.
  25 May 2017   59m32s 11 239 0
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Putting Students First in Higher Ed
Description: By transforming education after high school to meet the needs of students, Sinclair Community College is helping graduates succeed and Dayton, Ohio rebuild. Learn more at
  11 May 2017   2m41s 7 239 0
“What Are Your Challenges as a Student?” | Graduation Celebration
Description: College students reflect on the challenges they face and their motivation to succeed. Learn more at
  10 May 2017   2m6s 1 203 0
Today’s College Students Share Their Stories | Graduation Celebration
Description: College students reflect on the challenges they face and their motivation to succeed. Learn more at
  10 May 2017   1m41s 1 145 0
“What Are You Most Optimistic About?” | Graduation Celebration
Description: This year’s college graduates share their excitement for the future. Learn more at
  10 May 2017   1m17s 2 70 0
UCLA Student Maryam Reflects on Graduation | Graduation Celebration
Description: College student Maryan talks about taking on challenges and learning how to grow. Learn more at
  10 May 2017   1m1s 1 63 0
Wisconsin Student Oseghale’s Tips for Success | Graduation Celebration
Description: First-generation college student Oseghale talks about “finding the place you can contribute the most.” Visit
  10 May 2017   1m31s 1 88 0
Early Learning: Quality Pre-K Means Starting Strong
Description: Pre-K teacher Daren Chamberlain and the team at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School know how important a high-quality pre-K experience is for getting their students off to a strong start in school. And the research is clear; quality pre-K can help reduce – and even eliminate – achievement gaps in reading in math. See how Daren works with his students to make sure they are ready for kindergarten.
  27 Apr 2017   1m59s 18 479 0
For Her Health, I Make Sure She's Vaccinated
Description: The lengths one woman goes to in order to give her children the gift of immunization. #VaccinesWork
  23 Apr 2017   1m1s 25 566 0
Godfrey's Journey: Treating NTDs in Malawi
Description: Godfrey Yonasi Cheleni is a health worker in Malawi in charge of delivering drugs to treat Lymphatic Filariasis - a painful and debilitating disease - to 8 villages in Malawi. Follow his journey to deliver these drugs to people who need them most.
  21 Apr 2017   2m57s 11 309 0
Record Breaking Generosity
Description: In January, our partners were part of an international medication donation for the record books. Literally. More than 207 MILLION doses donated in 24 hours!
  19 Apr 2017   2m22s 25 755 0
Postsecondary Success: An Institutional View
Description: Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio is making a difference in the lives of its students by rethinking its advising and academic support programs. Meet one of the leaders of their groundbreaking efforts and one of the students benefiting from them.
  22 Feb 2017   2m3s 6 580 0