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Postsecondary Success: An Institutional View
Description: Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio is making a difference in the lives of its students by rethinking its advising and academic support programs. Meet one of the leaders of their groundbreaking efforts and one of the students benefiting from them.
  22 Feb 2017   2m3s 6 335 0
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Postsecondary Success: A Student View
Description: Tyler Mulvenna, like millions of students in this country, is the first in his family to attempt college. Watch his story and learn how Georgia State University is working to help make it a success story.
  22 Feb 2017   2m3s 10 659 0
Global Vaccine Coverage
Description: Life-saving vaccines reach more children than ever. 86% are vaccinated worldwide. Let's get to 100%. Learn more:
  14 Feb 2017   16s 10 20028 0
122 Million Children's Lives Saved
Description: Since 1990, the world has saved 122 million children's lives. We can save more in the years ahead. Learn more:
  14 Feb 2017   16s 8 33647 0
The Decline of Child Mortality
Description: Since 1990, children dying from vaccine-preventable causes has been cut in half. On average, vaccine have saved 18,600 kids a day for the past 26 years. We can save even more. Learn more:
  14 Feb 2017   16s 12 58088 0
The New Majority:  Today's College Students
Description: Our U.S. Program President, Allan Golston, talks with students at Mission College in Santa Clara, California, to learn firsthand the challenges and opportunities today’s college students face in pursuing a higher education. Today’s students come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring an equally diverse set of needs. 40 percent are age 25 or older—returning to advance their career or to re-train for a new opportunity. Many students hold full-time jobs while enrolled in classes, one-quarter are parents, and many are the first in their family to attend college. In 2014, 42 percent of college students identified as students of color, compared to just 20 percent in 1990. Learn more about our higher education work:
  16 Dec 2016   3m31s 19 928 0
Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success
Description: Learn about how the Gates Foundation works to improve higher education for all students.
  12 Dec 2016   1m34s 19 600 0
Guide to Great Giving
Description: Want to give back? We've got some easy ways to get started. #GivingTuesday
  30 Nov 2016   1m53s 25 602 0
How Can Data Help Unlock the Potential of Women Everywhere?
Description: Family planning unlocks the potential of women everywhere. It is one of the best investments that a country can make in its future.
  07 Nov 2016   2m20s 20 514 0
How Can We Solve the World's Grand Challenges?
Description: For scientific breakthroughs to happen, promising discoveries need development. We're committed to bringing together people with innovative ideas for solving some of the world's biggest problems with experts who know how to make them happen. Our Grand Challenges program is a family of initiatives fostering innovation to solve key global health and development problems. Learn more:
  01 Nov 2016   2m39s 51 938 0
Innovation: Building a Better World for Everyone
Description: Throughout history, moments of crises have inspired us to solve problems that seemed impossible. Again and again, our ingenuity has proven to be our best defense. By investing in innovation, governments in the private sector and across the globe can push the boundaries of science and technology to make breakthroughs that will benefit all. Well-funded research can create jobs, strengthen economies, improve health, and alleviate poverty.
  01 Nov 2016   1m44s 36 807 0
كيف تساعد البيانات في مكافحة الأمراض؟
Description: يمكن ان يكون لإدارة البيانات دور هام في مكافحة الأمراض. يستعرض الفيديو دور البيانات في استئصال شلل الأطفال.
  19 Oct 2016   3m 13 291 0