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How many of your girls have been rescued from the sex trade?
Description: FAQ I know most of your girls are being protected from traffickers, but how many have actually been rescued from the sex trade?
  23 Jan 2017   4m4s 0 53 0
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Preventing Sex Trafficking in Cambodia with Nicky Mih
Description: In 2009 Free To Shine’s founder, Nicky Mih, spent a month in Cambodia volunteering with more than 200 survivors of sex trafficking. These girls dreamed of attending university and becoming teachers, doctors and lawyers as they believed that these professions were key in ending sex trafficking. With the end of her Cambodian time fast approaching, Nicky asked the question that would change her life. “I asked survivors who had been rescued how I could help, and I was hardly prepared for their answer. I thought they’d want something straight-forward and easy to provide, like university tuition fees, but they didn’t want anything for themselves. Instead they wanted for no other girl to go through the horrors they’d been through. They asked me to go out into the rural villages, find the girls who weren’t in school, and protect them. They told me that if these young girls were in school they would not be trafficked.” –Nicky Mih, Founder & Managing Director, Free To Shine.
  13 Dec 2016   6m 0 59 0
Meet 3 women who are leading the way in rural Cambodia
Description: These 3 women inspire us. Meet Koem Toch. In the rainy season she works as a farmer, and in the dry season she works as a cook. She has three adult children, and a husband who stays at home to look after the house and animals. In her community, Koem Toch helps navigate complicated relationship issues between families and individuals, including Domestic Violence. Meet Nim Mao. She begins work everyday at 3am to make Khmer noodles to sell to retailers. She has raised six children. She was widowed years ago, when her last child was only three days old. She’s had a hard life as a single mum yet still adopted a baby girl when she saw a girl in need, and fostered children whose parents died, until they could be placed with family members. She is a key member of her community who points us in the right direction of other girls she thinks we should assess for enrolment onto our program, and then she looks out for them and encourages them. Meet Choung Hach. She is a Village Leader, the first female village leader we've ever come across. It is a rare position for a woman. Her husband died more than 20 years ago and her eight children have all grown up and married. [TRACKLIST] XX - Angels (Karaoke Version) All songs used are not owned by myself, and are therefore used solely for non-profit & entertainment purposes.
  08 Mar 2016   9m25s 1 312 0
Description: #ItStartsWithYou is Free To Shine's latest campaign to spread the word of empowering girls with an education.
  25 Feb 2016   1m58s 1 72 0
Free to Shine Superheroes
  04 Jun 2015   3m38s 12 765 0
We believe children should be in schools, not brothels.
Description: We believe children should be in schools, not brothels. So we identify girls at high risk of being targeted by traffickers, get her a uniform and a bike, fill a bag with books and pens, and visit her regularly to keep her in school and keep her safe. We equip with an education to prevent sex trafficking.
  24 Oct 2014   16m14s 4 332 0