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Part 1 - The Founding of Development and Peace
Description: Part 1 The Sixties 1967 - The Founding of Development and Peace
  29 Mar 2017   3m39s 1 152 0
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My retirement — not at the cost of human dignity!
  07 Feb 2017   2m16s 0 205 0
Share Lent 2017 - Indonesia
  20 Jan 2017   3m31s 1 656 0
Share Lent 2017 - Democratic Republic of the Congo
  20 Jan 2017   2m23s 1 397 0
Share Lent 2017 - Paraguay
  20 Jan 2017   2m41s 0 528 0
Vox pop Solidarity ENG
Description: Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is celebrating 50 years of solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable people in the countries of the Global South. But what does solidarity mean for Development and Peace? Find out here!
  08 Nov 2016   3m14s 0 319 0
At the heart of the action : Indonesia
Description: See how Development and Peaces's partner Payo Payo is helping farmers in Indonesia find a new love for the land with volunteers like Eka.
  16 Sep 2016   4m19s 1 371 0
Agroecology in Canada
Description: Helene Tremblay-Boyko, a Canadian farmer and member of Development and Peace, shows how she is switching to agroecology.
  29 Aug 2016   3m23s 6 646 0
The Pope Francis Village: We Can Do It!
Description: Women are at the forefront of the Pope Francis Village, a Development and Peace reconstruction project in the Philippines that is supporting communities to build their own village after theirs were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. See how women are making this project happen – even the construction!
  26 Aug 2016   2m21s 0 122 0
Description: Learn about how our partners COSOR and Decidamos are helping small family farmers like Tomás use agroecology and defend their lands against agribusinesses
  24 Aug 2016   4m37s 1 458 0
World Social Forum
Description: From August 8th to 14th, Montreal hosted the World Social Forum, a global gathering of social movements, civil society organizations, activists and individuals who all have an interest in creating a better world. Development and Peace was a proud sponsor and an active participant of this event. Have your own WSF experience with this video!
  24 Aug 2016   2m53s 0 280 0
50th Anniversary: Animated Timeline
Description: Watch and share our colorful animated video that gives and abbreviated history of Development and Peace and kicks off our 50th anniversary celebrations!
  22 Aug 2016   1m1s 1 854 0