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5by20: Future Generations Mother’s Day Film
  24 Apr 2017   1m15s 2 117 0
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Refreshing Angeles National Forests’ Watershed
Description: Together, Coca-Cola and the U.S. Forest Service replenish nearly half a billion Liters of water to the Angeles National Forest per year. Here’s how they make it happen.
  22 Apr 2017   46s 2 186 0
Coca-Cola and the U.S. Forest Service Tackle Invasive Plants to Replenish Water
Description: In California’s Angeles National Forest, an invasive plant species dries the local watershed, which provides drinking water to one third of L.A. Learn how Coca-Cola and the U.S. Forest Service are replenishing the region’s water.
  22 Apr 2017   1m48s 7 205 0
The Pour That Refreshes
Description: Chef Linton Hopkins of H&F Burger in Atlanta believes he has perfected his Coca-Cola pour. How? With the help of a one-of-a-kind fountain.
  14 Apr 2017   1m34s 15 718 0
Una travesía para unir el espíritu de quienes hacen posible Coca-Cola
Description: De Buenos Aires a Santiago de Chile: una travesía para unir el espíritu de quienes hacen posible Coca-Cola
  13 Apr 2017   1m34s 2 72 0
Algunas de las claves para convertirse en un auténtico Ironman
Description: Fuerza física y mental, buena alimentación e hidratación, algunas de las claves para convertirse en un auténtico Ironman
  13 Apr 2017   1m24s 0 55 0
“Intimo”, con Sergio Freire
  12 Apr 2017   5m39s 1 106 0
From Coca-Cola Syrup Drums to Rain Barrels
Description: Did you know Coca-Cola repurposes used syrup ingredient drums to build rain barrels? Learn how to build your own barrel and replenish water today!
  11 Apr 2017   46s 8 558 0
How We're Using SmartLabel To Provide More Information | The Coca-Cola Company
Description: With consumer needs in mind, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) in 2015 announced plans for an unprecedented initiative that brings more transparency into and more information about what’s on store shelves. This U.S. initiative, ultimately named SmartLabel, uses QR code as well as online technology to provide extensive product details for any item in the food, beverage or consumer goods space in an easy and uniform way. The Coca-Cola Company became an early adopter of the GMA program and is helping to lead the way by identifying, implementing and sharing best practices. How does it work? A QR code is placed on the packaging of every participating product. People simply scan the code, instantly pulling up information on their mobile phones. This quick function makes SmartLabel an invaluable tool for shoppers as they walk through the aisles. Each product page looks alike, making it easy to identify and find the information most important to the user. Find out more:
  06 Apr 2017   1m46s 11 508 0
Manos a la Obra
  05 Apr 2017   36s 0 114 0