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The Best Coffee Bean Makes for the Best Coffee
Description: Learn about the process that goes behind selecting the right coffee bean to get the perfect Georgia brew!
  23 Jun 2017   2m44s 2 71 0
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How to Become a Coffee Taster
Description: Looking for a career in coffee tasting? Listen to the mantras from the expert.
  23 Jun 2017   3m20s 1 50 0
Hardworking Crew for the Georgia Brew
Description: Professionals from around the world put in their best effort to give you the perfect cup of Georgia coffee.
  22 Jun 2017   3m13s 3 35 0
Coca Cola’s Frontline Sales Team Drives Business with Skilling Programme
Description: Salesmen at Hindustan Coca-Cola are getting trained on the use of digital technology to help drive efficiency.
  22 Jun 2017   3m54s 1 62 0
Blending the Best Bean for Georgia Coffee
Description: An interview with Deepak Khanvikar, Global Director, Brewed Beverages, The Coca-Cola Company, on how to choose the right bean for the right brew, to achieve that great Georgia taste!
  22 Jun 2017   4m21s 2 37 0
The Right Coffee Taste for the Indian Palate
Description: The challenge of living up to the taste buds of India’s coffee lovers is not easy. Deepak Khanvilkar, Global Director, Brewed Beverages, The Coca-Cola Company, tells how it is achieved.
  22 Jun 2017   3m39s 1 50 0
‘Consistency of Taste is Hallmark of Georgia Coffee’
Description: The key to the amazing taste of Georgia Coffee is consistency. Deepak Khanvilkar, Global Director, Brewed Beverages, The Coca-Cola Company, tells us how it’s done .
  22 Jun 2017   4m58s 1 33 0
Fanta Pulpy Orange Launched after Push in India
Description: After the Prime Minister's call to add fruit juice to fizzy drinks, Coca-Cola India launches Fanta Pulpy Orange variant.
  22 Jun 2017   2m49s 2 94 0
Constanza Flores, una líder para no perder de vista
  21 Jun 2017   1m32s 0 46 0