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Seattle Urban Academy | Marisol's Story
Description: In 5th grade, Marisol's parents were incarcerated. In the following years, Marisol struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. With guidance from community mentors, Marisol enrolled in Seattle Urban Academy, a private high school for at-risk youth. Since enrolling, Marisol's life has been forever transformed through the loving support and high academic standards found at SUA.
  12 May 2017   7m52s 2 129 0
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King's Auction 2017 - "This is the Place"
  20 Mar 2017   7m31s 5 897 0
Seattle Urban Academy | James's Story
Description: A brutal history of violence, neglect, expulsion and gang affiliation brought James to a crossroads at a young age. Through the advice of mentors and peers, James enrolled in Seattle Urban Academy, where he's now on track to graduate high school and pursue a university education.
  15 Nov 2016   4m40s 0 85 0
CRISTA Senior Living | "You Are Welcome Here"
Description: CRISTA Senior Living sets the standards for community, care and culture in the Pacific Northwest. Visit our website today, or stop by and take a tour of our first-rate facilities.
  21 Sep 2016   5m33s 0 191 0
CRISTA Web Header
  29 Jun 2016   26s 0 33 0
Seattle Urban Academy | Joshua's Story
Description: After a drive-by shooting nearly ended his life; Joshua recounts his childhood struggles, his battle with temptation and his discovery of faith at Seattle Urban Academy.
  23 May 2016   5m22s 9 805 0
Make a difference with Remember a Pet | Christian Veterinary Mission
Description: Send a customized sympathy card in memory of a friend or client's pet and be a part of the global work of Christian Veterinary Mission. Visit
  05 Apr 2016   3m1s 0 84 0
It's Never Too Late to Thank a Teacher | King's 2016 Auction Video
Description: Teachers change lives. It's never too late to thank them.
  21 Mar 2016   8m5s 10 1061 0
CRISTA Ministries | We Are Family
  21 Mar 2016   2m1s 2 536 0
King's Schools | Aerial Tour
Description: King's Schools | Aerial Tour
  27 Jun 2016   2m15s 9 1318 0
Saved for a Reason Trailer
Description: Saved for a Reason Documentary Trailer
  05 Feb 2016   2m28s 42 4445 0
King's Students | The Christmas Story
  21 Dec 2015   1m46s 6 782 0