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Yemen Medical Care Crisis
Description: Twelve-year-old Mohammad is being treated in a hospital supported by the Red Cross after a bomb hit his home in Yemen. Fighting and severe shortages of medical supplies mean that fewer than half of Yemen’s hospitals are fully functioning. “I wish for peace in Yemen so that I can go back to school,” says Mohammad. Watch his story. Donate to our Yemen Crisis Appeal here-
  26 Apr 2017   57s 2 124 0
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Nepal: rebuilding livelihoods
  26 Apr 2017   47s 2 90 0
Returning home in Syria | Two sheep to welcome you back
Description: The Red Cross and Red Crescent* are helping people returning to villages in rural Homs devastated by the conflict. Five hundred farming families were given two pregnant sheep each to restart their herds, plus help with sheep feed, vaccinations and veterinary services. Please give to the Syria Crisis Appeal at *This project is supported by the British Red Cross, Syrian Arab Red Crescent and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
  03 Apr 2017   1m4s 6 370 0
  05 Apr 2017   29s 5 556 0
Care story | Share your care story with us
  29 Mar 2017   9s 1 74 0
Care story | Share your care story with us
  29 Mar 2017   9s 1 64 0
Care story | Share your care story with us
  29 Mar 2017   12s 3 130 0
Care story | Share your care story with us
  29 Mar 2017   47s 0 112 0
British Red Cross | Spend a little time helping people who feel alone
Description: British Red Cross volunteer Alan, discusses how he is helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation – by giving just a few hours a week. Change lives in your community. Visit
  28 Mar 2017   1m 3 582 0
When five years feel like 50 | support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Description: “Life is hard, honestly.” Mr Al Sheikh used to be a teacher. “We didn’t need support. We didn’t even know what support was in Syria,” he says. Then he and his family had to flee for their lives to Lebanon. Red Cross cash grants now help pay their rent. Please give to our Syria Crisis Appeal today.
  22 Mar 2017   1m22s 1 113 0
East Africa Crisis Appeal: a race against time
Description: Parents are watching their children go hungry. They need our help and they need it now. Please donate today. East Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in living memory. Conflict has also forced millions of people to flee their homes. Millions of lives are now at risk. Children and new mothers are in grave danger. With no access to food, starvation is an ever present threat. Please donate today to save lives.
  21 Mar 2017   1m16s 2 591 0
Syria Crisis Appeal – ‘How did it end up like this?’
Description: Sarah, 30, has lived in a makeshift tent in Tripoli, Lebanon, for five years. Originally from the Syrian city of Homs, Sarah and her three children are among the one million Syria refugees currently living in Lebanon.
  13 Mar 2017   1m14s 0 202 0