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Volunteer with us
Description: Thank you to all our amazing Red Cross volunteers. For more info, visit
  09 May 2017   46s 3 67 0
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Our real life superheroes
Description: It's time to celebrate the real superheroes, and we don't mean Guardians of the Galaxy!
  23 May 2017   1m12s 2 50 0
5 ways you've brought more good to our world
Description: Here's what your support has helped us achieve. For more information, visit
  04 May 2017   43s 1 63 0
Bring more good to our world: Colin
Description: Help Colin count his blessings, not his losses. For more info, visit
  23 May 2017   53s 1 44 0
What you can do for the East African food crisis
Description: Think the East Africa food crisis is too big to make a difference? Think again. $111 can give life-saving medical care for up to 600 people. The families of East Africa need your help. This crisis is too big to ignore.
  12 Apr 2017   23s 0 79 0
Families on the brink of starvation
Description: 20 million people across Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya are facing starvation and running out of water.The drought in east Africa means Hamda and her two children go for days with little water and no food. In the last 18 months, two of Hamda’s children have died because of the drought. The families of east Africa need your help. This crisis is too big to ignore.
  12 Apr 2017   38s 0 104 0
Here's 5 ways volunteers make Australia a better place
Description: From helping the lonely and isolated to mentoring learner drivers so they can get their independence, volunteers make society a better place. For more information on how to volunteer, visit
  13 Apr 2017   34s 2 192 0
Food crisis too big too ignore
Description: It’s hard to grasp the scale of drought in East Africa – this drone footage will help you understand the life-and-death struggle being faced by millions.
  12 Apr 2017   31s 0 524 0
Jess Lees in Somalia
Description: Red Cross aid worker Jess Lees is on the ground in Somalia where more than six million people urgently need food and water. For more information, visit
  11 Apr 2017   46s 0 365 0
Food Crisis in East Africa
Description: This is happening today. We need to act. Now. Here's where you can donate:
  21 Mar 2017   24s 0 49 0
Find your next look at a Red Cross shop
Description: Watch Alex Van Os style Kodi and Joao with clothes and accessories from our new Manly Red Cross shop. For more information, visit
  11 Apr 2017   36s 1 48 0
Red Cross Shop fashion makeover
Description: Alex van Os shows how you can transform your look for a fraction of the cost.
  15 Mar 2017   53s 2 192 0