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Why Should the Private Sector Scale Up Investment in Asian Infrastructure?
Description: ADB Economic Advisor Abdul Abiad outlines the main reasons why infrastructure throughout the region is a good bet for investors. Now's the time to invest in Asia! #letsbuildasia Download the report:
  20 Jun 2017   1m58s 2 52 0
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Rebuilding Schools in Eastern Bhutan
Description: After a deadly earthquake in eastern Bhutan in 2009, the government was determined to build back better. In partnership with the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction and the Asian Development Bank, four badly damaged schools were rebuilt and now provide earthquake resilient classrooms and hostels for more than 700 children. More on... Upgrading Schools and Integrated Disaster Education Project: ADB's work in Bhutan:
  14 Jun 2017   2m54s 5 53 0
New Procurement Framework Aims to Improve Efficiency and Quality
Description: ADB's new procurement framework will cut down on processing times and improve quality. What will be the impact on civil works contractors, suppliers and consultancy services? ADB Director Ramesh Subramaniam explains.
  08 Jun 2017   2m2s 2 193 0
Building an Export-grade Power Distribution Grid in Georgia
Description: New high-voltage facilities like the Marneuli 500 kV substation near Tbilisi are preparing the ground for Georgia's planned boost in hydropower generation and green energy exports to neighboring countries. Georgia's power development plan includes 60 energy transmission projects across the country over 10 years. More on... Regional Power Transmission Enhancement Project: ADB's work in Georgia:
  07 Jun 2017   1m53s 1 46 0
How Does ADB's Supply Chain Finance Program Work?
Description: Supply Chain Finance boosts growth by bringing innovative financing to SMEs. ADB's program offers a relatively low risk, low cost way of getting money to SME suppliers by leveraging the credit rating of larger buyers in a supply chain. More on... ADB's Supply Chain Finance Program:
  30 May 2017   3m3s 8 121 0
Description: ADB is grateful for the role of its partners throughout its 50-year journey. Partnerships have been crucial to the rapid growth of Asia and the Pacific, and will continue to be a driving force towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. More on cofinancing partnerships:
  24 May 2017   5m13s 2 69 0
50th Annual Meeting: Opening Session Cultural Show
Description: Highlights of the cultural show at the Opening Session of ADB's 50th Annual Meeting in Yokohama.
  06 May 2017   1m9s 31 3087 0
ADB History Book: A Journey through 50 Years of Development in Asia and the Pacific
Description: Australian academic, and the book's author, Peter McCawley gives 3 reasons why ADB is important for Asia and the Pacific. #ADB50 Download the book:
  04 May 2017   1m2s 2 121 0
A Surprising Story from ADB's History Book
Description: Australian academic, and the book's author, Peter McCawley's anecdote may delight you. #ADB50 Download the book:
  04 May 2017   1m24s 1 111 0
Why You Should Read ADB's History Book
Description: Australian academic, and the book's author, Peter McCawley succinctly answers why this book is a must read for development practitioners and scholars alike. #ADB50 Download the book:
  04 May 2017   43s 0 113 0
Clean Water Brings Hygiene and Happiness in Nepal's Small Towns
Description: Clean drinking water is giving small towns across Nepal a new lease on life, as ADB joins forces with the government in a ground-breaking scheme that sees consumers taking a direct stake in local water agencies. In 69 of the country's small towns, more than 1.24 million people have come together to make their communities healthy and clean. More on... Third Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project: ADB's work in Nepal: Water for All:
  19 Apr 2017   3m22s 6 305 0
Follow ADB's Business Center on LinkedIn
Description: Asia and the Pacific needs $8.4 trillion for transport infrastructure through to 2030. We need businesses to work with us to help build the region.
  22 Jun 2017   36s 1 25 0