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Clean Water Brings Hygiene and Happiness in Nepal's Small Towns
Description: Clean drinking water is giving small towns across Nepal a new lease on life, as ADB joins forces with the government in a ground-breaking scheme that sees consumers taking a direct stake in local water agencies. In 69 of the country's small towns, more than 1.24 million people have come together to make their communities healthy and clean. More on... Third Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project: ADB's work in Nepal: Water for All:
  19 Apr 2017   3m22s 3 103 0
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Technology Brings First-class Health Services to Rural Mongolia
Description: Mongolia, with support from ADB, is improving primary health care in remote areas across the country thanks to technological innovations such as e-Health and Telemedicine. More on... Third Health Sector Development Project: ADB's work in Mongolia: ADB's work in the health sector:
  11 Apr 2017   2m24s 1 56 0
Protecting Tajikistan from Avalanches, Floods, and Droughts
Description: Climate change-induced avalanches, flash floods, droughts, and landslides, are becoming increasingly frequent in mountainous Tajikistan. Through the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience of the Climate Investment Funds, the Asian Development Bank has been helping the country improve resilience to extreme weather events in the Pyanj River Basin, protecting land, crops, and infrastructure, and saving human lives. More on... Building Climate Resilience in the Pyanj River Basin: ADB's work in Tajikistan: ADB's work to fight climate change:
  04 Apr 2017   3m1s 5 282 0
Welcome to OCO!
Description: Kai Preugschat, head of ADB's Office of Cofinancing Operations, highlights the advantages of partnering with ADB. More on... Cofinancing with ADB: What is Cofinancing?
  21 Mar 2017   2m14s 4 102 0
Meeting Asia's Infrastructure Needs: Building and Maintaining Electricity Infrastructure
Description: An estimated $14.7 trillion are needed to build and maintain Asia’s electricity infrastructure through to 2030. How can Asia fund building the infrastructure it needs? Download ADB’s report on Asia’s infrastructure needs. #LetsBuildAsia More on ADB and infrastructure:
  16 Mar 2017   40s 2 117 0
ADB Supply Chain Finance Program and WTO
Description: World Trade Organization Counsellor Marc Auboin discusses how supply chain finance enable SMEs to grow. More on... ADB's Supply Chain Finance Program: ADB's Trade Finance Program:
  16 Mar 2017   1m44s 2 77 0
ADB is 50!
Description: A look at what ADB has achieved over the past half century and how it is changing to better meet development needs as Asia and the Pacific matures. More on... ADB: Who We Are - ADB@50 -
  14 Mar 2017   4m41s 6 618 0
Study with the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program
Description: The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program is open to citizens of eligible ADB borrowing member countries and accepts around 150 students a year in 29 universities. The program could be the helping hand you need to further your studies! More on... Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program brochure: Scholarships in Asia and the Pacific:
  13 Mar 2017   2m44s 7 375 0
Electric Train Brings Uzbekistan One Step Closer to Silk Railroad Dreams
Description: Uzbekistan is upgrading its Soviet-era railway network, replacing old, diesel locomotives with modern electric trains. The new railway, which is one of the most advanced in Central Asia, is promoting trade, regional connectivity, and local industry. The Asian Development Bank provided $100 million for the electrification of a 140-km railway track between the cities of Samarkand and Karshi in the south of country. #LetsBuildAsia. How much should Asia invest in infrastructure to maintain growth and fight climate change? More on... CAREC Corridor 6 (Marakand–Karshi) Railway Electrification Project: ADB's work in Uzbekistan: Sustainable transport for all:
  09 Mar 2017   3m47s 6 574 0
Meeting Asia's Infrastructure Needs: How Will It Be Funded?
Description: Developing Asia will need to invest $26 trillion from 2016 to 2030, or $1.7 trillion per year, to maintain its growth momentum. How will it be funded? Download the report:
  09 Mar 2017   32s 2 77 0
Did You Know? Asian Development Bank
Description: Have you ever stopped to think about how a development bank works? The Asian Development Bank has been around for nearly 50 years now, but how does it go about reducing poverty and promoting prosperity in the Asia Pacific region?
  06 Mar 2017   3m24s 8 758 0
Meeting Asia's Infrastructure Needs: Get the Numbers from ADB
  24 Feb 2017   30s 3 101 0