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Dream come true - The match of their lives
Description: Syrian refugees Alan and Gyan share the same dreams as many people. But they never imagined theirs would come true: meeting their footballing heroes Real Madrid in Munich. #realmadrid #refugees #iwelcome
  02 Jun 2017   2m2s 51 1267 0
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Fruits of Their Labour
Description: Human rights abuses in the Indonesian palm oil plantations. For the past year, Amnesty International has been investigating one of the largest producers of palm oil in the world – Wilmar, based in Singapore - and the working practices on some of its Indonesian plantations and those of its suppliers which are amongst the biggest on earth. "We knew there were concerns but the fact that these abuses are so prevalent in a sector that has come in such much scrutiny and there were so much fan fair with some of the largest companies promising consumers delivering sustainable palm oil that ensuring that no exploitations end up in the products that you and I use on an everyday basis I was actually shocked at that"
  06 Jun 2017   12m10s 22 413 0
How can you fail to keep tabs on $1Billion worth of arms?!
Description: The US Army failed to keep tabs on more than $1 billion worth of arms and other military equipment in Iraq and Kuwait according to a now declassified Department of Defense (DoD) audit, obtained by Amnesty International following Freedom of Information requests. The government audit, from September 2016, reveals that the DoD “did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of a vast amount of equipment pouring into Kuwait and Iraq to provision the Iraqi Army. The transfers, which include tens of thousands of assault rifles (worth USD$28 million), hundreds of mortar rounds and hundreds of Humvee armoured vehicles, were destined for use by the central Iraqi Army, including the predominantly Shi’a Popular Mobilisation Units, as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Amnesty International’s research has consistently documented lax controls and record-keeping within the Iraqi chain of command. This has resulted in arms manufactured in the USA and other countries winding up in the hands of armed groups known to be committing war crimes and other atrocities, such as IS, as well as paramilitary militias now incorporated into the Iraqi army.
  24 May 2017   45s 38 609 0
What does it mean to be brave?
Description: Today, people across the world are taking enormous risks to stand up for our right. They could be teachers, students, political opponents, factory workers, journalists, lawyers or so many others. They could be you, your friend or your relatives. But they’re being harassed, tortured, jailed and even killed – just for daring to speak out for what’s right. Without their courage, our world would be less fair, less just and less equal. We must stand with human rights defenders worldwide – and do all we can to keep them safe from harm. We can find the spark of courage in all of us to speak out for what’s right. We can tweet. We can protest. We can write letters. We can be a witness. And together we can act as one alongside human rights defenders, to fight injustice and build a fairer world.
  16 May 2017   1m34s 114 2440 0
Executions in 2016: a deadly year
  11 Apr 2017   56s 49 2161 0
The Global Shadow of Uzbekistani Surveillance
Description: Surveillance in Uzbekistan helps reinforce the already repressive environment for human rights defenders, journalists, political activists and others in Uzbekistan. Unlawful surveillance in Uzbekistan keeps families apart and harms the rights to free expression around the world, and limits the ability of people inside and outside of Uzbekistan to receive information. This film highlights stories of several Uzbekistani people, in Uzbekistan and in the diaspora, whose human rights have been negatively affected by the unlawful surveillance of the government of Uzbekistan.
  31 Mar 2017   8m25s 33 1340 0
Iraq: Civilians killed by airstrikes in their homes
Description: Hundreds of civilians have been killed by airstrikes inside their homes or in places where they sought refuge after following Iraqi government advice not to leave during the offensive to recapture the city of Mosul from the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS), said Amnesty International. Survivors and eyewitnesses in East Mosul said they did not try to flee as the battle got underway because they received repeated instructions from the Iraqi authorities to remain in their homes. The Iraqi government and the US-led coalition, must immediately launch an independent and impartial investigation into the appalling civilian death toll resulting from the Mosul operation.
  28 Mar 2017   1m38s 40 1314 0
After 6 years Syrians like Omran deserve justice.
Description: YOU can pressure the UN to make this happen now:
  15 Mar 2017   53s 47 954 0
#NoBan - Kamal's story
Description: Donald Trump's Executive Order on immigration may have been revised, but it remains blatantly discriminatory. Thinly disguised as a national security measure, Trump’s travel ban reinstates many of the most repellent elements of the original blocked by US courts. The US president has effectively shut America’s door to anyone - including refugees - from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. These six countries have two main things in common: they are predominantly Muslim, and many of their citizens are trying to seek asylum abroad to escape serious human rights violations like persecution, indiscriminate bombing, and torture. Rather than curbing the excesses of the first travel ban, the revised version shows a xenophobic policy towards Muslims which is mutating, virus-like, into an ever more resilient strain. And like a virus, its effects cannot be easily contained.
  09 Mar 2017   1m46s 44 946 0
Released after 17 years in prison Muhammad Bekzhanov, Uzbekistan
Description: Muhammad Bekzhanov from Uzbekistan was released on 22 February 2017 after 17 years in prison. Amnesty International members and supporters have tirelessly campaigned for his release. He was one of the longest detained journalists in the world.
  22 Feb 2017   49s 47 2132 0
President Trump - Show Her Respect
Description: Amnesty International's Secretary General, Salil Shetty, follows in the footsteps of the many millions of refugees and immigrants that have arrived in the United States of America in the past century, who have helped build the nation it is today. He references tributes to a iconic statue that not only symbolises a nation, but has come to represent unifying global values of freedom, compassion and respect. Amnesty International brings us together as a global movement to say to President Trump and all leaders of the world - I welcome refugees.
  23 Feb 2017   2m40s 98 1652 0
What Do We Want?
Description: Amnesty International releases its Annual Report on the State of the World’s Human Rights on Wednesday 22 February 2017. The Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of human rights globally, including country-by-country breakdown and analysis. This short video, produced to accompany the annual report, looks forward into 2017, and shows the world what Amnesty International envisions for the future.
  22 Feb 2017   1m33s 143 5165 0