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Meet Palestinian Farmers Who Embody the Spirit of Earth Day
Description: Though Dr. Mansour is a practicing medical doctor, he and his sister Ni'ma tend to the land every day. "This is our roots," he says. "Our feet are planted in this land. The land gives to the one who loves it and works on it." Dr. Mansour took part in ANERA's knowledge-sharing program, which helped Palestinian farmers across the West Bank share the best sustainable practices for dealing with challenges of water scarcity, climate change and restrictions on movement.
  21 Apr 2017   2m12s 3 53 0
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Using Wastewater to Nourish West Bank Farms
Description: This World Water Day 2017, meet a Palestinian farmer who is irrigating his alfalfa and trees with a valuable resource, wastewater, that was being thrown away as crops died.
  22 Mar 2017   2m5s 1 72 0
Meet Fadwa, a Woman Making a Difference in her West Bank Village
Description: Fadwa is a preschool teacher in Al Tireh, Palestine. She is one of 600 women who graduated from ANERA’s early childhood development teacher-training program.
  08 Mar 2017   1m44s 0 83 0
Using Treated Wastewater to Revive Palestine Agriculture
Description: The agricultural industry in Palestine is deeply hindered by water scarcity – an-ever growing problem. But now, farmers have a new way to water their crops. ANERA's first-of-its-kind water reuse project in Jenin helps farmers irrigate their crops using treated wastewater. With funding from OPEC Fund for International Development and individual donors, ANERA built reservoirs, pumps and pipelines to connect 70 farming families to the wastewater network.
  06 Mar 2017   1m24s 1 50 0
Sorting and Recycling Waste in Nahr El Bared Palestinian Camp
Description: Trash clearing and recycling inspire volunteers to take control of a bad situation in Nahr El Bared, northern Lebanon. Trash was dumped everywhere and people lived in unsanitary conditions. Volunteers fanned out to hundreds of homes, distributing literature and sorting bins to each family.
  16 Dec 2016   47s 0 136 0
Preschool in Shejaiya, Gaza Gets Rebuilt
Description: The Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza City was one of the areas worst affected by the war on Gaza in 2014. The few preschools that existed in Shejaiya prior to the war were all destroyed. Children in Gaza need safe places to learn and play, so ANERA decided to embark on the establishment of a new preschool. With support from our donors and Islamic Relief USA, ANERA built five classrooms, a modern playground and water fountains. The school will serve as a center of learning for some 100 children this year, and all of their teachers will be trained and mentored through ANERA's early childhood development program.
  22 Nov 2016   44s 2 152 0
Gaza Farms Burst With Sweet Potatoes
Description: Fields that looked like pure sand are now bursting with sweet potatoes. Gaza families can grow fruits and vegetables to put food on the table and earn and income from selling them at the market.
  07 Nov 2016   1m20s 1 179 0
The Power of One: Honoring Nabila Ali
Description: ANERA honors Nabila Ali, an ANERA donor from the Chicago area who motivated her community to raise more than $132,000 through social media and word of mouth for ANERA's relief programs in Gaza during and after the 2014 war.
  19 Oct 2016   1m2s 0 22 0
What are you #RootedIn?
Description: ANERA is #rootedin the communities we serve. This year, our Annual Dinner theme, "Tending Roots, Bearing Fruit" evokes our deep roots in Palestine and Lebanon, as well as the locally-inspired projects that people like you have made blossom through continued support. Reserve your seat at What are you #rootedin? #ANERAdinner
  23 Sep 2016   41s 0 135 0
New Preschool Built in Al Majd, West Bank
Description: ANERA's early childhood development program is leading the way in setting standards for preschool education. This brand new preschool in Al Majd, West Bank, includes colorful classrooms, safe play areas, toys and books, and much more.
  20 Jun 2016   2m38s 1 298 0
Palestinian Kids Describe their Preschool's Renovation!
Description: The Refugee Women Training Center and preschool in the city of Ramallah is one of only three preschool teacher training facilities in all of Palestine. It was in bad need of repair when ANERA took on its renovation. Listen to the kids at the preschool explain the changes and recall all the workers – from carpenters to tailors – who helped make it into a vibrant learning center! Learn more about ANERA's early childhood development program at
  03 Jun 2016   2m26s 5 309 0
ANERA: Helping Palestinians in Palestine & Lebanon Since 1968
Description: ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) is a leading development organization improving the lives of Palestinian refugees and poor families in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. With offices throughout the region, ANERA employs more than 90 full-time staff who are locally hired and work with community partners. Learn more at
  28 Mar 2016   2m5s 7 839 0